Spent a lot of amount of your marketing and SEO budget in link building and do not get much better results?

It could be frustrating for you and you can ask questions: Do nofollow links help SEO Rankings?

You will not get results in a quick time.

May you have to wait for a number of weeks, months, or even a year to see results. 

May after all that you come to know that the links you have built for your site are no-follow due to which your backlink efforts are not giving results as you are expecting.

Moreover, no-follow links do not matter.

This factor is so frightening that you spend a lot of time building no-follow backlinks when you also know about the fact that in return you are not going to get some positive results with a question do no-follow links help SEO?


Can nofollow links hurt you?

Basically, the purpose of your SEO campaign and link building is to get maximum positive results.

Link building is also considered as one of the important factors of SEO.

It means that in any situation you will not like to spend a good amount of money and effort on link building to get link juice for your website which in reality you know that you are not going to get.

Due to these reasons, it is always frightening and risky to build no-follow links.

So, you don’t know how to proceed further, as you don’t know how no-follow link building can affect your website.

The purpose is that most digital marketers are very insecure about no-follow links.

That’s why sometimes marketers suggest not wasting your time building no-follow links.

We know about dofollow links that are very powerful and have a great impact on your SEO strategy.

You will observe that most of the results in search engine result pages of Google have at least 1 backlink that points to your website.

But here our point of discussion is no-follow backlinks and whether they help you or not and if they are not good for your site how they can impact badly your website and its rankings.

It is very important to find the answer to these important questions.

In this article, we will try to find all of these answers.

At last, we want you to know and understand completely how no-follow backlinks work and why most people consider them bad.

As a result, you want to appear on your website in the search results Google.

Because nobody wants its site to remain at the bottom of the page and have low rankings such as 10 or 100.

May you believe that no-follow can help you to get higher rankings in the Google search engine?

What are nofollow links?

Any link is considered a no-follow link with a no-follow tag.

Generally coming from these sources are referred to as no-follow backlinks.

  • Press Release Links
  • Links coming from the forum posts or from content created by users
  • Social media links build by sharing blog post links
  • Widgets Links
  • News websites and some blogs
  • Links from Blog Commenting

Because these sites contain the no-follow tag on their outbound links.

Here are some sites from where you can also get a do-follow backlink.

  • Twitch
  • Quora
  • Medium
  • Wikipedia
  • Reddit
  • YouTube

There is one more category of no-follow links.

Before rising the question Do Nofollow Links Help SEO? You should know what are nofollow links. The definition of nofollow links given above explains the introduction of nofollow links.

Paid Backlinks:

All the paid links according to the guidelines of Google Webmaster should be no-follow.

It is confirmed by Google’s Matt Cutts you should apply the attribute of no-follow on all the paid links of your website.

Like if you have placed a banner of a particular website and you are paying for this banner and the link in the banner should be no-follow.

If you will not follow these instructions then your website will be penalized.

nofollow link in seo

image source: wpbeginner.com

Do you know about Nofollow Links in SEO?

You have heard a lot about no-follow links but exactly you don’t know about the no-follow links completely.

Exactly, what are the no-follow backlinks? Before we do deep down things you need to understand about a no-follow backlink.

Any normal link that gives some link juice to your website is known as a do-follow backlink.

On the basis of backlinks, the Google search engine makes decisions on which site should be ranked and which site does not.

May you also know that they are referred to as backlinks?

As you know there are two types of backlinks typically do-follow and no-follow backlinks.

When a person building links does not juggle with the HTML version of a hyperlink then do-follow links are created. These links are also considered normal backlinks.

On the other hand when you make some changes in HTML hyperlinks with intention to tell Google to not give links and link juice to other websites.

But the links in the same manners like when anybody will click on a link it will be redirected to your website.

But the difference between them is that no-follow links tell Google not to associate the referring website with your website.

This means that no-follow will not help you to build your website authority.

Now the thing that comes to your mind is what to do if unintentionally you are building no-follow backlinks.

The good thing here is that it is not quite difficult.

To identify the no-follow backlinks you can simply download the NoFollow Chrome Extension and it will make clear to you which links are dofollow and which are no-follow.

Through building no-follow backlinks you can drive a good amount of traffic, increase social media signals, influencer marketing, and also boost your SEO.

Definitely, Nofollow links help SEO. Furthermore, you can also make link-building strategies to create a domino effect.

Meaning to say that no-follow links are not as bad as some people think.

Here are few advantages you get from nofollow backlink.

  1. Drive Traffic from Backlinks
  2. Boost Your SEO
  3. Social Media Links
  4. Influencer Marketing
example of nofollow link

image source: wordstream.com

Drive Traffic from Backlinks:

As we know that the no-follow links don’t restrict people to click on them which means that they can help you to get some potential traffic and visitors to your website.

Like if you create a backlink from a very reputed and popular website such as Entrepreneur which only allows no-follow backlinks you can still get a great advantage from this no-follow backlink. 

As the Entrepreneur website has a great audience so there is a good amount of chance that your website will also get some sort of traffic from this platform.

Moreover, if this reputed platform allows you to mention your website name then you can also build your brand awareness through this platform.

So, you can say that a no-follow link is not even near worthless.

This potential of no-follow backlinks also gets increased with the second-tier backlinks.

Your normal backlinks are first-tier backlinks. The other websites linking to your web-pages.

The link of the second tier is the same as the first tier link but it goes down further your chain command.

The second tier link does not link directly to your website but rather a web page linking to your website.

Now we will take an example to make it easier for you to understand.

If an article is posted on a reputed website such as SmartBlogger which is linked to a tech website.

It is referred to as the first-tier backlink.

Now, if you click on this particular link of the tech website you will be redirected to the related webpage or website you will see that WordPress will be mentioned on the link of the tech website.

Note, it is a second-tier backlink.

The link received from the tech website by WordPress is the first-tier link and the link from the SmartBlogger is a link to the second tier.

The thing you should think about here is why first-tier and second-tier backlinks are so important when you talk about no-follow backlinks.

The thing is simple to understand as the no-follow links will not give you much link juice directly but they can drive traffic to your website.

You can get even more traffic to your website with the help of a second-tier link.

You know better traffic generation is not worthless.

That’s why the no-follow backlinks which help you to drive traffic are not worthless at all.

Create Backlinks for My Website

Boost Your SEO through nofollow backlinks:

How can you optimize your website with the help of no-follow backlinks or boost your website SEO? The no-follow backlinks are not all about restricting Google to increase your domain authority.

Most of the people who know website owners use no-follow backlinks to protect their websites to not help the optimization of other websites.

The Google search engine also knows about the fact that even if they allow only no-follow links and you are still linking your site to them.

They also know that to restrict different websites from building domain authority the no-follow links are the best option.

So, if you receive a no-follow link from a reputed and popular blog then you will also get some benefits for your website SEO.

But if you will have a look at the different case studies online it is a little bit different.

Once a man tests and tries to know the no-follow backlinks impact and he clearly observes that the ranking of it’s website increases by creating no-follow backlinks.

The interesting thing to know is that almost 30 to 40 percent of do-follow backlinks are contained by the web pages that rank higher in Google search engines.

These no-follow links can give you more benefits than you can’t even imagine.

You definitely want to rank higher in the Google search engine.

Almost 90 percent of online work experiences are done through search engines and almost 75 people visit the second results page of Google.

After all this one thing is sure about the no-follow link is that they can help you to boost your SEO potential.

They will do it for you directly not indirectly.

There are some changes that Google also knows about the no-follow links and try to offer some reward to the pages which even have no-follow backlinks.

May you don,t get too much link juice as compared to the do-follow backlinks.

So, it is just ridiculous to say that there is not any effect of no-follow backlinks on your domain authority.

Boost Your SEO through nofollow backlinks


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Social Media Links:

You all know that social media can help you to a great extent to increase your website traffic and growth.

You will see everyone discussing social media.

People mostly talk about how many times you should post on social media platforms and how this can build your brand awareness, audience and generate traffic for lead and sales generation.

Do you know that these social media channels can help you to boost your SEO efforts? From the SEO point of view, the links from your website link on social media are known as social signals.

Through social signals, Google’s search engine judges your website like how famous your website is and how often you update your website.

In other words, it checks how actively you are working.

We know that each social media channel is a little different from the other one. The thing necessary for you to know here is that social signals are no-follow.

On Facebook and Twitter, you can build links by simply sharing your website post or page links. But on Pinterest the process is different.

But one good thing is that these links may also be dofollow.

So, from Pinterest, you can get even more advantages as compared to the social media sites out there with no-follow links.

When you will check from the page source you will not find the no or do tags with the following which means that it will help your SEO efforts directly.

The websites that rank in the top ten pages definitely have some social media presence.

It’s about how active your website is on social media not how present your website is on social media sites.

Even it makes sense as well.

The more links you will receive from social media, the more you will be actively taking part in social media activities and sharing your website content on social media sites.

Every time you share your blog post on social media, every update you made on your social media account you are generating no-follow links for your site which can help to increase your site rankings on Google search engines.

The people who said no-follow links are worthless may not know about the social signals.

getting nofollow link with social media post

Influencer Marketing:

May you know about influencer marketing. If not then here we will also explain about it.

After that, we will show you how it relates to the no-follow backlinks and benefits during your digital marketing strategy.

Basically, through influencer marketing, anybody can access a good amount of the audience of the person with a great number of followers on social media platforms who will have any interest in your products or services.

Through influencer marketing when any influencer will promote your brand or business to his audience a lot of people will also join your business as your own audience.

You will be able to access this audience directly without p[ermission from the influencer.

It is one of the best and reliable methods and strategies to get traffic and generate sales for your online business. Because a lot of people have trust in influencers.

Studies show that almost 81 percent of US customers trust the recommendations about any product or service from blogs and 71% of people customers purchase a product or service by getting recommendations from social media.

Due to this fact, some great companies are using influencer marketing to drive traffic. 

Now you have understood how important is the role of influencer marketing to drive traffic, leads, and sales.

But how influencer marketing is related to the no-follow links.

Influencer marketing also proves the fact no-follow backlinks are not worthless.

Mostly, you used no-follow links for influencer marketing campaigns of your businesses. 

It would be ridiculous to consider these links as worthless.

Because through these as you reach a huge audience, even your business audience is also increased and you also generate a number of sales.

Some businesses utilize influencer marketing to create no-follow backlinks for their website.

They also succeed because these references have great value except the links are no-follow.

You can also use this method for your online business website.

do nofollow link help seo: Influencer Marketing

Do you follow nofollow in SEO?

You know that most of the big websites in the online industry such as Facebook and YouTube, all of their outbound links are no-follow.

But you may not know that a no-follow link can lead you to a great number of do-follow links as well. Now we will take an example.

If you have a link on a website with a great amount of traffic you will also get referral traffic from this site and then people will visit your webpage.

If your webpage has some useful information they will also use the link of your post in their blog post as a reference.

Your goal should be search engine rankings.

As you know that your online business goal should be driving traffic, leads, and sales to earn more revenue from your business.

SEO can help you to achieve your goals. Now you are well aware of the fact link building is not just about link juice rather you will get direct traffic as well on your website.

This traffic will also convert into leads and sales.

Both do-follow and no-follow links will do the same for you. 

These are the reasons which make no-follow worthy.

A great number of people will tell you that no-follow links are worthless but actually, they are not right.

Because no-follow links will drive some amount of traffic to your website even if they don’t give your website link juice.

We hope now that you have got the answer, do no-follow links help SEO.


Do not follow links SEO?

The no-follow links are those links that contain an HTML tag of rel=”no-follow”.

If any link contains the rel no-follow tag Google search engine ignores that particular link.

The no-follow links do not so much impact search engine rankings because they do not pass the page rank among other pages of a website.

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Nofollow Backlinks in SEO:

A dofollow link is not a particular thing.

In reality, it is a default state of a backlink.

On the other hand, you can also say that any link without a no-follow tag is a do-follow backlink.

The search engine rankings will be effected only when other websites link to your website with a do-follow link.

So, you should follow do-follow backlinks for your website SEO as compared to the no-follow backlinks.

Because the search engine crawlers explore your website through the do-follow backlinks and see which website is linking to your website.

The do-follow backlinks help to pass authority or link juice from one site to another website.

As an example, if your website is linking to a website with a very high page rank then there are more chances that search engines will also take your site as a high authority site and increase your page rank.

The page rank can help you to get higher rankings in the Google search engine.


When should I use nofollow links?

These are some conditions when you should use no-follow links.

  • If you have any kind of doubt that you will be penalized if you will create a particular backlink.
  • If you are getting paid for a specific link like somebody, ask you to post his content in exchange for money.
  • If you are selling backlinks.


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