In this Ahrefs vs Majestic big comparison, we will look closely at Ahrefs and Majestic both SEO tools.

We will check out what they do best, how easy they are to use, and how much they cost.

This will help you choose the right one for your SEO needs. So, ready yourself for the Ahrefs vs Majestic showdown!


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What Is Majestic?

Majestic SEO tool is a backlink analysis tool that helps you track backlinks to your website, identify high-quality backlink opportunities, and improve your website’s search engine ranking.



Features of Majestic

Here are the features of Majestic:


Backlink Analysis:

Majestic crawls the web and indexes backlinks, allowing users to see who is linking to their website.

It provides information about the number of backlinks, the quality of those backlinks, anchor text, and more.


Trust Flow and Citation Flow:

Majestic uses two proprietary metrics, Trust Flow and Citation Flow, to assess the quality and quantity of backlinks to a website.

Trust Flow measures the quality and trustworthiness of backlinks, while Citation Flow measures the quantity and influence of backlinks.


Site Explorer:

This feature allows users to enter a website’s URL and get an in-depth analysis of its backlink profile, including information about referring domains, anchor texts, and historical data.

Majestic site explorer


Competitor Analysis:

Majestic allows you to compare your website’s performance to other websites in your industry.

This can help you see where you are doing well and where you can improve.

For example, you can compare your number of backlinks, your domain authority, and your page authority to your competitors.

This information can help you identify areas where you need to focus your SEO efforts.


Keyword Research:

Majestic offers tools to help you find keywords and phrases that people are using to search for information online.

This can help you optimize your content so that it is more likely to be found by people who are looking for what you have to offer.


Site Audit:

Majestic provides a site audit feature that identifies technical SEO issues on a website, such as broken links and missing meta tags, which can affect search engine rankings.


Link Building:

Users can use Majestic to identify potential link-building opportunities by analyzing their competitors’ backlink profiles and finding relevant websites to reach out to for link-building campaigns.


Rank Tracking:

Majestic offers rank-tracking tools to monitor a website’s search engine ranking positions over time.

This can help you see how your website is performing in search results, and then you can take steps to improve its performance.


Custom Reports:

Users can generate customized reports with the data and metrics they need to assess their SEO performance and make informed decisions.


What Is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO toolset that helps you track your backlinks, analyze your competitors, and research keywords.

SEO experts can use Ahrefs to understand their website’s current performance and improve it in search engines.



Features of Ahrefs

The following are the primary features of Ahrefs:


Backlink checker:

Ahrefs’ backlink checker is one of the most comprehensive and accurate on the market.

It allows you to track your backlinks, identify new backlink opportunities, and remove harmful backlinks.


Keyword research tool:

Ahrefs’ keyword research tool is a powerful tool that helps you find high-traffic keywords that are relevant to your website.

It provides a variety of metrics for each keyword, such as search volume, CPC, and competition.


Site audit tool:

Ahrefs’ site audit tool helps you identify and fix SEO problems on your website.

It scans your website for a variety of issues, such as broken links, duplicate content, and slow loading times.

ahrefs Site audit tool


Rank Tracker:

Ahrefs’ rank tracker allows you to track your website’s ranking in search engines for specific keywords.

It provides historical data on your rankings, so you can see how they have changed over time.


Content Explorer:

Ahrefs’ Content Explorer is a tool that helps you find high-performing content in your niche and high-quality link prospects.

It provides a variety of metrics for each piece of content, such as organic search traffic, word count, and social shares.


Web Explorer:

Ahrefs’ Web Explorer is a tool that allows you to search through its database of 500 billion pages, domains, and links using search operators.

It also allows you to see the web like search engines do and find relevant pages for your topic, including similar ones that may have been omitted on purpose by Google.


SEO toolbar:

Ahrefs’ SEO toolbar is a free tool that you can add to your browser.

It provides you with a variety of SEO metrics for the pages you are visiting, such as backlinks, domain authority, and organic search traffic.

Ahrefs' SEO toolbar


Ahrefs Academy:

Ahrefs Academy is a free online resource that provides training on SEO and how to use Ahrefs tools.


Ahrefs vs Majestic: Backlinks Analysis Comparison

Ahrefs vs Majestic Backlinks Analysis Comparison



Let’s see how Ahrefs can help in backlinks analysis.


Backlink Analysis:

Ahrefs is known for its robust backlink analysis capabilities.

It provides detailed information about a website’s backlink profile, including referring domains, anchor text, and link quality metrics.


Competitive Analysis:

Ahrefs allows you to compare your website’s backlink profile with that of your competitors, helping you identify opportunities and weaknesses.


Historical Data:

It offers historical backlink data, allowing you to track the growth and changes in your backlink profile over time.


Backlink Alerts:

Ahrefs provides notifications when new backlinks are discovered or lost, helping you stay updated on your link-building efforts.


Link Intersect:

This feature helps you find websites that link to your competitors but not to your site, aiding in link-building strategies.



Here are the details on how Majestic can help with backlink analysis.


Backlink Analysis:

Majestic is well-known for its Trust Flow and Citation Flow metrics, which assess the quality and quantity of backlinks to a website.


Site Explorer:

Majestic’s Site Explorer tool provides an in-depth analysis of a website’s backlink profile, including referring domains and anchor text.


Competitor Analysis:

You can use Majestic to compare your website’s backlinks with those of your competitors to gain insights into your industry.


Historical Data:

Like Ahrefs, Majestic also offers historical backlink data, allowing you to track changes in your link profile.


Backlink Alerts:

Majestic tells you when new websites link to yours and when other things change about your backlinks.


Ahrefs vs Majestic: Keyword Generation Comparison

Ahrefs vs Majestic Keyword Generation Comparison



Below are the Ahrefs keyword generation features.


Keywords Explorer:

 Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer tool is designed to help you discover new keyword opportunities. It provides data on search volume, keyword difficulty clicks per search, and more.


Keyword Difficulty Score:

Ahrefs calculates a keyword difficulty score, which helps you assess how hard it would be to rank for a specific keyword.


Keyword Suggestions:

It offers a wide range of keyword suggestions related to your seed keyword, helping you find long-tail variations and related terms.


SERP Analysis:

A unique feature of Ahrefs is its ability to provide detailed SERP (Search Engine Results Page) analysis for specific keywords. This helps you understand the competition and user intent.


Content Gap Analysis:

You can use Ahrefs to identify keywords that your competitors are ranking for but you are not, helping you find content opportunities.



These are the Majestic keyword generation features.


Keyword Research:

While Majestic primarily focuses on backlink analysis, it also offers a basic keyword research tool to help you find relevant keywords.

However, it may not be as feature-rich as Ahrefs in this regard.


Keyword Difficulty:

Majestic provides keyword difficulty metrics to assess the competition for specific keywords.


Keyword Suggestions:

You can get keyword suggestions related to your seed keyword, although the depth of suggestions might not be as extensive as Ahrefs.


Ahrefs vs Majestic: Price Comparison

Ahrefs vs Majestic Price Comparison



Ahrefs typically offers several subscription plans with varying features and pricing. Some of the common plans include:


Lite Plan:

This is the basic plan, suitable for individual website owners and bloggers. It usually starts at around $99 per month.


Standard Plan: 

Designed for small businesses and agencies, it offers more features and starts at approximately $199 per month.


Advanced Plan:

This plan is suitable for growing businesses and agencies with additional features, and it generally starts at around $399 per month.


Agency Plan:

Ahrefs’ most comprehensive plan, tailored for agencies and large organizations, offers the full range of features and typically starts at $999 per month.



Majestic also offers various pricing plans, and like Ahrefs, it provides different features at each tier. Majestic’s pricing structure typically includes:


Lite Plan:

Designed for individuals and small businesses, it’s the basic plan and can cost around $49.99 per month.


Pro Plan:

Suitable for more advanced users and agencies, this plan offers additional features and typically starts at approximately $99.99 per month.


API Plans:

Majestic offers API access for users who want to integrate their data into other tools or applications. Monthly API plan cost: $399.99.


Ahrefs vs Majestic: Site Audit Comparison

Ahrefs vs Majestic Site Audit Comparison




Site Audit Tool:

 Ahrefs offers a dedicated Site Audit tool that helps you identify and fix technical SEO issues on your website.

It scans your site for common problems such as broken links, missing meta tags, duplicate content, and more.


Crawl Overview:

Ahrefs tells you how well search engines can crawl your website and find all of its pages.

It also tells you if there are any problems with your website’s crawlability that could be affecting its search engine ranking.


Detailed Reports:

The tool generates detailed reports for various aspects of your website, allowing you to drill down into specific issues.

This makes it easier to prioritize and address critical problems.


Customizable Settings:

Ahrefs’ Site Audit tool allows you to customize your crawl settings, including which parts of your site to crawl, the frequency of crawls, and more.


Scheduled Audits:

You can set up scheduled site audits to ensure that your website’s health is continuously monitored.


Integration with Other Ahrefs Tools:

Ahrefs’ Site Audit tool integrates seamlessly with other Ahrefs features, such as keyword research and backlink analysis, allowing you to access all your SEO data in one place.




Site Audit:

Majestic also offers a site audit feature, but it may not be as extensive or feature-rich as Ahrefs’ site audit tool.


Technical SEO Checks:

Majestic’s site audit focuses on technical SEO checks, including issues like broken links and missing meta tags.


Customizable Crawling:

You can customize the crawling settings to specify which parts of your website to audit.



Majestic generates reports detailing the issues it finds during the site audit.


Ahrefs vs Majestic: Authority Metrics Comparison

Ahrefs vs Majestic Authority Metrics Comparison




Domain Rating (DR):

Ahrefs uses Domain Rating to measure the overall strength and authority of an entire domain or website.

DR is scored on a scale from 0 to 100, with higher scores indicating stronger authority.

It considers the quantity and quality of backlinks to the domain.


URL Rating (UR):

URL Rating measures the authority of a specific page or URL within a website.

It’s also scored on a scale from 0 to 100, with higher scores indicating greater authority.

UR considers the backlinks pointing to that specific page.


Ahrefs Rank (ARank):

Ahrefs Rank (AR) is a metric that ranks all the websites in Ahrefs’ database by the size and quality of their backlink profiles.

It is calculated using a logarithmic scale, so a small difference in AR can represent a big difference in the strength of a backlink profile.

The more and higher-quality backlinks a website has, the higher its AR will be.

For example, has an AR of 99, which means that it has the strongest backlink profile in Ahrefs’ database. has an AR of 98, and has an AR of 97.


Traffic Metrics: 

Ahrefs provides data on organic search traffic, organic keywords, and organic traffic value to help users evaluate a website’s traffic and SEO performance.




Trust Flow (TF): 

Trust Flow is a score that tells you how trustworthy your website is based on the quality of the links pointing to it.

It assesses the credibility of the sites linking to the domain.

Higher Trust Flow scores suggest a more trustworthy website.


Citation Flow (CF):

Citation Flow measures the quantity and influence of backlinks to a website. It focuses on the sheer volume of links.

Higher Citation Flow scores indicate a website with a significant number of backlinks.


Trust Ratio:

Majestic’s Trust Ratio is the ratio of Trust Flow to Citation Flow.

A higher Trust Ratio indicates that a website has more quality backlinks relative to the total number of backlinks.


Topical Trust Flow:

This metric shows the topical relevance of a website’s backlinks.

It helps you understand the industry or topics associated with the site’s authority.


Ahrefs vs Majestic: Pros and cons

Ahrefs vs Majestic Pros and cons

Below are the pros and cons of Ahrefs:


Ahrefs Pros:

  • More comprehensive backlink data
  • More accurate backlink data
  • More features, such as keyword research, site audit, and rank tracker
  • More user-friendly interface
  • More active community
  • Regular updates and new features


Ahrefs Cons:

  • More expensive
  • Can be overwhelming for beginners
  • Not as good for historical backlink analysis


Now following are the pros and cons of Majestic:


Majestic Pros:

  • Older and more established brand
  • More historical backlink data
  • More accurate trust flow and citation flow metrics
  • More affordable
  • Good for historical backlink analysis


Majestic Cons:

  • Less comprehensive backlink data
  • Less accurate backlink data
  • Fewer features
  • Less user-friendly interface
  • Smaller community
  • Less frequent updates


What is Majestic Best At?

What is Majestic Best At


Historical backlink analysis:

Majestic has been collecting backlink data since 1998, so it has a wealth of historical data that you can use to track the performance of your backlinks over time.


Trust flow and citation flow metrics:

Majestic’s trust flow and citation flow metrics are a good way to assess the quality of a website’s backlinks.

Trust flow measures the trust that other websites have in a website, while citation flow measures the number of times a website has been cited by other websites.



Majestic is more affordable than some other backlink checkers, such as Ahrefs.


What is Ahrefs Best At?

What is Ahrefs Best At

image source:


Comprehensive backlink data:

Ahrefs has the most comprehensive backlink data of any backlink checker.

This means that you can get a complete picture of a website’s backlink profile, including the number of backlinks, the quality of the backlinks, and the anchor text of the backlinks.



Ahrefs’ backlink data is very accurate.

This is because Ahrefs uses a variety of methods to collect backlink data, including crawling the web, using social media APIs, and scraping websites.



Ahrefs has a wide range of features, including keyword research, site audit, and rank tracking.

This means that you can use Ahrefs to do more than just track your backlinks.


Ahrefs vs Majestic: Which Is Better for You?

Let’s see which tool, Ahrefs or Majestic, is better for you in which case, and which one you should choose.


Choose Ahrefs if:


Comprehensive SEO Suite: 

If you want an all-in-one SEO tool that offers robust features for backlink analysis, keyword research, site audits, content research, and more, Ahrefs is an excellent choice.

It’s known for providing a wide range of tools under one platform.


Keyword Research:

Ahrefs is particularly strong in keyword research, with its Keywords Explorer tool providing extensive data on:

  • Search Volume
  • Keyword difficulty
  • SERP analysis
  • Content gap analysis


User-Friendly Interface:

If you’re new to SEO or prefer an intuitive, user-friendly interface, Ahrefs is often praised for its ease of use.

ahrefs User-Friendly Interface


Regular Data Updates:

Ahrefs frequently updates its data, providing real-time and accurate information for your SEO efforts.


Comprehensive Site Audits:

Ahrefs’ site audit tool is known for its thoroughness in identifying and fixing technical SEO issues on your website.


Choose Majestic if:


Backlink Analysis and Authority Metrics:

If your primary focus is on backlink analysis and understanding the authority of websites and their backlink profiles, Majestic excels in this area with its Trust Flow and Citation Flow metrics.


Competitor Analysis:

Majestic is valuable for comparing your website’s backlinks and authority with those of your competitors, helping you identify opportunities and weaknesses.


Historical Data:

If you need historical data on backlinks and authority metrics to track changes over time, Majestic provides this capability.


Topical Trust Flow:

For understanding the topical relevance of backlinks, Majestic offers Topical Trust Flow, which can be useful for niche-specific SEO.


Budget Constraints:

Majestic offers customizable plans, including lower-cost options, making it accessible to a wide range of users, including those with tighter budgets.


Frequently Asked Questions about Ahrefs vs Majestic:


Is Ahrefs a good SEO tool?

Yes, Ahrefs is a good SEO tool. It is a popular choice among SEO professionals for its comprehensive features and accurate data.

Ahrefs offers a wide range of tools for keyword research, backlink analysis, competitor analysis, and website auditing.

It also has a user-friendly interface and a variety of reports that can help you track your SEO progress.


What is majestic SEO used for?

Majestic SEO is a tool that helps you track your backlink profile.

It provides data on the number and quality of backlinks pointing to your website, as well as the websites that are linking to you.

Majestic SEO can also help you identify broken backlinks and low-quality backlinks that you can remove.


Which SEO tool is most accurate?

The accuracy of an SEO tool depends on a number of factors, such as the size of its database, the quality of its data, and the algorithms it uses.

However, both Ahrefs and Semrush are considered to be accurate SEO tools.

Ahrefs has a larger database of backlinks than Semrush, but Semrush offers more features for competitor analysis.


What is the most used SEO tool?

According to a recent survey, Ahrefs is the most used SEO tool. It is followed by Semrush, Moz, and Ubersuggest.


Can I use Ahref for free?

Yes, you can use Ahrefs for free for 7 days. You will need to sign up for a paid plan.

The free trial will start after you sign up and provide your payment details, but no amount will be deducted from your account.

You can also use the Ahrefs Webmaster Tool to access Ahrefs’ limited features for your own website.


Is Ahrefs or Semrush more accurate?

Ahrefs and Semrush are both accurate SEO tools.

However, Ahrefs has a larger database of backlinks, which can be helpful for some SEO tasks.

Semrush offers more features for competitor analysis, which can be helpful for other SEO tasks.


Is Ahrefs good for keyword research?

Yes, Ahrefs is good for keyword research.

It provides a variety of tools for finding keywords, including keyword difficulty, search volume, and CPC.

Ahrefs also offers a keyword research report that can help you identify the best keywords for your website.


Which is the best tool for SEO keyword research?

There is no single best tool for SEO keyword research.

The best SEO tool for you is the one that meets your specific needs and budget.

However, some of the most popular tools for keyword research include Ahrefs, Semrush, Ubersuggest, and KWFinder.


What is the difference between Ahrefs and Semrush?

Ahrefs and Semrush are both comprehensive SEO tools, but they have some key differences.

Ahrefs has a larger database of backlinks, while Semrush offers more features for competitor analysis.

Ahrefs also has a more user-friendly interface, while Semrush can be more complex to use.


What is the best-automated SEO reports tool?

There are a number of good automated SEO report tools available, including Ahrefs, Semrush, and Moz.

These tools can help you see how well your website is doing in search engines and find ways to make it better.


What is the difficulty score in Ahrefs?

The difficulty score in Ahrefs is a measure of how difficult it is to rank for a particular keyword.

The score is based on a number of factors, including the number and quality of backlinks pointing to the top-ranking pages for the keyword.


Who owns Majestic SEO?

Majestic SEO is owned by MAJESTIC Ltd., a company based in the United Kingdom.


Is Majestic SEO free?

Majestic SEO is not free, but you can try it for free for a limited time.

After the free trial, you will need to pay to continue using it.


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