Here we will explain to you the Marketing funnel stages.

A lot of discussion and debate has been made related to the sequence of digital marketing funnel stages like it is sales or marketing and what is the relevance of marketing funnel with present days customer buying journey.

What is a Marketing Funnel?

The process in which we visualize and understand the process of conversion of leads into customers is known as the marketing funnel.

The reason it is known as the funnel is that the marketers make it possible to get a large number of leads.

After that, they convert leads into conversion by narrowing down the customers at every step of the funnel.

Using this marketing funnel you can convert your all leads into your customers and it reflects like a marketing cylinder.

It is the basic job of a marketer to turn leads into loyal customers as much as possible.

Stages of Marketing Funnel Leads to Conversion

Marketing funnels have different versions and you can not agree upon one of them.

These fennels have different stages.

Some funnels have a larger number of stages while others have only a few stages with different names according to business and customers.

  • Awareness

The first step of marketing funnel stages is awareness.

You can get potential customers through the discovery and research of customers and marketing campaigns. 

A trusted and firm leadership is developed by arranging different events, through marketing strategy, social media, sending emails, webinars, and many more campaigns and marketing tactics like that.

After this process, the lead generation takes place because we have collected the information and these leads are converting into customers by narrowing down the marketing funnel.

Mostly SEO expert play important role in the awareness stage by promoting their product on Google & social media to make people aware of it.

  • Interest

After a lead generation, we move to the customer’s interest.

At this stage, the customers learn about the company and its products and other useful and researched information provided by the company.

At this stage, different companies and brands can build a good relationship with the people whom they have information in the form of leads.

This thing can be done by marketers through sending emails, content strategy, and brands.

  • Consideration

At the stage of considering the leads you have are considered as qualified leads that can be converted into customers.

After this marketer will send different product information, products offered using the email marketing campaigns, and continuing the process of converting the leads into customers using the case studies, relevant content, and offering free trials of products.

  • Intent

In the intent stage of the marketing funnel, you have to know whether the people are interested to buy your product.

This can be done by demonstrating a demo of the product and after that conducting a survey about this product.

You can also do this by listing your product on any e-commerce website.

At this stage, there is a big opportunity for marketers to convince the people that their product is the best choice for them to buy.


  • Evaluation

At the evaluation stage of the marketing funnel, the customer has to make a final decision about a particular brand or product whether they should buy a product or service of a particular brand or not.

Usually, at the decision-making stage of customers, marketing and sales work mutually to convert a lead into a loyal customer of a brand.

  • Purchase

This is the best stage of the marketing funnel because at this stage the customer has made a decision to convert into a customer and purchase a product.

At this stage, sales have to take care of customer transactions for an amazing experience.



Difference Between B2C and B2B Marketing Funnels


B2C Model: In the B2C model of business, consumers pass through the marketing funnel with a small number of advisors or alone.

B2B Model: But in the B2B model, the customers have a large number of people or a group of people to pass through b2b marketing funnel stages for buying purposes.

B2C Model: In the B2C model of business, the consumers never interact directly with the representative of a company whether it is an e-commerce site or a company existing physically.

B2B Model: On the other hand in B2B, the customers at the end of the marketing funnel interact with the representative of a company. The marketing funnels are also played an important role in mapping of B2B buyer’s journey


b2b and b2c-b2b-marketing-funnel-stages


Marketing vs Sales Funnel


One of the hot debates in marketing is whether marketing owns the funnel or funnel owns the funnel.

It has been argued that due to the digital market the consumers rely on digital content and they tell about their decisions of purchasing and after that, they give reviews on it.

That’s why it is the responsibility of marketers to nourish the funnel while customers are making decisions to buy a product.

marketing and sales funnel-digital-marketing-funnel

Flipping the Funnel

Flipping the funnel is the practice that is increasing day by day for customer service, marketing, and sales.

In flipping the funnel we flip the funnel into the funnel of customer experience.

This funnel helps you to turn your customers into your brand’s ambassadors and it will help you to generate more leads and develop your brand awareness

Customer Experience Funnel

Now we will have a look at the customer experience funnel.

  • Repeat

Once the customer has made a purchase then the next step is to convert him into a regular or repeat customer.

It means that we have to retain the customer and build his trust in our brand to make more purchases.

For this marketer continues to repeat marketing funnel bottom activities.

  • Loyalty

At the stage of loyalty customers prefer a brand, start recognizing it and take it personally.

At this stage, your interaction is very important with the customer, and marketers can grow this connection.

  • Referral

If you become successful to make a loyal customer then he will refer and recommend your brand’s products to other people as well.

  • Advocacy

The best way to grow your customers is to turn them into the advocates of your brand.

The customers will do it by giving reviews and posting something about products on social media.

If somebody is recommending your product even if he is not connected to your brand will definitely develop a strong reputation for your brand.

In return, you will get more leads and conversions.

It is a part of the digital marketing funnel strategy.

Bottom Lines 

This article was all about Marketing funnel stages to convert leads into sales conversions.

A digital marketing funnel is the complete cyclic process of converting a lead into a loyal customer.