If you’re looking to reveal elusive long-tail keywords, examine potential keyword concepts, and assess user intent, Answer The Public is a great resource to use.

However, the tool has some limitations in terms of its capabilities.

While it provides ideas, it doesn’t provide crucial metrics such as search volume or difficulty.

Luckily, there are some noteworthy free and paid alternatives to Answer The Public, that offer more comprehensive keyword research.

If this sounds like something you need, let’s delve into the top AnswerThePublic alternatives for 2022.


What is Answer The Public?

Answer The Public is an online tool that helps people to discover popular search queries and questions related to a particular topic by analyzing Google autocomplete data.

By using this tool, content creators, marketers, and SEO professionals can get valuable insights into the most common topics that people are interested in and use this information to create optimized content that can rank higher in search engines.

Answer The Public has a free version with basic features, as well as a paid version with additional features.

answerthepublic screenshot



WordStream is a tool that can assist you in creating ideas for your content.

You can do this in two ways: by entering a keyword related to your topic or by analyzing a website of your competition to find keywords that are relevant to your subject matter.

This tool is mainly designed to provide you with new keywords for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns at no cost.

However, the information it provides can also be valuable for creating content that is optimized for search engines (SEO).

For every keyword it generates, WordStream shows you the search volume, level of competition, cost-per-click (CPC), and opportunity score.

You can do as many searches as you want for free without needing to sign up for a trial or paid account.

WordStream screenshot


Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer is a great alternative to Answer the Public as it can help you with detailed keyword research for popular topics and questions within any niche.

This tool is part of the complete Ahrefs SEO suite, which includes other software for activities such as building links, analyzing competitors, tracking website rankings, and conducting website audits.

In addition to the paid SEO tool, Ahrefs also offers a free Keyword Generator that you can use without any payment. For further information on other free alternatives, please refer to the next section of this guide.

Paid Ahrefs keyword explorer is best to find high CPC keywords for your blog and even youtube channel.



Ahrefs Keyword Generator

Ahrefs provides a free keyword generator that is among the top Answer the Public alternatives available.

It allows you to generate a large number of keywords without requiring payment or registration for this type of software.

Once you type in a term and click on the “Find Keywords” button, you can go to the “Questions” tab to narrow down the list and see only the topic ideas that people are currently searching for answers to online.

Ahrefs Keyword Generator screenshot



This is another effective option to Answer the Public for investigating frequently asked questions that your audience has on specific subjects.

This tool operates by gathering questions from Google’s People Also Ask section in search results.

It provides a compilation of the most pertinent questions that you can include in your content to improve your SEO. You can test out the software by conducting three searches for free each month.



Nozzle offers more precise data on business search engine results pages (SERPs) than most other tools available in the market.

SERP data refers to the information that is shown on the search engine results page (SERP) after a user has typed in a search query.

Search engine results pages (SERPs) usually display both organic search results and paid advertisements that are based on a pay-per-click (PPC) model.

Nozzle can help you achieve top rankings in both organic search results and paid advertising.

With Nozzle, you can search for multiple pay-per-click (PPC) keywords related to your niche, identify those with good search volume and low cost-per-click (CPC), and run your ad campaign effectively while keeping your budget to a minimum.

Nozzle.io monitors your entire brand, including social media accounts, and also allows you to track unlimited domain matches.

Unlike Ahrefs and Ubersuggest, there are no restrictions on the number of competitors you can track with this tool.

With this software, you have the freedom to track as many keywords as you need in each monthly plan, allowing you to take control of your search engine results page (SERP).

Nozzle.io screenshot


Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye is a keyword research tool that helps users find and analyze keywords for their SEO and PPC campaigns.

The tool allows users to enter a keyword or a website URL, and it generates a list of related keywords and phrases, along with search volume data, competition level, and other important metrics.

Keyword Eye also provides features for keyword clustering, which helps users group related keywords together and prioritize them based on relevance and search volume.

The tool also offers a rank tracker, which allows users to track their website’s rankings for specific keywords over time.

Overall, Keyword Eye is a comprehensive keyword research tool that can help users improve their SEO and PPC strategies by providing valuable insights into the search behavior of their target audience.

Keyword Eye screenshot


Keyword Snatcher

Keyword Snatcher is a tool that assists users in discovering longer and more specific keywords and phrases that are relevant to their area of interest or topic.

 This tool utilizes a special formula to produce a vast array of keyword options by analyzing the user’s initial keywords or phrases.

In just a few seconds, the Keyword Snatcher tool can offer numerous applicable keyword ideas to choose from, totaling in the thousands.

The tool additionally allows users to sort and filter the outcomes based on various metrics, such as search volume and competition.

This enables users to pinpoint the most advantageous and specific keywords for their SEO and PPC campaigns.

This tool is especially helpful in discovering long-tail keywords that are frequently less competitive and more accessible to attain a higher ranking on search engines.

 Using these keywords can attract relevant visitors to a website and enhance its position in search engine rankings.

In conclusion, Keyword Snatcher is a robust keyword research tool that can assist users in saving time and energy by discovering advantageous and appropriate keywords for their online marketing endeavors.

Keyword Snatcher Screenshot



Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that helps individuals and businesses find the best keywords for their website content, blog posts, and marketing campaigns.

It was created by Kyle and Carson, the founders of the popular online training platform for affiliate marketers, Wealthy Affiliate.

Jaaxy uses various metrics such as search volume, competition, and keyword quality indicators to determine the best keywords for a given niche or topic.

It also provides additional information such as domain availability and related keywords to help users optimize their website content and improve their search engine rankings.

In addition to keyword research, Jaaxy also includes features such as site rank tracking and niche research, making it a comprehensive tool for online marketers and website owners.

Jaaxy Screenshot


Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator is a tool that assists both individuals and businesses in discovering optimal long-tail keywords for their website content, blog posts, and marketing campaigns.

By utilizing the user’s starting keyword, it generates a comprehensive list of long-tail keywords that are both pertinent and have minimal competition.

This tool operates by extracting information from Google’s Autocomplete database, which offers keyword suggestions to users as they enter text into the search bar.

By compiling and examining this information, Keyword Tool Dominator can supply users with a comprehensive collection of long-tail keywords that are highly pertinent to their niche or subject matter.

Keyword Tool Dominator also incorporates features such as keyword competition analysis, which helps users assess the competition for each keyword and gauge their probability of obtaining a first-page ranking on Google search results.

In summary, Keyword Tool Dominator is a formidable resource for online marketers and website proprietors aiming to enhance their search engine rankings and attract more organic traffic to their website.

Keyword Tool Dominator Screenshot



HigherVisibility offers a tool for keyword research known as the “Keyword Discovery Tool,” which assists both individuals and businesses in discovering the most fitting keywords for their website content, blog posts, and marketing campaigns.

The tool accesses a vast database of over 35 billion search queries to pinpoint pertinent keywords and offers users comprehensive data on each keyword’s search volume, competition, and potential traffic.

Users can input a starting keyword or phrase into the Keyword Discovery Tool and receive a list of associated keywords.

The tool features advanced filtering options that enable users to sort by metrics such as search volume and keyword competition, making it easier for them to locate the most profitable keywords for their niche or topic.

Moreover, HigherVisibility’s Keyword Discovery Tool offers users data on the most popular search engine outcomes for each keyword.

This enables them to comprehend their rivals and improve their website content to enhance their position in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

In summary, HigherVisibility’s Keyword Discovery Tool is an all-inclusive keyword research tool that can aid businesses in enhancing their search engine rankings and attracting more visitors to their website.



Keyword Revealer

Keyword Revealer is a tool for examining and researching keywords that assist users in discovering profitable keywords for their search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

The tool proposes keyword ideas based on the user’s initial keywords and phrases, and also offers valuable information on search volume, competition level, and other key metrics.

Keyword Revealer’s “Keyword Competitiveness” score is a special feature that estimates the level of difficulty in achieving a high ranking for a specific keyword in search engines.

Additionally, the tool provides various filtering and sorting alternatives, enabling users to identify relevant, high-value keywords with a low competition score for their particular niche.

Keyword Revealer is equipped with a rank tracker that enables users to keep track of their website’s search engine rankings for specific keywords and monitor their progress over time.

The tool can assist users in studying their rivals’ keywords and identifying chances to surpass them in search rankings.

In summary, Keyword Revealer is a robust keyword research tool that can assist users in discovering profitable keywords and improving their online marketing endeavors, ultimately saving them time and energy.

Keyword Revealer screenshot


Seed Keywords

Seed Keywords is a keyword research tool that helps users generate keyword ideas based on specific scenarios or search contexts.

The tool allows users to create a search scenario and share it with others, who can then suggest search terms based on that scenario.

For example, if you’re creating content around a specific topic or keyword, you can create a search scenario that describes a particular situation or problem related to that topic.

You can then share that scenario with others and ask them to suggest keywords or phrases that they would use to find a solution to that problem.

Seed Keywords then aggregates the suggested keywords and phrases and provides them to the user as a list of potential search terms.

This approach can be particularly useful for finding long-tail keywords and phrases that are more specific and targeted to the user’s niche or audience.

Overall, Seed Keywords is a collaborative keyword research tool that can help users generate relevant and targeted keywords based on real-life search scenarios and contexts.

Seed Keywords



Frase can help you produce content that is favorable for SEO by identifying pertinent keywords and queries to incorporate into your article.

Frase has many useful features that can help you save time and create impressive and detailed content that is optimized for search engines.

One of its key capabilities is generating and improving responses to questions asked by your desired audience.

Frase comes to the rescue by allowing you to automate the research process. As you type a term, Frase compiles a list of related questions from various sources such as the “People Also Ask” column, Quora, Reddit, and search autocomplete results.

Frase assists you in recognizing the queries your audience is posing, which allows you to tackle them more proficiently in your articles.


Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a tool that can be added to your Chrome or Firefox browser as an extension.

It exhibits information about the competitiveness, cost per click (CPC), and monthly search volume for different APIs.

The data is conveniently merged into the search results page that you have just utilized.

By using Keywords Everywhere, you can perform search engine optimization (SEO) by utilizing up-to-date data.

This is the advantage of using this tool. As a result, you have the chance to discover keywords in the same manner as your potential customers.

This allows you to see the user experience firsthand instead of just theoretically, providing you with information that you may have missed otherwise.

Keywords Everywhere save you time by eliminating unnecessary or unhelpful keywords, enabling you to save keywords more efficiently, and eliminating the need to switch between different tabs.

Keyword Snatcher Screenshot



Outranking is an SEO tool that helps analyze search engine results pages (SERPs) and optimize content for SEO purposes. It’s not just another ineffective tool for optimizing SEO content.

Moreover, you can utilize this tool to produce alternative headlines, summaries, and outlines that can aid in the visualization of the content you are planning to create.

Instead, work on enhancing the material that exists currently, but isn’t performing well.

If you’ve been doing SEO for a while, you know that creating backlinks isn’t always the most effective method to move forward.

By improving the content that already exists, you can often increase the chances of it ranking higher as a solution.

Many studies have shown that simply improving the content with effective SEO techniques can improve its ranking. This is a cheaper way to improve rankings compared to constantly buying backlinks.



With searchresponse.io, you can get useful information and decide which content to focus on to increase the number of people who visit your website without paid promotion.

Search Response is a collection of tools used for content marketing and keyword research. These tools analyze data from search engines to discover valuable insights.

With this tool, you have access to a dataset containing more than 100 million People Also Ask (PAA) questions. This dataset has been compiled by Google and can be searched using 200 million keywords.

You can look up questions related to your topic and arrange them according to how frequently they are asked.


Content Harmony

Content Harmony has developed a reliable tool for crafting content briefs, which is comparable to other products like Frase, Surfer SEO, and MarketMuse.

Content Harmony is a great tool for SEO and content teams who want to produce outstanding content briefs and enhance their content for search engine optimization.

The data-based content brief process guarantees that your writers generate comprehensive content that aligns with your SEO and brand requirements.

Content Harmony is an excellent tool for your content marketing strategy since it eliminates the time-consuming task of analyzing the structure of top-ranked content.

content harmony Screenshot


Keyword Chef

Keyword Chef is an exceptional tool for conducting keyword research, with a focus on identifying and refining low-competition keywords that are ideal for SEOs and content creators.

The extensive range of features offered by Keyword Chef provides users with numerous options to choose from.

 including “questions,” which assist you in locating the simplest keywords to rank for on Google in relation to your website.

You can sign up for a trial account and get 1,000 credits to try Keyword Chef for free.

Keyword Chef



Keysearch is another excellent option to Answer the Public tool and comes as part of a bundle with other SEO software.

With Keysearch, you can explore related keywords containing questions from various platforms, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, Pinterest, and others.

By signing up for a trial account, you can conduct five keyword searches daily and have restricted access to other tools, including the rank tracker, backlink checker, website auditor, competitive analyzer, content assistant, and several others.

keysearch screenshot



KeywordTool.io is a user-friendly keyword research tool that offers relevant keyword ideas based on actual user searches across various platforms.

These platforms include Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, Apple Store, Google Play Store, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Trends.

KeywordTool.io allows you to examine search volumes, trends, cost-per-click (CPC) data, and competition levels for an infinite number of keywords.

However, you can only view the data for the first five keyword suggestions without a paid subscription. You can try out the software for free.



KWFinder is a tool for exploring different keywords, and it is available through Mangools.

It also includes other SEO-related features such as a tracker for monitoring your website’s ranking, an analysis tool for checking your backlinks, a SERP analyzer to see where you appear in search engine results, and a site profiler for understanding your website’s overall performance.

This tool stands out from other options because it has a special function that allows users to search for questions related to specific topics. As a result, it is considered one of the top alternatives to Answer the Public.

Using KWFinder, you have the ability to find questions that come directly from Google’s database.

Additionally, you can explore related keywords and collect suggestions from Google’s autocomplete feature.

The main benefit of KWFinder is that it gives you important information for making smart decisions about which keywords to focus on for SEO.

This includes data like how often the keyword is searched for each month, how much it would cost to advertise for that keyword, how much competition there is for that keyword, and how difficult it might be to rank for that keyword.

You can use my affiliate link to try KWFinder for free, and it won’t cost you anything extra.

If you choose to upgrade to a paid plan in the future, I may earn a commission. If you want to learn more, I have written a comprehensive review of KWFinder that provides additional information.

kwfinder screenshot



LowFruits is an excellent tool for researching keywords that are based on questions and answers, and it can give you valuable ideas for optimizing your website.

This software is a better alternative to Answer the Public because it identifies areas of improvement in the top search results for your desired keywords.

This refers to situations where online discussion platforms and poorly-performing websites with low credibility scores are appearing among the first ten search results on Google for specific topics.

LowFruits is a tool that can help you discover keywords with low competition, which can be easily and quickly ranked without requiring much effort.

You can test LowFruits for your website without paying anything by using my referral link, and you’ll receive 10 credits for free to try it out.


Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer is a software that provides competitive intelligence to help you save time and find profitable keywords for your website. Using it can improve your content strategy and get a better return on investment.

By signing up for a Moz trial account, you can use 10 searches every month and access some of the other tools included in the Moz Pro software, though with some limitations.

 The standard plan allows you to perform up to 150 search queries per month.

moz keyword exploler screenshot



Similarweb is a comprehensive platform for website analytics and competitive traffic intelligence that caters to both large and small businesses.

Similarweb comes with a keyword gap feature that allows you to discover the keywords that are driving traffic to your competitors, which you can then use to optimize your website accordingly.



SpyFu is a tool that provides competitive intelligence and keyword research to digital marketers who want to compete in organic search and paid advertising channels, such as Google Ads.

The “Questions” feature, found under “Related Keywords,” provides data similar to what Answer the Public offers.



Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

The Semrush Keyword Magic Tool is a potent resource that can help you identify various keywords that you can focus on for your website.

By targeting these keywords, you can establish your site as a trusted source for particular topics and attract more organic traffic.

You can use my referral link to try out Semrush Keyword Magic Tool for free and perform 10 searches every day.

I will receive a commission only if you decide to upgrade to a paid plan. Once you have logged in, you can click on the “Questions” button to obtain a list of questions that feature your seed keyword.



Ubersuggest is an excellent alternative to Answer the Public that offers up to three free searches per day without requiring you to log in.

Paid plans with more searches are also available. For instance, the Individual Plan offers 100 searches per day to help you find SEO keywords that you can focus on for your website.

If you want to make the most of this tool and receive keyword suggestions akin to Answer the Public, it is recommended that you incorporate inquiry-based modifiers such as “what,” “why,” “how,” “can,” “do,” and “does” into your primary keyword.

This will assist in obtaining more specific and relevant keyword recommendations.

Once you’ve added these modifiers, you can obtain monthly search volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, and CPC data for the resulting keywords. Additionally, you may wish to check out this related guide on Ubersuggest alternatives.

ubersuggest screenshot



FAQFox is a free tool created by WebFx that can assist you in discovering content topics and keywords that are relevant to SEO, based on the questions people ask in online communities.

FAQFox might not be the top choice as an alternative to Answer the Public since it uses web scraping to retrieve questions from other sites, but it could still be useful for your requirements. It’s worth a try.


Google Auto complete

Google Autocomplete is arguably the best and most cost-effective method for discovering question-based keyword ideas, similar to what Answer the Public provides.

All you have to do is enter a word in Google’s search bar, and Google Autocomplete will generate a list of keyword ideas based on your primary keyword.

This is done by gathering search data from Google’s search engine.

Be sure to include a question-based modifier before your seed keyword, such as “what,” “why,” “how,” “can,” “do,” and “does,” when using Google Autocomplete.

google auto complete screenshot


Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a tool you can use for free within your Google Ads account (previously called AdWords) to perform keyword research.

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool for keyword research that can be accessed through your Google Ads account.

It suggests topics based on your primary keyword and offers significant SEO insights, such as average search volumes, cost-per-click (CPC), advertiser competition level, trend data, and more.

You can use Google Keyword Planner to analyze your competitors’ websites and discover the keywords they are targeting for search engine optimization (SEO).

Simply enter your competitor’s URL into the tool and you’ll get a list of relevant keywords and their search volumes.

Check out this related guide to discover additional SEO tools by Google that you can use for tracking, analysis, and digital marketing purposes.


Google’s People Also Ask

Google’s “People Also Ask” box is a search engine feature that displays additional questions related to the user’s initial search query as a rich snippet.

Google’s People Also Ask box is a search feature that displays additional questions related to the user’s original query.

It is a free feature that appears automatically for most keyword searches on Google. When users click on a question in the box, it generates more related questions.

The tool called AlsoAsked, which is discussed earlier in this guide, uses a sophisticated Google feature as its foundation.

google people also ask screenshot



Keyword.io is a tool that suggests keywords as you type, and it’s free to use. This tool can help you generate new topic ideas for your SEO and PPC campaigns.

This tool for optimizing keywords has a function that allows you to filter the suggestions and focus only on questions.

In addition to that, it can also extract ideas from various popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Amazon, Yandex, and Wikipedia, among others.



QuestionDB is a keyword generator that is free, quick, and user-friendly, and it works similarly to Answer the Public.

However, instead of relying solely on search engines, QuestionDB gathers information from various question-and-answer websites such as Reddit and Quora.

It then presents a compilation of popular questions that people are asking in relation to your SEO keywords.

You can use QuestionDB for free without any restrictions on the number of searches you do per day, but you will only get up to 50 suggestions for each keyword search.

If you want to have access to an unlimited number of suggestions for each search, you can upgrade to a paid plan.




SEOScout offers a free keyword suggestion tool that you can use without having to sign up for their software.

SEOScout’s keyword suggestion tool generates similar data to AnswerThePublic, but it doesn’t impose any limits on the number of times you can use the tool to generate keyword ideas each day.

SEOScout is a must-have tool for any serious digital marketer looking to generate good ideas for their SEO content strategy.



SEOStack is a Chrome extension that you can use for free, and it collects keyword data from a variety of sources such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, YouTube, Amazon, Pinterest, and eBay.

A distinctive function that this tool offers is the “Wildcard Modifier,” which enables you to narrow down keyword suggestions exclusively by question-based queries.

Click on this link to install SEOStack in your chrome.




Soovle is a free search engine that retrieves suggestions from various major search providers, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, Wikipedia, and YouTube, and presents them all in one place. It operates at a rapid pace.

To utilize this tool for finding question-and-answer keyword ideas, you need to add question-based words such as “what,” “why,” “how,” “can,” “do,” and “does” as modifiers to your original keyword.

Once you have generated a list of keyword ideas, you can simply click on a term and be redirected to the search engine for more analysis on the search results page (SERP).


Keyword Sheeter

Keyword Sheeter is an online tool that can produce numerous suggestions for longer and more specific keywords based on a single primary keyword.

Perhaps the most alluring feature of this tool is that it is completely free of charge.

This tool operates by taking a main keyword and applying different formulas to produce numerous related keywords that may not have been previously thought of, numbering in the hundreds or thousands.

With this tool, users can easily sort through and remove any unnecessary keywords, download the list of generated keywords, and store them for future utilization in SEO or PPC advertising campaigns.




Serpstat is a cloud-based keyword research tool that provides insights into search volumes, competition levels, and ranking difficulty for different keywords.

It allows users to conduct in-depth keyword analysis and generate keyword suggestions based on specific search queries, topics, or domains.

Serpstat also includes features for competitor analysis, backlink analysis, site audit, rank tracking, and content marketing.

The platform provides detailed data on organic and paid search results, as well as analytics and reporting to help businesses optimize their online marketing strategies.

Serpstat is used by SEO professionals, marketers, and business owners to improve their website’s search engine rankings and visibility.



Act-On is not primarily used for keyword research. It is a cloud-based marketing automation software that helps businesses automate their marketing campaigns and enhance their lead generation and nurturing processes.

Although Act-On may have some basic keyword research features, its primary focus is automating marketing tasks such as email marketing, lead scoring, lead nurturing, social media management, website tracking, and analytics.



SECockpit is a keyword research tool made for SEO professionals and online marketers.

It assists users in discovering profitable and high-traffic keywords for their websites by offering in-depth information on search volume, competition, and cost-per-click (CPC) data.

SECockpit is a tool that helps you find specific words and phrases that people use to search for things on the internet.

It has its own unique way of generating these suggestions and can also give you information about how difficult it might be to rank for certain keywords.

Additionally, it can organize the keywords into groups and keep track of how well your website is ranking for them over time.

With this tool, users can easily organize and arrange keywords according to various factors, and it offers current information to help them stay informed on the most recent trends and shifts in the search engine world.



There is a vast selection of paid and free Answer the Public alternative tools available in the market of SEO.

Your choice of tool should be based on a careful assessment of your budget and the primary focus of your brand’s SEO strategy.

Whether you opt for a free or commercial tool, there are numerous options to choose from. Paid tools generally provide the most extensive data and quicker access to it.

However, free tools can still be valuable, particularly if you are willing to pay a small fee.

Ultimately, the key is to select a tool that best aligns with your SEO goals and can help you achieve them efficiently.