Do you have questions like how to get more traffic to my website? Then here you will get a complete explanation and free methods to drive traffic to your website.

It even does not matter which type of website you have whether it is an eCommerce store or any type of services website the common goal of almost each and every website is to drive traffic to their website.

Your online business website is the platform where people learn about your business products and services which you are offering.

If you are offering quality products and services that people like and love then there are a fair amount of chances that your online business will generate leads and sales with customers’ trust.

get traffic to my website

How to Get More Traffic to My Website in 2022?

if your website is not ranking at the top of the Google search result pages even if it has an excellent design and is easy to navigate with some quality content then your website is not going to generate leads and sales.

Here we will guide you on how you can get traffic to your website to generate leads and sales for your online business. 


Why am I not getting traffic to my website?

There are some businesses as well who think that it is not necessary to drive traffic to their business websites, s and they do not focus much on their websites, rather leave them as it is.

These days websites are very necessary for every kind of business whether it is small, medium or high level.

Because online users of your business website can turn into loyal customers as well.

But to make it possible you have to convince your website, and visitors, to enter into the buyer’s funnel.

An online business website can help you during your business growth to drive traffic. Moreover, it will help you to 

  • Increase your search engine rankings and your site visibility. 
  • Whether your marketing strategies are working or not.
  • Collect your website traffic insights so that you can make decisions.
  • Get more, leads and conversions to get more customers to your website.

But to achieve these business goals you have to focus on the right ways to drive quality and targeted traffic to your website. 

why not getting traffic on website

Free Traffic vs. Quality Traffic: What is the difference?

To improve your website rankings you need a good amount of traffic due to which you will get more traffic.

But one important thing that you need to consider is that the traffic you are generating should be engaging as well.

Because if your conversion rate is not good as compared to your website traffic means you are not targeting the exact audience related to your business products and services.

free traffic vs paid


You will find many ways to optimize your business website in order to get some quality traffic.

Traffic that can get customers for your business like offering the exact information which your targeted audience is looking for, easy to navigate the website, including the call to action buttons, and placing lead capture forms at the exact places.

The initial step is to target the right audience for your website.

Because only those visitors will convert into a lead or sale that is interested in your products or services.


Channels that Drive Quality Traffic to Your Website:

There is no one way to drive quality traffic to your website free of cost.

Instead, there are a number of modes and channels which work collectively to generate traffic for your business.

And there are different requirements for each channel to bring traffic some of them require money, some require effort and some of them require excellent efforts. If you often ask how to get more traffic to my website then here are some methods.

These channels and modes of traffic are given below.

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Online Advertisement
  • Email Marketing
  • Directory Listing

Now we will discuss them in more detail for you to answer an important question often asked by some people “how to get more traffic to my website?”

Channels that Drive Quality Traffic to Your Website

Optimize Your Free Google My Business Profile:

May you know about the fact that an optimized business listing gains 7% more visitors as compared to an incomplete Google My business listing.

As we know that the business listing is usually connected to your online business website which means that you will get traffic from your business listing as well.

It is an efficient way to get customers and traffic to your website.

The Google search engine is getting smarter and sharp with its result pages.

Google My Business listing helps your customers to know about your business which helps them during their decision-making process.

There are some chances as well that they contact your business directly instead of visiting your business website.

There are some additional advantages and features of Google My Business listing due to which it is known as a quality traffic generation source.

  • You will get targeted and quality traffic to your website.
  • It is very easy to set up and has no charges.
  • Your customers can give positive or negative reviews about your business which will affect your business positively.
  • Your business will show up on the search engine result pages.
  • Your business will get more visibility on such a platform where most of the audience has buying intent.

Some important things you need to remember about Google My Business are given as:

  • It makes your website visitors able to connect with your business directly through your business listing which increases customers engagement with your website to get more visitors.
  • Make your business visible for mobile searches.
  • It helps to show your business through visuals which makes it easy for customers to interact with your business.

If you have local businesses and don’t have a Google My Business listing profile then you are missing these very crucial features to drive traffic to your website.

So, as soon as possible make a Google My Business profile and update it regularly to get more traffic to your website.


Perform On-Page SEO:

To increase the rank of your website pages and get more visitors to your site you have to perform some important SEO best practices.

This can be done by writing an attractive and concise meta description for your website pages and creating quality content for your website.

The meta description of your website appears below your website URL in search engine result pages.

In On-Page SEO you have to target a specific keyword and optimize content according to this particular keyword.

But the On-Page SEO practices will take a good amount of time to work for your business. If your on-page is perfect you can get SEO traffic in 30 days to your website.

Optimize Google My Business Profile

Get Listed in Online Directories:

By Listing your website on a review site and free online directories can also help you to drive some traffic to your website.

Your profile on the directory website should have a link to your website.

By getting some positive reviews and regularly updating your website you will definitely get some sort of traffic from these websites.

Some directories such as Yelp has very high domain authority in Google search engines.

You can rank your Yelp page which contains your business link to get some relevant traffic.

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How to increase traffic to my website?


Build Backlinks:

The links from others sites directed toward your site are known as backlinks.

By getting backlinks from some high authority sites you will not just get quality traffic and visitors rather your business will get more visibility to a great number of people.

Moreover, when Google will see backlinks coming from trusted sites the rust of Google will also increase on your website.

Google trust on your websites means that you will get higher rankings in Google search engine which in turn will increase your website traffic.

building backlinks

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Post to Social Media

Social media is one of the best and free marketing tools available in the market which can help you to grow your online business by bridging some visitors to your website.

You can use some popular social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram for your website or blog marketing.

You can convert your social media followers into visitors of your website, even your regular and loyal customers.

For this, you have to share your website content on these social media channels.

It is not much difficult rather easy to create quality content for your website and you also don’t have to spend so much money on this.

Because you know well about your product or services and you just have to explain it to our audience.

social media presence

Include Hashtags in Your Posts:

It is quite a good strategy to add hashtags to your website posts which can help you to promote your blog and your website pages.

In this way, you can expand your reach and your website will be discovered by the people looking for your products or services.

You will get more traffic by focusing more on your website links.

hashtags on social media

Use Landing Pages:

Another free source of traffic is landing pages.

You offer coupons, deals, a free trial, or an option to download a free guide through these pages.

Such types of details help users to move forward, focus and convert using these call to actions.

You can get quality traffic from landing pages as they are usually about specific topics. 

making a landing page - to grow website traffic

Target Long-Tail Keywords:

The short-tail keywords are mostly searched by the people on Google search engine so it is not easy to rank for short-tail keywords.

But as compared to the short-tail keywords, the long-tail keywords are easier to rank related to your business products and services and you can also rank in the first position for long-tail keywords.

In this way, you will get higher rankings and more traffic to your business website.

Due to the modern age technologies such as voice search people like to search more specific keywords.

There are a number of keyword tools available to find long-tail keywords like WordStream keyword tools and it is free to use.

Keyword Research

Start Email Marketing:

Remaining in touch with your customers by sending them regular newsletter emails and the latest offers is the best way to grow your website traffic.

Through these newsletter emails, you can share some important links of your web pages and blog posts with your subscribers.

You should be careful about one thing that doesn’t send a lot of newsletter emails to your subscribers because it could be very irritating for your subscribers and as a result they will unsubscribe or delete your emails without watching them.

Try to create some useful content for your email subscribers.

It has a great impact on your website users even if it does not matter whether they will open your email or not.

But if you will create attractive lines for your email title then definitely users will like to open your email.

email marketing

Guest Blog:

By publishing a post by an influencer on your site or publishing an interview of an influencer in the form of a blog you can increase your organic reach.

As result, the audience and followers of that particular influencer will also visit your website.

This will add some quality to your website content and the users will realize how active you are working in your field.

On the other hand, you can also request influencers to discuss your business in their review.

It is not a paid method of promotion which means still you can collaborate with an influencer for a mutual benefit exchange.

You can also do guest blogging.

For this, you have to find an influencer related to your business.

Check if you can write a post for their website to get from their website.

guest blog to get more traffic on website

Engage Online:

There are not any kind of charges to remain active in different online groups related to your business website.

You can also get some traffic from these groups and communities.

By commenting on different social media posts and blogs, answering people’s questions, and taking an active part in your industry-related discussion you can engage a good amount of audience.

More engagement will result in more business exposure and visitors.

You can get traffic from your social media profile if it contains your website link.

Engage sincerely with your audience and try to engage them and not include your website like directly in your comments.

Because in this way you will be considered spam which can hurt your business and its reputation badly.

The primary focus of your engagement should not be traffic generation.

social engagement

What type of websites gets the most traffic?


Learn from Your Analytics:

Google Analytics is an amazing tool that gives you some very important insights about traffic and you can utilize these insights to increase your website traffic.

You can track your website links and check your website analytics on a regular basis.

Moreover, you will get useful information like which type of content strategies are working and which points you need to improve.

Learn from Your Analytics

Google Ads:

The option of paid advertisement is also available.

Through paid ads, you can bring traffic and audience interest to your products and services.

In Google ads campaigns, you have to pay some amount of money to Google to show your website in top positions for target keywords.

When someone searches for a specific keyword Google has a look at all the accounts that are bidding on these keywords and after that, it will display the paid ads according to ads relevance and quality of your ad.

Whenever you perform a search in the Google search bar first you will see the Google ads.

It is also a great exposure to get more visitors and traffic to your website.

You only have to pay Google when someone will click on your website ad.

google ads pay per click that grow website traffic

Google Maps Advertising

Through the platform of Google ads, you can also choose preferences to display your business website on the top positions of Google Maps search results.

There will be an indicator text on your Google ads but still, you will get very good exposure for your website.

Google Maps Advertising

Social Media Advertising

You pay Google to show your website ad on the top positions of search engine result pages in the same way you have to pay some money to show your website-related ads in feeds relevant to your business.

In both social media and Google ads, you have to specify the audience to which you want to display your ads but social media with customers’ psychographic data offers excellent targeting.

Social Media Advertising to grow website traffic

Display Advertising:

The branded banner ads placed on related websites are known as display ads.

Such as if your website ad appears on athletic gear as your business is related to fitness then you are going to get a good amount of traffic from these display ads.



The retargeting ads appear on the feeds of social media.

These ads are usually placed and displayed to the people who recently visited your website and the people who would like to return to your website again.


Answer questions on Quora

Quora basically is a Question & Answers website and you can get answers to your questions related to any topic.

From Quora, you can get traffic by answering a question related to your business industry and establishing your authority on the Quora platform.

Giving answers to almost 5 to 6 questions related to your industry every week is a good practice to follow.

If you will remain active on Quora you will get positive results.

But the interesting thing to consider here is that you can also generate some leads and sales as well from Quora.

If you are looking for the answer to this question then its answer is yes.

You can get visitors from Quora consistently each day. There are some ways to market on Quora.

Answer questions on Quora

Finding Right Questions

It is very important to find good questions.

Because Quora is generated by the users which reflects a great number of people asking different questions daily.

Some research about Quora shows that you will get only 20% traffic from Quora.

To find the right question you have to visit the Top pages report of Quora.

From this report, you can see which pages of Quora are getting the most search traffic.

The answer you write will also show on the Google search engine result pages and you will get referral traffic to your website.

To find the suitable and relevant question you have to enter the related keyword in the Include box of Quora.

Quick Ads hack is also a good strategy which you can utilize.

You have to select the “Questions Targeting” after setting up the Ads account.

Now you have to add your business industry-related ad and you will get different suggestions about questions to answer and you will also get the number of weekly views from Quora.

Finding Right Questions

Answering questions well to get more traffic on your website:

Writing good answers will work for you on Quora.

If you want to engage the audience and want them to read your answer and upvote your answer then you have to write an attractive and authentic answer to the question. 

 Answering questions

 Appear on Podcasts:

Almost 44% of people like to listen to podcasts in the United States.

Due to this reason, podcasts are now considered one of the best and hottest marketing modules.

Creating a podcast requires some effort. Moreover, you need editing skills, some equipment, and then guests.

But you should make sure if you don’t have enough resources then it is not wise to start podcasting.

You definitely need guests if you want to create a number of quality podcasts.

In the following article, we just have included the free techniques and tactics to answer one of your questions: how to get more traffic to my website.

If you have a rough marketing budget that you can afford to run paid advertisements on Google and different social media channels like Facebook, Quora and Twitter then it is worth thinking about them.

Most of the stable and high-level online businesses invest a good amount of their marketing budget on paid ads campaigns.

But if you are a small business who just have started you have to look at our free methods explained above.

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