Let’s have a look at how to get a career in digital marketing? That’s a great choice if you want to select digital marketing as a career.

There is no kind of doubt about it.

It even does not matter how old you are and what you are doing right now like whether you are studying or doing a job, you can still adopt an interesting career like digital marketing. 

There are a lot of options available to learn digital marketing and even you don’t have to join a specific college or university to learn digital marketing to do a digital marketing course.

First, you need to have a look at the skills required to become a digital marketer then you have to learn these specific skills from online resources and after learning digital marketing skills you can offer services even to your international clients from your home comfort.

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Is Digital Marketing a Good Career?

Adopting digital marketing as a career is a good choice for anybody.

We all know that now we are living in the age of the digital world and due to this digital marketing is growing day by day and people give more preference to digital marketing for their product or service promotions as compared to traditional marketing.

There are a number of companies and brands that want to increase their online presence and for this, they need digital marketing experts.

In this, the demand for digital marketing jobs is also increasing.

The interesting thing about digital marketing is that you don’t need to be physically present in a particular location to do your work and it makes digital marketing an ideal choice.

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career

What is the Salary Of A Digital Marketer?

According to most people, a good amount of salary is an important part of a good career and digital marketing salaries are also very competitive as compared to other careers in the job market.

It has been observed in recent research that you will not get a high amount of salary as a digital marketer because you need to have a good amount of experience as well to get a high amount of salary.

This means that you have to work for some years to gain some experience in digital marketing.

Moreover, it also depends on your clients and the country where you are located.

But one thing is pretty sure that still there is a lot of potential in digital marketing to earn money and the growing demand for digital marketing consultants proves this fact. 

But one thing is pretty sure that still there is a lot of potential in digital marketing to earn money and the growing demand of digital marketing consultants prove this fact. 

salary of a digital marketer

How to Get into Digital Marketing and become a digital marketing specialist?

  1. Learn the Basics of Digital Marketing
  2. Start Your own Website
  3. Become an SEO Expert
  4. Get a Google Ads Certification
  5. Master Facebook Ads Advertising
  6. Become an Expert in Google Analytics
  7. Doing Digital Marketing Job as a Freelancer
  8. Get a Real Internship
  9. Stay Informed of New Updates and keep Learning


Learn Basics of Digital Marketing:

Before you know how to get a career in digital marketing you need to learn about the basics of digital marketing.

If you are a beginner in digital marketing then first you need to learn about the basics of digital marketing and about some of its important parts and components.

For this, you have to learn exactly what digital marketing is.

Most of the time digital marketing is considered as a broad term that describes the process of online marketing.

There are some important parts of digital marketing that cover all the online advertisement areas.

You should remember that digital marketing is not a single marketing module; rather it has further channels of modules that are also included in a digital marketing campaign.

These are the modules or channels of digital marketing.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing):

In search engine marketing two digital marketing channels are included which are search engine optimization and paid advertisements.

  1. Website Marketing: This module of digital marketing covers the promotion of your website on the internet.
  2. Content Marketing: How you can use and optimize your content in digital marketing campaigns for your website.
  3. Email Marketing: In this digital marketing channel email is used for marketing different products or services.
  4. Social Media Marketing: Your online business promotion on all the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other such platforms is included in this marketing module.
  5. Mobile Marketing:  In this marketing module the promotions or advertising is the son of different play stores. Such as App Store and Google play store.
  6. Video Marketing: Video marketing is done on different video marketing platforms like Vimeo and YouTube.
  7. Affiliate Marketing: In this module, you have to promote third-party products by using different marketing tactics, and when a purchase will be made you will get a specific amount of commission.

An expert and good digital marketing consultant or manager is someone who has enough skills to manage and work all of these marketing channels or digital marketing modules.

But you don’t need to worry after having a look at these modules of digital marketing because you just have started it.

When you will progress in the digital marketing industry by following your path of digital marketing then you will definitely get a chance to work with different digital marketing tools, techniques, and technologies to solve different digital marketing problems.

digital marketing

Start Your own Website:

After learning about the basics of digital marketing then you have to get some practical experience of digital marketing.

You can apply different digital marketing techniques and tactics by creating your own site.

It is the best way if you want to practice and polish your digital marketing skills.

Because digital marketing is not a theoretical skill instead it is very practical and highly measurable.

So, that is not enough to know about the theory of social media marketing or search engine optimization but you also know the implementation of different social media marketing or search engine optimization techniques.

During your digital marketing career, you should be asked about the promotion or advertising of different types of websites sometimes you will have to generate organic traffic and sales for a particular online business website.

And sometimes you have to run PPC Google ads and social media marketing campaigns for different brands or website promotions and drive sales.

So, there is no better way than creating your own website to get some confidence and polish your digital marketing skills.

For example, you can make your own blog and utilize different digital marketing skills to rank your blog on the first page of Google search engine rankings.

You can also search for a product or create any kind of product to advertise through digital marketing and generate sales of this particular product.

There is no doubt that it takes time especially if you are a beginner.

It requires hard work but it is the only way to build the basics or foundation of your digital marketing career.

You will not only learn about new things and techniques of digital marketing by creating and implementing digital marketing techniques on it rather you can also use it as your work portfolio to show your clients to convince them and showcase your digital marketing skills.

Because when you apply for a digital marketing job or look for a client they will not only like to see your certifications but also your practical work experience of digital marketing.

If you will have a website with a higher ranking in the Google search engine with quality traffic then it will be ideal for you.

starting own digital marketing website

Become an SEO Expert:

If you are not good at search engine optimization then it is very difficult to have a successful career in digital marketing.

So, first, you have to be an SEO expert and then start working on other digital marketing skills.

SEO will help you to make a search engine and user-friendly website.

You can also apply the exact same techniques to your Facebook and Google ads campaigns.

So, you have to start with search engine optimization and go through all the skills of SEO practically.

After that, you can focus on other digital marketing skills.

becoming an SEO expert to get into digital marketing career

Get a Google Ads Certification:

If you want to be a digital marketing consultant then you should know about Google ads and how to work on Google ads to drive traffic and sales because it is one of the main responsibilities of a digital marketer to advertise business services or products on different digital marketing platforms and promotion websites.

You can get this skill in a short time by doing the certification of Google ads.

Google itself helps people to become Google ads experts by offering certification.

If you will have Google ads certification you can show it to your clients or during your job interview.

google ads certification screenshot

Master Facebook Ads Advertising:

Then you have to get into social media marketing, especially in Facebook marketing and ads.

You should know about different social media networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, And Linkedin if you want to be a digital marketing expert.

But you need to master Facebook and Instagram marketing skills because most of the social media marketing is done on both of these platforms.

As one of the most powerful social media networks, Facebook is considered one of the crucial digital marketing tools.

As we know that now it is quite difficult to get organic traffic from Facebook that’s why there is only one way for Facebook ads to promote and advertise different online businesses and their products.

It will not be too difficult for you to learn about Facebook ads if you have already learned about search engine optimization and Google ads.

The concept of Facebook ads is very similar to Google ads but still, there are some Facebook tools techniques, and ad policies to learn about them.

Remember that Facebook is now Meta, the name officially changed by mark Zuckerberg in 2021.


Become an Expert in Google Analytics:

Besides learning about different digital marketing tools and techniques you must know and have complete knowledge and experience of using Google analytics.

The interesting and main characteristic of digital marketing is that you can measure everything in an easy way.

Google Analytics can help you to analyze your campaign and audience like how many people click on your website ad and how many conversions have been generated.

It is not enough, you will also get some other important metrics that cover your whole campaign.

This can help you to increase your search engine rankings because it will be easy for you to make decisions on the basis of real-time and authentic data.

So, first, you have to master the Google analytics tool.

Google Analytics screenshot

Doing Digital Marketing Job as a Freelancer:

Getting a real digital marketing job is the next step of your digital marketing career path.

Definitely, it is beneficial to implement digital marketing techniques on your own website but it is totally a different experience to offering digital marketing services to a client.

You will get practical experience in managing accounts of your clients, improving your reporting and analytics skills.

Moreover, you will also know how to communicate with clients and manage the budget.

There are many online job portals such as peopleperhour.com, fiverr.com, and Upwork from where you can get a digital marketing job.

It will be better to start with basic tasks and then gradually move towards the big digital marketing projects.

It is not easy for freelancers to get a job without any kind of feedback and reviews so there are some tips to get started.

  • Carefully read the requirements of a specific job and after that you can reply to any question. 
  • Try to reply as soon as possible because there will be a great number of applicants for a job application. You will have more chances to get a job if you will be at the top of the list.
  • Try to keep your prices affordable and low. You cannot charge high prices with only basic skills. Because your main goal is to get some practical experience in the digital marketing field.


Get a Real Internship:

You can also do the job of digital marketing assistant in an established digital marketing company to get some experience and learn more skills to get a digital marketing career.

There is no better way other than this method to learn modern digital marketing techniques and skills in a very quick time.

Furthermore, if you will start your own digital marketing agency you can also apply the same practices which you have learned from there. 

It is not easy to start a career as a digital marketing freelancer as you don’t have any kind of practical experience working in a digital marketing agency.

As we have explained earlier that working with different clients and implementing digital marketing skills on your own website is completely different.

Because if you do not apply the things and not fulfill the requirements of your clients you will lose the trust of your client with some amount of money as well.


Stay Informed of New Updates and keep Learning:

As we know, digital marketing techniques and tactics always keep changing.

Some of the digital marketers like it and some don’t like it.

But there is no doubt about the fact digital marketing is an industry that keeps changing.

Google always keeps changing and updating it’s algorithms related to paid and organic search results each year.

In the same way, Facebook algorithms also keep changing, and generally, we can say that digital marketing is a dynamic industry.

You should remember one thing before entering into a digital marketing career that it will be part of your regular activities.

Every day you will get something new to learn. Even if you are an expert digital marketer.

Because you have to analyze your industry on a regular basis to learn about different tools, case studies, and updates about digital marketing.

learning digital marketing and getting update on digital marketing on internet

Learn, How to use Digital Marketing Tools?

Besides Google Analytics, there are also some important digital marketing tools that are necessary for you to learn about them.

When you will become a digital marketing expert then you will have a team of digital marketers working under your supervision.

Then you can measure their performance and evaluate their work by using these digital marketing tools.

With a tool, you can create some useful reports for your clients and management. There are a lot of free and premium digital marketing tools available. 

Digital Marketing Tools to start a career in digital marketing

How to Get into Digital Marketing Without a Degree and Experience?

There is not any kind of requirement for a college or a university degree to enter the digital marketing field.

There are some digital marketing companies that require a degree for a digital marketing job but mostly it depends on your digital marketing skills.

From a college or university, you will not get more than a digital marketing certificate or degree.

They will not teach you digital marketing skills practically rather they will only teach you some theoretical concepts of digital marketing.

You will not get hands-on experience with different digital marketing skills.

Degree is not a hurdle and can not stop you from working as a digital marketing freelancer or owner of a digital marketing company.

This thing also makes digital marketing a good career because it does not require a degree.

Now we will see how you can start your digital marketing career without having a college or university degree.

What are he Requirements of The Digital Marketing Jobs?

As you are interested in choosing digital marketing as your career so you can enter into this field by analyzing which digital marketing skills are in high demand at that moment.

You can do this by analyzing which skills are required by most employers by visiting some online job portal websites.

From there you can see their requirements and analyze which type of qualifications and digital marketing skills are most in-demand right now.

You will also observe one thing that they do not require a degree to apply for a digital marketing job instead they require some practical experience and skills in the relevant field.

You will see a degree as an optional requirement for a digital marketing job.

These facts show that skills matter the most as compared to a college or university degree to start a digital marketing career.

If you just have started without a degree then first you have to look for a basic level digital marketing job.

You can easily find a basic level of digital marketing that does not require enough practical experience and degree.

To narrow down your digital marketing job search you can prefer remote jobs and digital marketing jobs in your local area.

Especially if you are interested to offer digital marketing services from the comfort of your home.

After applying these specific filters you will definitely get a complete and exact image of the job which is available for you.

On the other hand, if you don’t have enough skills don’t apply for a digital marketing job because it can end in disappointment. 


Finding the Highest Paying Jobs:

It will be better to include digital marketing salaries in your analyses to get a suitable job for you.

It has been observed that the average salary of a digital marketing expert is almost 40K dollars per year and you can also charge more than this salary if you have more experience in the digital marketing field.

There are different types of digital marketing jobs.

A digital marketing expert has to take many responsibilities as an expert in the field on their heads and everyone could not be able to do so.

You can observe that if you enter the digital marketing field as an SEO expert or social media marketer you will get a low salary with some specific skills.

In the same way, you will also get limited career opportunities.

In the end, you have to observe which digital marketing jobs are in high demand, how much salary you will get, and what skill requirements.

This information will help you a lot to learn different digital marketing skills and get started in a digital marketing career.

Enroll in a Digital Marketing Course:

You can enroll in a digital marketing course to get digital marketing skills and add these digital marketing skills to your work portfolio most importantly if you don’t have a college or university degree.

To learn digital marketing in a quick way with a good understanding it is necessary to join a good digital marketing course.

The digital marketing certification will help you during your digital marketing career to show your clients that you are a certified digital marketer and well know in digital marketing basics.

This makes more sense when you don’t have a college or university degree.

The certification also shows your passion for your digital marketing career.

There are some things that you need to make sure of while choosing a digital marketing course:

  • The course should be updated regularly.
  • It includes all the digital marketing modules like content marketing search engine optimization and digital marketing tools such as Google analytics.
  • The course should offer certificates after completion.


Select a Specialization:

When you will analyze the digital marketing field and explore the market to know about the requirements of a digital marketing job then you will realize that there are some specializations as well in the digital marketing field.

If you are a beginner it will be very tough to learn about the vast field of digital marketing so it will be much better for you to start your digital marketing career by selecting a specialization.

After mastering one specialization of digital marketing then you can start covering and focusing on other digital marketing areas.

Some of the digital market specializations are given here:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO Expert
  • PPC Expert
  • Affiliate Marketing Expert
  • Email Marketing Expert

It is always recommended to start with SEO because it is considered the core of digital marketing. Moreover, SEO is one of the highest-paying jobs in digital marketing fields.

How to Become a Digital Marketer in 2022?

All the efforts made by a company through digital media to reach potential customers related to their business industry are included in digital marketing.

Digital marketers engage customers through laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.

For this, you have to understand at what time the potential customers related to your business will be online and what type of devices they use to search for a product or services related to your business.

There is a difference between traditional and digital marketing counterparts.

Because traditional marketing focused more on selling a product to its customers while digital marketing offered value to its customers when they required it.

The purpose of digital marketing is to display a product or service in front of a person who wants to have it.

Digital marketing is also considered as the umbrella because it offers a number of jobs in its industry like social media management, content marketing, PPC, SEO, and data analytics jobs.

Except for your qualification and skills, you have digital marketers who have a certain attitude.

They are always thought, leaders.

So, if you want to become a digital marketer you have to think in the same way and there is no better way to learn these things from them.

Here are some important tips to get a Career in Digital Marketing.

  1. Take an Internship
  2. Building a Network
  3. Always Be Upgrading

Take an Internship:

Through the internship, you can get some practical experience and create your portfolio.

When there will be some industry experts and professionals around you there will be a lot of stuff for you to learn from them.

This will also help you to know about your preferences.

Digital marketing experts and consultants think that sharing knowledge and industry secrets will not create competition for you as the digital marketing company is growing at such a high rate.

So, the digital marketing experts will not only share their knowledge about what they are doing rather they will also show you how they are performing different digital marketing practices with some case studies as well.

So, you should listen and watch them.


Building a Network:

If you want to be a digital marketer, you should follow digital marketing experts and take part in different discussions related to digital marketing.

It will be better to sign up for different digital marketing groups and networking conferences.

Sometimes you may get some opportunities that you are not expecting from such platforms.

Moreover, you will also get some great opportunities as well.


Always Be Upgrading:

You should strive to get better more and more even if you are an expert in anything. If you are not an expert at anything then you can master it.

You always need to upgrade your digital marketing skills as a digital marketing person.

There is not any shortage of any kind of knowledge about digital marketing in the form of eBooks, courses, and digital marketing webinars.


How to Get a Job in Digital Marketing?

That is quite tough for anyone to find a good job in digital marketing.

If you are a newbie in digital marketing or you just have completed your college or university degree you will feel like every digital marketing company is looking for experienced people.

So, here things you need to consider and think about is how you can get a job even if you don’t have experience in the digital marketing field.

You have to compete with the applicants who just have done their internships, completing degrees, and need money fast.

But still, you can do something in that particular situation.

Now we will give you some important tips to get a career in the Digital Marketing field.

  1. Get Practical Experience
  2. Keep Learning
  3. Get a Low-Paying Trainee Position

Get Practical Experience:

It will be worth learning about Google and Facebook ads although they will take some time as well.

If you have some extra money you can implement Google ads techniques by advertising the business of your relatives or friends to get some practical experience.

Because there is a difference between spending your money to learn about Google ads and gaining practical experience by practicing on its own.

So, first, try to learn different techniques and digital marketing tools and then implement them to learn from them.


Keep Learning:

Knowledge plays a very crucial role in digital marketing.

Even if someone is an expert in digital marketing he cannot deny the fact that digital marketing best practices always keep changing.

Some things that are working right will not work in the next year or even in the next month.


Get a Low-Paying Trainee Position:

If you are a beginner you always need to start from the basics.

Because you don’t have enough skills to get your dream job.

So, you can get these skills by offering your services for free for a specific time until you gain enough experience to get a job.


General Tips To Get a Digital Marketing Job:

  1. Increase your Presence on Linkedin
  2. Apply for Different Jobs
  3. Never Stop Networking

Increase your Presence on Linkedin:

Initially, you should focus on LinkedIn.

Try to have maximum recommendations as possible.

Add your academic or any type of professional experience and try to adjust to any kind of marketing position.


Apply for Different Jobs:

Even if you don’t fit for a job, completely apply for it.

You can get some entry-level jobs such as coordinator and marketing specialist.

There are some online job portal websites such as Indeed and Linkedin from where you can get any type of job.


Never Stop Networking:

If luckily you have any relatives or friends already working in the digital marketing field or if they know anyone who is an expert in digital marketing then there are some chances that you will get a job.

Moreover, make it possible to attend different digital marketing seminars, webinars, and conferences to build some relations with digital marketing persons.

These tips will help you to get a career in digital marketing.


Why Choose SEO Cares for Digital Marketing Services?

It will not be easy for you to select a digital marketing company to get digital marketing services for your online business as there are a number of digital marketing companies out there.

SEO Cares have a team of some great digital marketing experts with excellent skills in digital marketing like social media, content marketing, PPC, and others.