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We believe in free speech and in the same way we introduce SEO Cares to be an open platform for sharing digital marketing updates, news, ideas, opinions, learning, and news stories with users from around the world. Thus we welcome everyone to contribute with SEO Cares and write for.

Write for us

The phrase ‘write for us‘ is intelligible when it comes to digital marketing news and article publishing, a widely used term worldwide by many digital marketing vents.

This is a technique to share your interesting writings with a large number of the audience around the world. Want to be noticed out of the global audience? The ‘contribute with us’ program provides a platform for writers who want to be noticed in the global crowd. Join our ‘become a contributor’ program free of cost and let your friends know about it too.

It’s very easy to get into our ‘Guild of Authors/Writers’ at The SEO Cares ‘Write for us’ initiative. People from around the globe have joined the ‘Write for us’ and writing for this digital marketing news and updates.

Email At: seocares2020@gmail.com

Topics We Meet:

We cover everything in Digital marketing including:

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Pay For Performance SEO
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  6. PPC
  7. Conversion Optimization
  8. Online Innovation
  9. Online Small Business growth
  10. Start-up Marketing
  11. Digital Advertising
  12. Blogging
  13. E-mail Marketing
  14. Reputation Management
  15. Influencer Marketing
  16. SEO Services
  17. SEO Expert

or any type of digital marketing


Our Guidelines:

If you would like to write and submit a guest article to The SEO Cares for prospective publication, that’s great. Thanks for considering! Before you write and send your article for review, here are few guidelines to boost your probability of approval.

We will deny the content, which:

  • Attacks the rights of minorities
  • Abuses freedom of speech/expression
  • Targets individual harassment
  • Hampers the fabric of pluralism
  • Divides the society
  • Goes against any religion
  • Abuses/Hampers democracy
  • Promotes hate
  • or otherwise.


Tips 1

Our focus is on providing readers with helpful, useful, practical, actionable updated information that brings readers remarkable benefits. Be an expert as it assists if you understand what you’re talking about. Educate, teach, and solve problems with true solutions in your article. If you’ve observed that readers in a certain field have an issue with something, write a solution for them. The articles that solve readers’ problems tend to do well here.

Tips 2

  • Uniqueness and Freshness: Write fresh and unique articles. Not only the content needs to be fresh and unique but also the topic should be informative to the viewer.
  • Show creativity: It goes without saying, this is a writing tine blog. So you just have to be creative. Don’t know what is this means? Think outside the box. Think Unique than others.
  • Be innovative: Think of points of view or ideas that haven’t been noticed yet (or haven’t been covered extensively) on other blogs. Write something new and write it with fresh writing that hasn’t been presented before.
  • Original Content: Be original and fresh. Think out what we haven’t written about yet. If you need, and if you’ve got the strong reasons, you can take another stance to one of Our opinions.
  • Backlinks: Please don’t fill up articles with links to your site in every paragraph, It will be spam. If one of your article or page is highly relevant, then a link is acceptable. Otherwise, a post with unnecessary links to your site is not acceptable.

Tips 3

We will provide you the keyword or topic to write. If you are interested then contact us and we will provide you the keywords & topics with requirements to write on.

Tips 4

At SEO Cares we focus on high-quality content that offers strong value and solutions to issues for our readers. Our readers depending on us to welcome only the best of the best.


  • Minimum of 100 words per post. Kudos for 1500+ words.
  • No fluff.
  • Headlines must be engaging to potential readers. Look to Top blogger for some great examples.
  • The article should have bullets and lists.


 Email at: SEOCares2020@gmail.com

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