Let’s discuss the topic: hashtags for SEO and how hashtags can impact our search engine rankings?

The hashtags have deep roots in our modern-day pop culture and in our daily life, the hashtags are just like the block kids.

Several people like hashtags and in the same way many people do not like hashtags.

Some people know about hashtags like how to use them and some people only add a lot of hashtags to their post just to look so cool.

Some people know how they can use hashtags to get more traffic from social media and some people only like to play with hashtags through embedded words.

Now hashtags are at this stage where nobody can ignore them.

For the last few years, everybody is using hashtags madly. There are only a few people among us who know about hashtags completely.

So, first of all, we have to know what is the story behind the hashtags in social media.

Then we have to learn how they work and how we can use them for our SEO campaigns for a long time.

At the end how we can benefit from hashtags? Before we explain, hashtags for SEO we will see what is a hashtag and where it comes from.


Hashtag and How It Was Born:

You can consider a hashtag as a discovery tool that is used by different brands and social media users.

It is also used as a search function as well.

Moreover, it is used by people during their conversations having a mutual interest in a specific topic.

All the modern-day trends, specific interests, and known facts are included in the hashtags, and anything you write and add the hashtag.

All the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing include hashtags in their index.

Hashtags are one of the best inventions of this century.

The hashtags help people to share their common interests and inspire each other. Most of the time the hashtags are used by the people to take part in a particular discussion or a specific hashtag page.

In this way, they help during bonding, communication, and growth.

In this way, they can engage people and increase their audience.

Any word or phrase with a pound mark is considered a hashtag mostly used on social media platforms such as Instagram, and Twitter, to gather, identify and offer a conversation, on a particular topic.

In the early stages, hashtags were used by the early adopters of social media.

Right after that the marketing and advertising teams also joined them.

These days hashtags have been included in our social lives, advertising campaigns, and culture.

Every new trend arrives with a lot of blunders and craziness.

Nowadays it has become a fashion of using hashtags on each and everything you write or post offline or online on social media.

But still, there are a lot of people who are don’t aware of how to use hashtags due to which some poor hashtags are misunderstood, misused, and abused.

They are also known for their technical names like metadata tags.

The hashtags also work as searchable links and drive referral traffic to your website.

The hashtags were discovered in the year 2007, and still, they are shining and growing up by helping different brands.

The hashtag was first used by the Internet Relay Chats (IRC) which made the hashtag the predecessor of modern social media platforms.

At the time when the hashtag was first adopted by Twitter, they were used during chats and group discussions where people talk about a specific topic.

The advantage of hashtags is that you can optimize any conversation, content, title, and any other type of text with a hashtag.

By using hashtags your activity or social media post will get more visibility on search engines and social media.

Hashtags are one of the best ways for marketers to engage the market with their brand and apply these marketing strategies.

  • Hashtags for Content
  • Creating their brand hashtags
  • Using Trending Hashtags related to their brand.

If you are interested then hashtags also work to mention your brand. Marketers all around the world analyze and collect information about their brands. Through hashtags, you can track different conversations.

The words of hashtags are just like the long-tail keywords. You can get a high conversion rate with low competition by using hashtags properly.

Social media platform Facebook is not the most famous platform where the hashtag is used mostly.

Initially, Facebook was not supporting the idea of using hashtags but after watching the audience engagement success of Twitter Facebook also adopted hashtags.

Many SEO experts and digital marketers consider hashtags as a smart alternative to paid advertisements that popped out from nowhere in front of people and didn’t have the same success.

Hashtags were relevant and organic, hence better.

In the year 2013, Google+ also started supporting and including hashtags on its platform.

If you will look back then you will observe that Google and Google + have done a better job related to hashtags as compared to Facebook.

Google has made hashtags an integral part of the search engine result pages and social media platforms.

There are different rules for each social media platform to use hashtags and each social media channel has different rules compared to the other one.

As they have different approaches towards hashtags which means that we can’t apply the same strategy of SEO.

So, here we will see how you can rank higher in the Google search engine rankings with a hashtag.

hashtags for seo

Ranking High on Social Media With Hashtags:

Throwing all the wastage out is one of the good habits and the same rule is applied to hashtags as well.

You need to ignore the hashtags used by the spammers who don’t have any useful meaning in their post and the people who are just playing with the hashtags to learn and know how they can make their most successful by using hashtags.

There is no need to say that as hashtags have a short lifespan we need to act quickly, opposite to the way how they affect search engine optimization.

Now we discuss how a hashtag affects SEO and search rankings. Like the algorithm about hashtag use to which posts rank in the top stories.

More importantly why Twitter does not follow some rules and regulations related to hashtags. 

During searching for the answers to these questions, we have observed that we cannot get more than a well-educated guess about the method of different social media platforms.

Rank different posts based on hashtags and what things you need to include in your marketing strategy of hashtags to be successful.

And the interesting thing here is that these guesses are also based on some other guesses because there is nobody who knows about the algorithms of social media to rank a particular post.

hashtags social media

Using Hashtags on Twitter For Maximum Engagement:

We have looked at the Twitter algorithm for the usual post of its platform which provides some information about the ranking of hashtag pages algorithm.

It seems a little bit complex and twisted and one thing is confirmed when they provide their work information Twitter acts strangely and secretively.

A lot of deuces and assumptions are there in the market about how Twitter ranks its tweets and show on its feed

In the year 2016, the algorithm of Twitter was changed when it displayed on the top feed a non-historical tweet selection.

In the timeline algorithm of Twitter engagement is also an important factor like some other reputed and big social media platforms out there.

It does not just impact your relationship with your online friends and followers, it also determines what you are going to see.

The tweets follow the thumb rule means relevancy which means overall engagement, freshness, your activity, and author of the post.

Here engagement stands for external shares, clicks, time spent on the post, and retweets.

It means that if you will not use Twitter for a long period such as one or two months and when you will sign in to your Twitter account after two months then Twitter will show you the posts in reverse chronological order.

This means that you will see the posts from where you left Twitter last time.

This thing makes clear one thing about Twitter it does not want you to skip or miss any kind of stuff that could be helpful for you. 

On the other side if you want to see the latest updated posts and are not interested to visit the posts relates to the past then you have to simply click on the “Happening Now” tab and you will get all the latest stuff on your Twitter timeline.

So, if you want to rank your tweets on Twitter then you should use hashtags with your post.

But there are not any kind of rules and regulations that you need to focus on or that work on some other social media platforms.

It also has been observed that the tweets with hashtags have more engagement ratio as compared to the Tweets without any hashtags.

 As we are discussing the Twitter hashtag techniques, you don’t need to add a lot of hashtags but including 2 to 3 hashtags are enough.

Do not add too many hashtags to your Twitter post because it can damage your post.

The character limit of 280 which was 140 previously should make clear that hashtags engage much space.

There is not any restriction to use several hashtags but these hashtags will not perform well if you will not use them properly.

The last factor you need to consider is that the hashtags should be placed naturally and relevant to your Twitter post.

They should make some kind of sense in your post and you should summarize the topic of your post.

Stay away from the spam association like you attach an irrelevant hashtag just because of its popularity.

Because it will be irritating for your audience.

hashtag twitter

Is Instagram good for SEO?

Twitter will be on the top of the list if we make a list about how difficult it is for marketers to find hashtag ranking algorithms on different social media platforms.

After that social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Google+ come on the same list.

There are two sections of Instagram hashtag pages which are “Most Recent” and “Top Posts”.

The hashtag pages of Instagram can be divided into two sections given as: “Top Posts” and “Most Recent”.

If you will look at the “Most Recent” section of Instagram you will see that it is quite easy to read.

If you will post anything on Instagram like a photo or video it will display in the “Most Recent” Section.

There is a very short lifespan of visibility and hashtags on Instagram.

They should have a loyal and great amount of audience to like, comment, vote, and save the post.

Nowadays, Instagram is one of the best places to use hashtags.

A post with more hashtags has a more engaging audience.

That’s why digital marketers focus more on hashtags as they know it’s importance.

The best amount of hashtags for a successful Instagram post is 9. You will get excellent audience engagement by using hashtags.

You can add almost 20 to 30 hashtags to your Instagram post but there are not any limitations for hashtags.

With the help of some quality and attractive content, you can increase your audience to a great extent as we already know about the fact that content is king.

Other than the content some more factors are also included so that your post rank at the top.

The posts with long hashtags have more user engagement than long-tail keywords.

Because the more specific hashtags work better. Normally, the most simple and generic don’t drive more traffic.

You will never get any information from Instagram about how hashtags work on their platform.

But Hashtags work perfectly in Instagram SEO.

is hashtags good for Instagram

Do Hashtags help with SEO?

When your content goes viral and is seen by people on social media it is shared among different people all around the globe with your business website link which is very important for Google from an SEO point of view.

In this way, there is a strong connection between hashtags and SEO.

For example, you run an SEO campaign for your website or blog and any of your blog posts get viral.

Now people start sharing your content on different social media platforms such as  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter it will affect your search engine rankings positively and your website rankings will improve.

This means that you can also use hashtags for SEO.

Your website articles must be written in-depth and after thorough research except selecting a saturated topic.

Your content should have enough quality and potential to rank in the top 3 search results of search engines.

You should once think from the consumer’s point of view before adding hashtags to your posts such as how they would search when trying to find your products or brand.

But it does not mean that you used the most popular hashtags.

Because your post will not be able to compete with a great number of posts with the same hashtags.

Instead, you can use more narrow hashtags to attract real-time visitors or an audience to your brand.

After building a good reputation on social media when you know that your posts have good visibility with a lot of engaging audiences then you can connect them with your business website or brand to increase the visibility of your brand.

If you want to get good rankings in the Google search engine then keywords play an important part more importantly the long-tail keywords.

Because if you will select more specific keywords you will get the target audience and visitors related to your brand.

Let’s take an example if you are selling coffee cups then you can use environmentally friendly or reusable coffee cups instead of coffee cups.

do hashtags help with seo

Call To Action Strategy:

The strategy to use Call to Action is also a good way to engage your audience and grow your account.

You should also keep in view the fact and think about why people will like to follow your Instagram account and read your content.

Most of the Instagram audience likes discounts and promotions.

It has been observed that almost 41% of Instagram users just follow to get new ongoing discount promotions.

For this, you need to remember that your bio always contains the tracked link in your Instagram bio to get the best possible exposure.

It can also be a little tricky to use business-relevant keywords.

There must be some keywords that link to your website.

Because if you will add relevant keywords it will help to determine your rankings in the Google search engine. Social media is the best and powerful tool to boost your SEO though it does not impact website rankings directly.

If you will use social media to amplify and distribute your content then it will increase your website visibility and attract a good amount of audience. Likes and shares can do it for you.

call to action strategy

Do Facebook Hashtags Offer Enough Exposure?

There is nothing much to say about the approach of hashtags when we talk about Facebook.

Because accept and adopt the hashtags approach at the end and they are not much interested to invest in hashtags.

You can make your brand or business page on Facebook and promote it by increasing its visibility.

You can do this by engaging a good amount of traffic by connecting your most attractive and popular posts with your business page.

Then you have to add trending hashtags to your posts. You can add a good number of hashtags to your post as there are not any kind of limitations.

So, it depends on your post and how many hashtags will be better.

Facebook hashtags

Are 30 hashtags too much?

But some studies show that a Facebook post with more hashtags has less engagement.

So, if you are just going to start then keep in mind that one hashtag can engage more audiences as compared to a large number of hashtags.

If you want to know how the Facebook hashtag algorithm works then we can say that it depends on some factors such as posts with a great number of likes, shares, comments, the volume of likes,  links of the post much more like that.

how many hashtags good for seo

How Hashtags Double Down Your Social Media Efforts?

Hashtags are all about discovering, networking, advertising, loads of traffic, and community-building opportunities.

You can also take hashtags as a library where everything finds something according to their interest and subject.

They work for you when you are not doing so much extra. 

As you know that Google indexes tweets which means that you can add hashtags to your posts to increase your business visibility and it will impact your SEO in a very positive way.

You can get more opportunities for your brand by including hashtags in your social media marketing strategy. 

When you will know to use hashtags in your social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram it will help your users to find posts related to their needs and interests.

For good visibility and engagement, speed is necessary.

By using hashtags you can get an audience and engage them for a long time.

After getting so much popularity on different popular social media platforms now hashtags for SEO are also taking part in the search engine rankings.

If you will search for any famous personality Google will display some sites like IMDB, Wikipedia, and some other official websites about his biography and more information.

The hashtags related to this particular personality will also display with his Twitter posts, Instagram photos on search engine result pages.

There are not only search results that are affected by hashtags rather search trends are also adopting this new communication form. 


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