With more than a billion Instagram users, how can you make a difference and stand out? A wonderful place to start with SEO is Instagram.

Expand your organic reach by having your content appear on search results pages.

Any business that wants to engage with new followers on Instagram must have a solid understanding of how SEO functions on this platform.

So let’s begin a discussion on this.


What Does Instagram SEO Mean?

Instagram SEO is the process of making your account content more search engine-friendly.

Instagram SEO is needed when you wish your account or content to show up near the top of the list when someone uses the Instagram search bar to look for a related keyword or hashtag.

What is Instagram SEO


Instagram SEO tactics to boost your reach

Let’s see the checklist of things you can do to SEO for your personal and professional Instagram profile.

By following these tactics you can increase your Instagram personal & professional profile reach and get more engagement.


Optimize your Instagram profile

The greatest location to use related keywords and search words is in your Instagram profile, which is also known as your Instagram bio.

Instagram name SEO is the first step in Instagram bio SEO.

Pick a profile name and handle that is appropriate for the content of your page.

Optimize your Instagram profile


Name or username:

The greatest place to start is with your brand name if you are owning a brand and it is well known. Include a keyword if there is space in your name or nickname.

You’ll notice that every account from both profiles that showed up in the top search results for photography has “photography” either in their name, handle, or both.

Also, be confident to add related keywords to your Instagram bio.



If your location is important and relevant to the business then be sure to mention it in your bio.

This is also another crucial action to do. if you haven’t done it to upgrade your professional account then do it, since only Creator accounts and businesses can add a location.


How to add a profile location on Instagram?

  • Open the Instagram application and tap on your profile icon to add a profile location for Instagram bio SEO.
  • Select edit profile then tap Contact Options. You can be as exact or general as you wish when entering your address. If applicable, you can input a specific street address: otherwise, you can just use your city.

Make sure the slider bar for Displaying contact information is turned on.

In the Instagram application, your profile page shows your location, but the website doesn’t.

However, if it’s linked to your account, the Instagram search engine will use it as a ranking factor whether or not your audience accesses the platform through the app or the web.

How to add a profile location on Instagram?


Add alt text to images

Similar to alt text on websites, Instagram also has this feature. It’s a textual description of a video or image that enables people with visual impairments to access the material.

At the moment when the image itself is unable to load, it also offers a description of the content, and one can read and interpret the post.

  • ALT text also has the benefit of assisting Instagram in better understanding what is contained in your content and, consequently, whether it is pertinent to a particular search.
  • For the people who use a screen reader, Instagram utilizes object recognition techniques to automatically generate a description of each image.
  • Additionally, this information sends details about the subject of your picture to the Instagram system and search engine results.
  • By enabling the screen reader on the smartphone or computer, you can view the auto-generated alt text that was created for you.


How to add ALT text to a photo on Instagram?

When you want to add alt text to post any photo:

  • Click “Advanced Settings” at the underside of the screen where you put the caption.
  • Below “Accessibility,” click on “Write Alt Text” and add an image description using related keywords.
  • If you have to put ALT text to an already uploaded photo.
  • First, open the image and then click the “three dots,” then select “Edit”.
  • At the lowest right of the photo, select “Edit Alt Text”.
  • The fresh alt text will be much more valid, and precise and comprises relevant keywords. It’s a simple and effective Instagram optimization technique.

How to add ALT text to a photo on Instagram?


Add Keyword-Optimized Captions

Only hashtags and location tags can be used to search for content on Instagram’s Explore page. In addition, Instagram offers customized content recommendations based on each user’s interactions and interests.

For illustration, if you frequently like posts about photography, your Explore page would probably feature content relating to the genre of content you have expressed interest in. Your post captions have a role in that.

An account embedding framework is used by Instagram’s Explore page algorithm to help find accounts that are conceptually similar to one another.

This framework guesses the meaning of a word from its context and caption. Additionally, it determines the relationships between various accounts based on the terms used in names, bios, usernames, and captions.

Writing insightful Instagram captions with pertinent keywords will therefore increase your chances of appearing on the Explore page of appropriate users.

To decide which topic of interest corresponds with your account, Instagram analyses the keywords in the posting captions.


Use the right hashtags

Instagram has now confirmed that hashtags and keywords need to appear straightly in the caption to affect the search results, despite the fact that it has long been thought to be a trick to hide them in comments.

Here are some hashtag-specific pointers for appearing in search engine results:

  • There is also a Tags tab on the SERPs page for any keyword.
  • Clicking on the tags tab will reveal the top hashtags for the keyword along with the overall amount of posts for each.
  • Use a mix of prominent, targeted, and specialized, hashtags that are branded or campaign-based.
  • Simply utilize a maximum of 3 to 5 hashtags per post.
  • Don’t utilize unrelated or too generic hashtags like #makeuptutorial.

Use the right hashtags


Optimize your profile By Seeing Interest

Knowing the interests of your intended audience is the initial step to take.

What do they look up on Instagram? Your profile should be optimized using pertinent keywords in the bio.

Make a solid first impression because the bio is one of the initial elements people will notice when they view your profile.


Use the right keywords

Previously, the Instagram search didn’t take caption keywords into account, but this seems to be changing.

In order to improve discoverability, Instagram now specifically advises using pertinent keywords in post captions.

This is due to a change in how results are presented. Previously, only pertinent hashtags, accounts, and locations appeared on search results pages.

The keyword results aimed at browsing are now included in search results. This is fantastic news for lesser-known companies because it increases the likelihood that people will discover your content without having to specifically search for your account name.

Any one of the keyword results pages (identified by a magnifying glass) can be clicked to access a full page of content for browsing.

Each page of search results for a certain keyword is basically an Explore page for that search. Take note of the Tags tab, which can assist you in learning which hashtags are most popular for each phrase.

Use the right keywords


How to choose keywords for Instagram?

How do you decide on your target keywords then? You’ll get some early clues from the study you completed in the stage above to determine your top hashtags.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding using analytics tools. Use Google Analytics to determine which keywords are bringing the most visitors to your website.

You might consider testing these for your Instagram posts.

There are many other online keyword search tools available.

Discover frequently using keywords associated with your brand, sector of business, or hashtags by using these online tools features.

How to choose keywords for Instagram?


Do Branding

Being on brand is crucial when producing content for the Instagram account. Your brand’s values and message should be reflected in every post you make.

Remember that this is true for all platforms. There should be a consistent appearance and feel across all of your platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and your website.

Your postings should reflect your brand visually. Here are a few instances:

  • All of your postings should be colorful if your company has a vibrant brand.
  • The posts should be brief if your brand is more minimalistic.
  • Have specific brand colors that you can use consistently in all of your photographs.
  • Use the same filter on each image if you prefer using it for a harmonious appearance.

The vibe of your brand should come through in your posts. Here are a few situations:

  • Your postings should be professional if the brand is formal.
  • Your posts should be more informal if your brand is casual.
  • Each post’s captions should have a similar tone.
  • To maintain consistency, employ the same hashtags across your whole account.


Maintain Consistency in Your Niche

Being regular with your Instagram SEO strategies is the final important (though straightforward) ranking approach.

The algorithm will learn more about your account’s purpose as you adhere to the aforementioned best practices.

  • This kind of consistency tells Instagram about who you really are and what your business has to deliver, so relevant users will see your profile and content when they search Instagram.
  • You’ll soon enjoy the benefits of greater discovery and reach by keeping the same SEO strategy for your business.
  • You can quickly take advantage of Instagram’s searches and recommended posts with a few simple changes and upgrades.

Maintain Consistency in Your Niche


Avoid using Black Hat SEO

It may be simple to fall prey to quick solutions in the shape of black-hat Instagram SEO techniques when you’ve been battling to acquire attention for a while.

But keep in mind that these short-term solutions are just for that time. They don’t provide genuine exposure on the network, which could eventually affect your performance.

Additionally, Instagram keeps taking action against accounts that consistently use dubious methods to increase their prominence on the network.

This involves the use of bots to create fake followers and likes. Therefore, even if it requires some time and work, it is ideal to increase actual visibility.

Avoid using Black Hat SEO


keep an excellent content

Instagram’s Suggestions Guidelines are also employed to assume search results on Instagram. Accordingly, accounts that break these rules will have their search results shown below the border or not at all.

Recommended Guidelines are more restrictive than Community Guidelines, so keep that in mind.

In other terms, your content will be totally erased from Instagram if you violate the Community Guidelines.

Your content will still be present on the Instagram platform if you disobey the Recommendations Guidelines, but users will have a tougher time finding it.

Content that is “offensive, low-quality, or sensitive” or that “may be unsuitable for younger viewers” is avoided by Instagram search recommendations. Here are some particular instances of what you SHOULD NOT do:

  • Engagement bait or clickbait
  • Baseless health claims
  • stolen information from another source
  • Content or ideas that are false
  • Purchasing likes

keep an excellent content


Promote Tagging

Getting tagged is an amazing strategy to improve the discoverability of your Instagram posts. Others will be able to access your profile by clicking the link provided when users tag your profile in their Instagram Stories and posts.

Therefore, there is a probability that as you receive more tags, you will draw in a larger audience. For a possibility to be highlighted in your posts, you might invite others to tag you in images of your products.

  • Then, to let them know how much you value them, you may repost a few of their images.
  • Share those posts to your IG stories even if you wish to keep your feed’s design consistent.
  • You might also hold contests and giveaways that require tagging your account as an alternative.
  • People are more willing to join when there is a possibility to win something, so this is an excellent approach to increase the number of tags.


Monitor and optimize

It’s important to evaluate the results of your Instagram optimization efforts in the same way that you evaluate the impact of your regular SEO work.

  • Conduct a frequent audit of the Instagram account to stay on top of things. In your audit, add any pertinent questions.
  • You will receive a complete analytics tool from Instagram to evaluate the performance of your account whether you own a business profile or a creator profile.

Understanding specific post insights is made easy by the built-in analytics. Additionally, it provides you with a thorough analysis of impressions and reaches as well as information on how you attracted each viewer, including if they came from their own homes, hashtags, profiles, and other factors.

  • Make sure you spend on a product with even more in-depth data in addition to the Instagram analytics that are already included. 
  • For instance, the social media account analytics tool not only measures performance but also offers follower insights and competitor statistics.
  • More significantly, it offers suggestions for increasing your engagement, from the ideal article length to the optimum time to post.


Boost User Interactions

User engagement is a fantastic approach to establishing connections with followers and promoting your brand.

Utilizing user interaction will increase your chances of gaining fans and expanding your brand.

  • Run giveaways as its approach are to maximize user participation. Giveaways are a fantastic opportunity to interact with your fans and promote your brand.
  • Making polls is another technique to benefit from user interaction. An excellent approach to collecting input from the followers and understanding your audience is to conduct polls.

Boost User Interactions


Be a genuine person.

Putting aside all the tactics and hacks, search engines are always trying to become more human. And it’s best if you can be as human as possible.

  • Being genuine, natural, and simply showing up frequently are some of the finest social network SEO strategies.
  • Be nice and keep the “social” in social media.
  • Simply being disrespectful on these sites is the simplest way to get banned or forced down the algorithm.

A follower is more likely to stick with an account that they identify with and find relatable.

You have a better chance of gaining followers if you can demonstrate that a real person is operating your account.


What are Instagram SEO ranking factors?

Generally speaking, SEO is a blend of science and art. SEO on Instagram is also similar. There isn’t a precise recipe that will push your account to the top of the list of results.

Instagram is transparent about the factors it utilizes to prioritize search results, which is a good thing.

Here is how the Instagram search bar chooses what results to display.


Search text

It should come as no surprise that the search signal that is entered into the search bar is most crucial.

Instagram searches for related usernames, captions, profiles, hashtags, and locations based on the search terms.

You must be aware of the search terms users use to find material similar to yours. using Google Analytics

Search text


User Activity

This comprises the hashtags, accounts, and posts the user has previously interacted with and followed.

User-interacted accounts and hashtags are prioritized over inactive ones.

The key is research.

Recognize the hashtags that your intended audience is most likely to utilize and participate in.

And promote interaction with your postings.


Popularity signals

The likelihood of popular content appearing highly in search results is highest.

Instagram uses indications including the volume of clicks, likes, shares, and followers to gauge the popularity of a user, hashtag, or location.

When you post, engage right away.


What are the nicest SEO hashtags for Instagram?

That relies on your industry and target market.

Look through your Instagram Insights to get a knowledge of which hashtags are now bringing the most viewers to your photos.

You can see how many impressions a post received via hashtags in its insights.

What are the nicest SEO hashtags for Instagram?


Is SEO better for Instagram?

Some reasons for optimizing Instagram from an SEO perspective include the following:

  • Over two-thirds of Instagram’s user base are people under the age of 34. The combined purchasing power of Gen-Z and millennials was nearly $3 trillion.
  • On average, people use Instagram for 53 minutes every day. This greatly extends the time they spend on the site, increasing your chances of attracting prospects.
  • Instagram is used by 83% of users to find new goods or services.
  • This means that the brand material you post on Instagram may be an efficient way to draw in new clients.


What Makes Instagram SEO unique?

One thing to keep in mind is that being found on Instagram is different from getting found on well-known search engines like Google.

  • One distinction is that hashtags matter more than keywords, while keywords still have a slight impact.
  • Putting hashtags to your profile won’t help, however, make your account appear in searches for those hashtags.
  • Additionally, including keywords in your Instagram handle and profile name increases your discoverability more so than including them in your content.

Thus, if you’re fresh to SEO for Instagram, all of this may seem a little complicated. But after following these tricks you can succeed.

What Makes Instagram SEO unique?


Do hashtags benefit Instagram SEO?

Yes, Using hashtags can improve your Instagram SEO.

Similar to how keywords work in traditional search engines, hashtags aid users in finding pertinent information.

The posts that have that particular hashtag in them will all be displayed whenever you search for it.

In a similar manner, adding a specific hashtag to your post ensures that it will come up in searches using that hashtag.


Why Is Instagram SEO crucial?

With Instagram having more than 1 billion monthly active users, SEO is important for both exposure and engagement on the platform.

Instagram searches are the app’s directory to all Instagram accounts and are a component of the Explore page.

You can target your audience’s interests by customizing your Instagram post.

You can get leads and sales from your Instagram account if you promote your profile correctly.

Why Is Instagram SEO crucial?

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