Businesses frequently use LinkedIn to build their brands, generate leads, and increase sales. That makes sense, too.

Comparing LinkedIn to other social media platforms, it is thought to be three times more reliable and trustworthy.

LinkedIn generates 80% of B2B leads. Comparing Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn generates three times as many conversions.

Want to stand out on LinkedIn among the sea of companies? To improve business profile ranking and increase page visibility, seek no further than LinkedIn SEO.

What is LinkedIn SEO?

SEO for LinkedIn is very similar to SEO for your webpage. The process is almost identical.

In order for users to locate you easily, you should carefully place keywords across your LinkedIn profile and business page. This is all it needs. 

what is LinkedIn seo

How to Do SEO on LinkedIn and Optimize Linkedin Profile?

Following are a few stuff you should do if you want to increase search visibility and your profile’s ranking on LinkedIn.


Make Your Profile Keyword-Rich

If you’ve spent any time at all in the field of digital marketing, you know how crucial it is to develop titles and content that are packed and rich with keywords.

The placement of keywords across your LinkedIn profile is equally crucial.

  • To begin with, make sure you’re including keywords in your profile that customers will really type into search engines to find your company 
  • Even while it’s crucial to include keywords throughout your LinkedIn profile, you must be careful not to overuse or stuff them.
  • As with your content marketing effort, only include keywords in organic and relevant places.

Others can easily spot keyword stuffing, and it is a huge turnoff. Therefore, if a customer senses that you have overused or stuffed the words, then they are likely to switch to another company.

Make Your Profile Keyword-Rich


Generate an SEO-driven Tagline

From the very beginning of your organization’s introduction tagline, use relevant keywords. It makes it easier for the search engine and its consumers to perceive what you are about.


Create Backlinks

Starting linking to your LinkedIn personal profile with your business blog is one of the simplest things you can do to improve SEO.

This might be quite beneficial if your blog is hosted on a website with high domain authority.

While you are posting as a guest on other blogs, you should look for ways to connect back to your business website.

Because most guest blogs include space for a brief bio, this is typically simple. Just link back to your LinkedIn business page from that bio. In the end, this will benefit you in several ways.

  • Your profile will rank higher in the Google SERP, resulting in more activity, views, and sponsorships.
  • Let your profile rating rise as a result of more people viewing and interacting with your page.
  • Improve the ranking of your LinkedIn profile.


Complete Your Profile

Don’t let visitors discover that your company website is not complete when they visit your profile. You should complete each and every field on your profile.

This may be tiresome and time-consuming, but it will be worth it when people visit your profile to learn everything about you and your business.

  • Sections in the profile that are left empty or incomplete resemble incomplete paintings. When it’s finished, only then you can know what it will look like.
  • Well, until your profile is completely filled out, nobody will know what you’re all about.

Additionally, businesses with complete profiles receive 30% more weekly views than those with incomplete profiles.

Complete Your Profile


Profile funnel

  • Use images and headlines to share details about your brand or career.
  • The USPs and how the pain issues of your intended audience are addressed should be described in the summary section.
  • Add brief, captivating videos to the “Media” section.
  • Calls to action that tell visitors how to reach you should be included.


Update your profile regularly 

Regular Linkedin profile updates not only help you stay observable to your followers, but they can also boost your ranking on Google.

Fresh content is consistently indexed, which aids the search engine’s ability to identify your page as a useful and active source of information.


Expand Your Network

The number of connections you have is one of the ranking factors for LinkedIn’s own built-in search engine.

In the end, it’s crucial to keep as many relationships as you can. In terms of rating, this is better for you. Naturally, this does not suggest that you should simply contact everyone.

While it is true that having more connections increases your visibility, having the wrong connections won’t do you any good.

In general, you shouldn’t connect with individuals who are outside of your third network.

  • Check out the person before accepting their LinkedIn invitation if they have sent one to you out of the blue.
  • Check to see if they can offer you something if you accept the invite in addition to being in your connections.

Expand Your Network


Join Groups

You should spend time participating in groups on LinkedIn if you want to raise your ranking.

Since LinkedIn is a social networking platform, you should interact with people there. This is a great opportunity to interact with those in your business who share your interests.

Finding the groups which are most appropriate to your brand may take some time, but it will be worthwhile in the long run.

By discussing a topic you’re enthusiastic about, you will have the opportunity to raise brand recognition.

By doing this, you will increase your visibility and boost SEO since when you join a group with hundreds of other people, you instantly become more relevant from the perspective of the search engine.

Once you establish yourself as a leading voice in the community, you can contribute worthwhile articles from your website or blog whenever the situation arises.

This will aid in boosting profile traffic, which could ultimately result in leads and sales.

Joining groups and contributing to discussions will help you attract a larger audience and increase the number of followers for your business, in addition to helping you rank higher in the LinkedIn SERP.

In essence, you’re releasing two birds with just one stone.


Give Relevant Name To Your Images

Google detects more than just content; they also scan images, as you are probably aware if you have created your own website or are involved in any kind of important digital marketing with it.

Therefore, you must make sure to provide an image with a descriptive name when you post it to your LinkedIn corporate profile or page. Don’t just randomly give it a name or a number.

  • The title of the picture will show up in image searches even though nobody will see it when they visit your profile.
  • Therefore, you should be skillful and creative while naming the photographs to improve your Linkedin Profile SEO.

Make sure to keep your brand in mind as you are thinking of giving names to your photos. Must include your job title or a brief description of your job in your profile photo in addition to entering your name.

Give Relevant Name To Your Images


Use Hashtags

Even while LinkedIn tends more toward a professional network but it is yet a social network. This is seen in how it utilizes hashtags.

On LinkedIn, users can use hashtags to follow specific topics and trends. These hashtags will guide them to content that may be of interest to them.

Because you can still appear in a user’s feed even if they aren’t directly following your page, this concept is important for brands and businesses. You simply need to make sure that your every post includes hashtags

Then, your updates and information will show up in the feed of the person who is following that specific hashtag, boosting the likelihood that they will see it.

LinkedIn will recommend hashtags when you post, reducing the amount of effort you have to do. These hashtags are available for use, and you can add your own.


Links Your Page To Your Website

Did you comprehend that when the more links to your LinkedIn business page there are, then the higher the search results will appear? Including a link to your LinkedIn profile on your website is a quick and easy strategy to gain more links to it.

Anyone who visits your website will be able to view your business page and find out more information about your brand thanks to SEO.

All of your staff should also keep their LinkedIn profiles up to date, which should include a link to your company page and includes information about their previous employment.


Share Relevant Content

Content marketing is one of the best strategies to use SEO on the LinkedIn profile page.

This consists of creating and sharing relevant content for your sector of business. Even better, you can link back to the site, this will boost traffic.

In short, LinkedIn is the ideal platform for recovering older blog pieces from your site that still contain useful content but aren’t performing as well as they once did.

You can link to the post and publish a quick summary of that piece on LinkedIn.

As an alternative, you might write unique content for LinkedIn and link to it from the website blog.

Due to the great domain authority that LinkedIn has, you can frequently rank your content faster because of this.

Just be careful to avoid duplicating content and to prioritize information of the highest caliber. In any other case, you risk damaging your search engine rankings on Google and LinkedIn.

Share Relevant Content


Pros of Making Your Organization’s LinkedIn Page SEO-friendly

To continuously improve your LinkedIn Page’s SEO, you should consider the following factors: 


Increased visibility on LinkedIn to get maximum exposure

Although self-explanatory, this is still important to remember. By boosting your Page or profile SEO, you improve your chances of being found by relevant web searchers as well as LinkedIn members who would otherwise skip you.


Focused messaging

These themes will become more obvious to readers as a result of structuring the information on your LinkedIn Page around keywords and terminology that are crucial to your company.

Additionally, the concepts will be presented in a tongue familiar to your audience, making them more understandable. So by focused massaging, you can provide relevant information to the audience and can improve your SEO.


Increased relevance

Your content will become organically more valuable and relevant to your target market if it is aligned with the search intent of your customers.

Increased relevance


More Leads

When it comes to generating leads and sales, LinkedIn outperforms Twitter and Facebook by 277%.

Conversions are mostly the result of lead generation. It is a crucial component of any sales and marketing funnel because of this. Your prospects of growing your network and producing leads increase as your profile receives more visitors.


Brand Awareness 

Your brand personality is reflected in a LinkedIn profile that is well-optimized. Does it explain what you can do? how you approach it differently, and the steps you take to address issues. This builds brand recognition and aids in your industry entry.


Relationship and Trust

An optimized LinkedIn profile appears more frequently in search engine results. You appear more trustworthy, dependable, and credible as a result.

Additionally, it positions you as an authority in your field, which will lead to future networking and business prospects.

Relationship and Trust


Career Opportunities

Whenever it comes to current hiring strategies, LinkedIn is without a doubt king. So that recruiters can find you, you should create a thorough profile and optimize it.

A well-optimized profile will also assist you in exploring further career opportunities once you have a job.


The Ranking System Of LinkedIn

Similar to Google, LinkedIn uses a search algorithm that will take into account a variety of factors to determine where you will appear in the search results.

In actuality, LinkedIn has a unique rating system. Which posts will be displayed at the top of the newsfeed will be determined by this algorithm. Because of this, users can actually view older posts before seeing recent ones.

Like Google, LinkedIn regularly changes the parameters that feed into its algorithm, but at the moment, dwell time and the Social Selling Index are the two most important ones.

The Ranking System Of LinkedIn



The (SSI) Social Selling Index evaluates how well you build relationships, identify and connect with relevant people, engage with information, and build your brand. Your post will show higher in the feed if your SSI is higher.


Dwell Time

The dwell time measures how long a user spends viewing a post. Therefore, it is more probable that a post will rise to the top of the feed the longer a user spends engaging with it, such as reading an article or watching a video.

LinkedIn also employs these additional ranking factors:


Personal connections

The people with whom users connect have common interests with them are their personal connections. Routine posts will be displayed near the top of the newsfeed.

Personal connections


Interest relevance

LinkedIn takes into account a user’s connections who have similar interests, user interest in a topic, and how closely connected topics are to one another.


Engagement probability

How probable a user is to respond to, write on, or publish a post based on previous interactions and the post’s content, as well as how soon after a post is published, people begin engaging with it.


How can I Track LinkedIn Analytics?

Similar to any SEO campaign, it is crucial to track your results by measuring your SEO efforts.

You would like to be able to monitor how well you are connecting with potential leads.

You have a variety of alternatives on LinkedIn for evaluating your performance.


Awareness Metrics 

You can start by monitoring your Awareness metrics. These include the number of your total connections, the number of likes and shares on your material, and follower engagement.

All of these point to an increase or decrease in brand visibility and awareness.


Procedure to view Linkedin analytics

Choose the “Me” icon located at the top of your page to examine the statistics for your posts, blogs, videos, etc.

Under Manage, select Posts & Activity. Tap on Posts or Articles depending on the type of information you’re looking for.

Locate the piece of content you want to see analytics on, then hit View near the Analytics icon.

You can access a variety of analytics from this Content Analytics page depending on the type of post.

You can find out more by clicking the arrow next to comments, Reactions, or shares under the Engagement section.

You can arrange your statistics by Reaction or Comments. Additional criteria for filtering the search results include location, job title, company size, industry, and seniority.

Procedure to view Linkedin analytics


Does a LinkedIn article help with SEO?

Yes! Content helps a lot. Search engines also crawl articles posted on LinkedIn. Long-form, SEO-driven, pertinent, and valuable content has a higher chance of appearing in searches conducted outside of the LinkedIn platform. 


How can LinkedIn customers get SEO?

Some Effective Ways to Attract SEO Clients;

  • Focus on a Particular Niche.
  • Join Up a Design Firm.
  • Conduct a free SEO site audit
  • Address marketing conferences.
  • Post “Pillar Content” Online
  • Make periodic SEO packages
  • Share Your Social Media SEO Skills.
  • Send LinkedIn Outreach Messages in a non-spammy manner.

How can LinkedIn customers get SEO?


How can I optimize LinkedIn SEO?

LinkedIn profile improvement ideas:

  • Get in touch with Relevant Prospects.
  • Give your profile photo a name.
  • Name the background image.
  • Create a URL link with text.
  • Your headline should contain phrases and keywords.
  • In your about section, highlight the value.
  • Your Features and Experience Sections should both have media.
  • Add keywords to the section regarding your experience.


What is the 5 3 2 law in the LinkedIn App?

According to the rule, out of every Ten updates you publish on social media, 5 must come from sources that are pertinent to your audience.

3. Your original, audience-relevant content, not a business plan. 2 should be non-work related, personal content that humanizes your brand. Following this rule can optimize the SEO of your Linkedin Profile.

What is the 5 3 2 law in the LinkedIn App?


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