Revenue Driving SEO Expert

Every online business needs an SEO expert to reach more customers and clients.

The best SEO expert knows about every pros and cons of online marketing and can help you to become successful in the online market.

Being the best SEO company SEO Cares have the best SEO expert in Lahore.

Best SEO Expert In Lahore and SEO Consultant

What makes SEO Cares Unique?

The experience of an SEO company always matters when it comes to success in the Digital Market.

If you want to get desired results for your online business then you have to choose the company which has a great experience of SEO working with different online businesses.

If you are looking for best SEO expert in Lahore for this You can select SEO cares as an SEO company for your online business because we have experience SEO consultant in Lahore that have hands on experience working with almost every kind of online business and websites.

Moreover, SEO Cares has experience of working with International and local clients. SEO Cares offers the best SEO services in Lahore.

Latest SEO Techniques

The SEO techniques and tactics keep updating with time.

That’s why SEO Cares have a look at the latest updates and according to this, tries new techniques.

We apply all these latest updates and techniques of SEO to our recent SEO Projects of our clients.

Because we know that Search engine algorithms keep changing that’s why our SEO techniques should support the latest SEO updates.



Top SEO Expert in Lahore

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We use White Hat SEO

We always use white hat SEO methodology to rank a website while giving services to our respectable clients. We never use black hat techniques to get higher rankings because black hat SEO will not only affect your website rankings rather search engines will penalize your website.

Professional Team

SEO Cares has a qualified team of professionals. We encourage our staff to make thorough and regular research to keep aware of every new update of SEO. We have one of the best SEO services in Pakistan. SEO Cares train their employees and have continuous conversation with its employees to aware them from the latest trends and tools of SEO and digital marketing.

Real and Honest Commitments 

SEO Cares only make real and possible commitments with clients instead over-encouraging and at the end facing flattering. It is quite a difficult job to rank a website on the first page of Google rankings and only an experienced SEO company knows about it. But it is not impossible to get top ranking on the SERP but it takes time and some amount of investment.

SEO Packages

Before discussing the charges we take some time to analyze your business and goals you want to get in future. Because every company has different needs for SEO according to their business. SEO Cares offer affordable local SEO services. We have reasonable small business SEO packages. Instead of your budget you should focus on the return of investment. SEO Cares offer services according to flexibility of your business needs.

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Guaranteed Results 

SEO Cares offer services with a guarantee that we will increase your online business search visibility and website traffic and you will get definite results of investment that you have made. We have full confidence in our SEO methods and techniques. Due to this we offer SEO packages in Lahore Pakistan with guarantee to rank your website on the first page of search engines. These are the things we actually do.

We fulfill SEO Needs of Our Customers

We will always fulfill your needs that you are looking for from the best SEO agency. You can visit and meet us after selecting us as your SEO company. Initially we will audit your website and give you an audit report. You will get daily reports on website SEO and you can communicate with us. We will discuss everything about which you need at any time.

Our Responsibility

We will be responsible for each and every action and activity that we will perform on your website to improve its ranking. First of all as we have explained you will definitely get desired results from SEO Cares Local SEO marketing company. But in case you are not seeing positive results you can contact us because we are responsible for our actions. SEO is the thing that requires patience so you also need to be patient for results.

Result Driven SEO

SEO Cares has a team of best SEO professionals that will keep your website SEO score high by performing different best practices of SEO. Our team develops unique and creative content for on page optimization . After creating content they place keywords in your content and place them at the right location. After that they perform technical SEO and increase your web page speed , your website mobile friendliness and make your website more secure. You will definitely get positive results. Our team of SEO specialists is the real reason behind our excellent portfolio.

Recommendations For SEO 

We will give you the recommendations related to SEO that will help you to increase your website traffic. We have one of the top SEO experts of Pakistan that will recommend some practices related to SEO. Like linking your website to others websites with relevant content, removing the data that slows down your website, first try to create user friendly content and after that make it search engine friendly, try to get links from the other high authority.

Right Keyword Selection

We will rank your website on the right keywords that are relevant to your industry. We select keywords that will rank high as soon as possible and you will get relevant traffic so that you will get more leads and sales to generate revenue. The keywords have a great importance in SEO of a website. By selecting the right keywords you can get the more efficient and quick results.

We Avoid Black Hat SEO

We avoid Black hat SEO techniques because black hat SEO is strictly prohibited by the search engine. We have SEO masters that know everything about the white hat and black hat technique and they make it possible to avoid black hat techniques. If you are using Black hat SEO techniques there are many chances that Google will ban your website. Because of this SEO Cares use techniques that are ethical and suggested by the search engine. SEO Cares is one of the best SEO agencies in Lahore.

Our Professional Staff

We have professionals and experts of SEO in our staff. Our staff is very regular and consistent performance wise. We have one of the top SEO consultants and best SEO expert in Lahore that will lead your business to reach another level. Our staff is very punctual and every member of the SEO Cares team delivers his task at the time. We believe in teamwork. We have the right staff to work. SEO Cares provide affordable SEO services in Islamabad.

Daily Reports 

SEO Cares give its customers daily reports of the task performed by our professionals. You will get a report of every action that we will perform related to SEO. You will also be able to recommend something that you want to improve and anything like that.

Increase your SEO Traffic to get more Leads and Sales.

 Who is an SEO Expert?


An SEO Expert is a person who optimize your website SEO (including on-page and off-page) in order to get higher rankings in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo.

 In alternative words: An SEO expert is someone that can drive unlimited traffic to a website from search engines.


Services We Offer

✔️ Local SEO

✔️ Social Media Marketing

✔️ Ecommerce SEO Services

✔️ Content Marketing

✔️Video Marketing

✔️ Local Marketing

✔️ Website Audit and Analysis

✔️ Guest Blog Outreach

✔️ Google My Business

✔️ Blog Content Writing

✔️ Social Sharing

✔️ Ranking Website Higher in Search Results

✔️ Search Engine Index Quickly

✔️ Creating Sitemap,

✔️ Maintaining and Editing website

✔️ Search Engine Indexing

✔️ Link Building and Backlink Management

✔️ Keyword Optimization of Social Media Content

✔️ Competitive Research and Analysis

✔️ Website in-Depth Business Generating Keyword Research

✔️ Original Relevant and keyword Based Content

✔️ Monthly Performance Report

✔️ Checking & Fixing Broken Links

Digital Marketing Consultant in Lahore

Digital Marketing Consultant in Lahore

SEO Cares have one of the best and professional digital marketing and SEO consultant in Lahore. Because a digital marketing consultant can take your website to another level.

Digital marketing consultants help you to increase your brand awareness using social media and also drive traffic from the different digital marketing sources. So, if you are looking for a digital marketing consultant in Lahore then you can select SEO Cares as your business Digital marketing consultant.

Top SEO Expert in Lahore

SEO Cares is a team of experience and top SEO experts in Lahore. Our SEO experts are expertise in on-page optimization, off-page optimization, creating unique content, and generating quality links from high authority websites . In this way we will help you get high rankings in SERP. You can hire one of the top SEO experts in Pakistan from SEO Cares.

Top SEO Expert in Lahore

National SEO

National SEO is very similar to local SEO but in national SEO we rank our website in specific countries and we use broad keyword terms to rank our website as compared to local SEO.

International SEO

In international SEO we do not target any specific geographical location or country. We optimize our website in a way that search engines could easily recognize which country and language we want to target.

Local SEO

Local SEO is basically the process of optimizing your website for the local searches. People use local searches to reach businesses located near to them.

Our Happy Clients

Great work ! My website was struggling to rank on SERP but now most of my keywords are ranking on the first page of search engines.

Burhan Saeed

Great experience of working with you. Your response was amazing.

Tariq Fiaz

You have a good team of SEO experts. I would like to work with you in future.

Saqib Javed

Types of Traffic to a Website

Direct Traffic

When someone types your website and visits your website, Like When a user types your URL (for example, in the address bar, is called direct traffic. These visitors are mostly already familiar with your website.

Organic Traffic

Traffic that comes from search engine unpaid result pages is called organic traffic. Organic traffic is totally different from paid ads traffic. Organic traffic comes from free results.

Referral Traffic

Referral traffic means traffic that comes from another websites to your website. For example When someone visits a link on social media or any website and they arrive at your website that type of traffic is called referral traffic.

Basic Deal
Good For Beginners
✔️ 3 Pages to be optimized
✔️ 30+ Keywords
✔️ Content Marketing (4 Blogs Monthly)
✔️ On Page SEO (Content included)
✔️ Off Page SEO
✔️ Technical SEO
✔️ Industry Analysis
✔️ Monthly Reporting (Work + Rankings)
✔️ Website Audit report
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2 Lac
Hot Deal
Suitable for long term companies
✔️ 20 Pages to be optimized
✔️ 100+ keywords to be optimized
✔️ On Page SEO
✔️ Off Page SEO (Guest Post included)
✔️ Technical SEO
✔️ Competitor Analysis
✔️ Inbound Marketing Implementation
✔️ Keyword Research Reporting
✔️ Outreaches
✔️ Monthly Reporting (Work + Rankings)
✔️ Local SEO (Google Business Profile) Optimization
✔️ Website Audit report
✔️ 10 Blog Posts in a Month
✔️ Google Penalty Removal
✔️ Website content maintenance & updating
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