Let’s see how to get to the top of Google search results? Google is a very powerful medium for people wanting to get some quality traffic for their online business.

The crawlers and Google search engine index and crawl all the websites and display the most relevant and useful web pages in front of its users when they search about any topic.

Mostly, we rely on and trust Google search results.

To rank your business website on the first page of Google seems a little bit unrealistic as it has huge power and authority.

Any small or high-level business website can rank on the first page of Google without spending money and this makes Google so powerful and popular.

In this article, we will discuss some important factors and actions which can help you to achieve top rankings in Google search engine result pages to take your online business to the upper level.

There are two strategies that you can utilize for free to rank higher in Google search engine rankings. 

  • Listing Optimization
  • Site Optimization

But initially, we will discuss what is the importance of ranking on the first page of the Google search engine

After that, we will have a look at some important techniques and tactics.

And many more. 

One thing is absolutely clear that it has great worth for any business rank on the first page of the Google search engine but initially, we will discuss some of its particular advantages and benefits because in this way you will get some help during building your business strategy.

Why the first page of Google is important?

With related expandable questions, knowledge panels, local results, and many such types of useful changes the Google search engine is going to become more powerful.

There are a number of ways to grow your business but it is worth it to work for the Google search engine rankings and you must remember the fact that CTR (click-through-rate) and traffic both work collectively which means that if one of them goes down the other will also fall. 

Why the first page of Google is important

Getting on the first page means a significantly higher click-through rate:

One thing that we all know about the first position of the Google search engine is that it gets most of the traffic among the other Google search results.

But the thing you may don’t know is that there is a great difference between the CTR(click-through-rate) of top result pages and result pages at the bottom.

Here are some stats after making thorough research 

  • CTR of first result page: 36.4%
  • CTR of second result page: 12.5%
  • CTR of third result page: 9.5%

In this way, CTR goes down as it moves down further and the last means the 10th result page has a CTR of 2.2%.

Google’s search engine shows 10 search results opposite to any query even now Google also has some additional features such as ads, answer boxes, and local results.

After having looked at these stats you can say that if you are not at the first spot of the Google search engine result page then you are missing a great number of clicks, leads, and sales.

Get Immediate Exposure:

Now the zero position of Google searches is also populated by the Google top results and it is known as features Snippets.

So, you can also get featured snippets placed in Google search engine result pages by ranking at the first position.

Your business website will have a good chase to grow its credibility and get exposure.

Get Immediate Exposure

Top position traffic share:

Studies and researches reflect that the result page at the top position of the Google search engine gets almost 33% of total traffic related to a particular search query.

You will get more traffic and brand exposure more you will get closer to the first position of Google search engine rankings.


How does first-page ranking benefit your business?

You have to understand the importance of getting top positions that can help you to achieve your business goals.


Improve your visibility

First, we will take an example if you have any kind of physical business and you have to select a particular location where you have to put your business.

Now if you have two whether you would like to select a location that passes through a street-side or a location that passes through the main road.

You will definitely select the main road.

So, in the same way, ranking your website on the first page of Google search engine rankings is like putting your business on one of the busiest roads of your town or city as more than 160 billion searches are made by the people on Google search engine per month.

The more people know about your brand the more people will convert into leads and sales.

Generate More Leads

There are a huge number of Google search results opposite to each search query.

But you just have to rank your website’s opposite to the queries that people are searching related to your business.

In this way, your business website will be reached and shown to the people interested in your business products and services.

These users will engage with your business website as they have buying intent.

There are a good number of chances that these people will also convert into leads and sales.

Generate More Leads

Increase Engagement

The research of Adweek shows that almost 80 percent of buyers make online research about a particular product or service they want to buy.

As we know Google search engine results have some extra features such as local results, “People also ask” maps, reviews, and descriptions through which users compare and analyze to learn about the products before they make a purchase.


Drive Website Traffic

The answer boxes and snippets provide Google search engine users with quite useful information.

Most of the time Google search engine result pages almost give all the information to the users but sometimes they also need to visit a specific website. Moreover, before the purchase of a product or service, a customer engages with your website, and interaction of your website with users plays an important role.

Ranking on the top position of the Google search engine result page will increase your web traffic to a great extent and it will be a disadvantage for your online business not to rank on the top position of the result engine result page.

There are different researches about the first page of Google search results and how much traffic and visitors a first web page gets. 

Some research shows that first gets 92% of traffic and according to some research the first page of Google results gets almost 71% of total traffic related to a particular query.

The second page of the Google search engine gets very low traffic and visitors as compared to the first page as it only gets 6% of total web traffic.

In this way, steep traffic declines with each passing search result page of Google search engine.

Drive Website Traffic

Increase your Industry Authority

You need to create some high-quality content on a regular basis to rank on the first page of the Google search engine rankings because in this Google will observe that you are trying to satisfy your audience.

There is no doubt about the fact it takes time but the trust and traffic you will get it has worth it. 

Moreover, by creating and updating your website content regularly you will also come to know exactly what your audience wants from you and what are the latest updates about your industry.

It is very important for your business to rank on the first page of the Google search engine because it offers maintenance and development of knowledge that help you to stand your business strongly.


Earn Trust

Google has some special kind of algorithms to detect suspicious low-quality and spammy content.

If you rank on the first page of the Google search engine it will consider your website as a trusted information source and users also trust the source on which Google has trust.


Build your Audience

As we have discussed earlier, to rank on the first page of Google you have to create some quality and evergreen content.

This content works as a gift for your website and it keeps producing results and redistributing among different marketing channels and social media platforms like Facebook Twitter and Instagram.

You will also get more opportunities and material to engage more audiences and get leads related to your industry while creating quality content and working hard to get on the first page of the Google search engine. 

Build your Audience

How to Get to the Top of Google Search Results

Ranking on the first page of Google is a common goal of almost all of the small businesses in the industry.

Google prefers quality as compared to quality.

In the end, there is no comparison between Google’s top rankings and a large company with a big budget.

Behind Google’s algorithms, there are certain factors and in the same way, it has different components.

Some social media pages also rank on the first page of the Google search engine.

These types of media also rank on the Google search engine. Now we will discuss about some methods to get the top of Google Search results.

  • Google My Business Listing
  • Web Pages and Blog Posts
  • Your website Content Snippets


Images of your website can also rank on the search engine result page. Now it’s time to go back to the two mediums which we were discussing.


Use your Website to Rank on the First Page of Google:

Following the best search engine practices to rank on the first page of Google is known as search engine optimization or SEO.

You don’t need to optimize your whole website at once rather you have to optimize each page of your website.

Here is the method :

Use your Website to Rank on First Page of Google

Determine your keywords

Initially, you have to decide opposite to which search queries you have to rank your website and its pages.

These queries are called keywords and these keywords could be phrases or single words.


Some examples of keywords are here

What is SEO

“How to Rank on Google”

Each page of your website should target a different keyword to make sure that your web pages don’t compete against each other.

You have to target the right keywords that people are using to search about your online business products or services they want to get.

You can use different free and premium keyword tools to select the right keywords for your website.


Tell Google what keywords you’re using

Google search engines rank different web pages after crawling a great number of pages on the web and in the index of Google search engine.

When a search is performed by any person then Google goes through it’s index pages that are more organized and display the most relevant results.

Due to this reason another very crucial factor that can make it so easy for the Google search engine to index, scan and retrieve your site data to display in search results.

This can be done by placing the keywords in the right places.

Tell Google what keywords you're using

Meta Title

There is the meta title of every page and post on your website.

This meta title appears in the form of a header on top of your web page and as a title in the result pages of search engines.


Meta Description

It is the short blurb displayed below the title in your search engine results of Google.

The meta description is used to tell the Google search engine about your website and it also helps the searchers know about your website when it displays in Google search results.

So, in this way, meta descriptions help Google search engines to place your website in the first place opposite to the right searches.



The URL contains your domain name with text separated by dashes and forward slash.

If you will include your keyword in the URL Google will easily know about your webpage. In search results URL appear between the meta description and the title.

It will be more trustworthy for users if keywords will be included in the URL.


Alt Tags

Google search engine only detects images that have ALT tag.

If your keywords will be included in the alt tag then Google will consider it more relevant and rank it on the first page of the Google search engine.

Alt Tags

Write for Users

There is no doubt about the thing that your content body is the best place to add keywords opposite to which you want to rank.

But you should make sure to add these keywords naturally not excessively.

Now Google can also detect keyword stuffing and if you will do keyword stuffing then it will not rank your site on the first result page.

The useful informative and easy-to-read content through which people will engage and like to come back to your website again is the key to ranking on the first page of the Google search engine.

You just need to make sure that to rank on the first page of the Google search engine for a specific keyword.

You have to write content with full information, not just focus on the keywords that people are searching means that you should write for the users as well not just for the search engine.

Emphasize Location

You can also use location-based search queries to rank more easily on Google search engines.

It is a free and useful method to rank keywords.

One thing you need to make sure that the contact page of your website must contain your geographic location.

So, when anybody will search for your industry and city collectively the Google search engine will pick your information and your website will display in near me search results.


Optimize for Mobile

If a website is not mobile responsive you will not find it on the first page of Google.

These days most mobile phones and tablets are used by customers than desktop computers or laptops and even most of the local searches are also performed on smartphones.

That’s why Google prefers mobile-friendly websites.

Website responsiveness is very crucial because your website will be able to maintain any functionality and screen size.

But if your website is not responsive then you can make some adjustments to provide an excellent experience to your website users.

Optimize for Mobile


Focus on User Experience

It is not enough for any website to be mobile-friendly. Your website should also be user-friendly.

You can engage users to your website with a clear call to action, easy navigation, and quick answer to the questions that people are looking for and people will also like to come back to your website.

When Google notices these factors it will rank your website on the first page. You will get more traffic by ranking higher in Google search engine rankings.

These are some reliable and best possible methods and tactics to get to the top of Google search results.


Create a Google My Business account

For local businesses, Google My Business is one of the useful tools to grow business locally.

By creating a Google My Business account for your local business you can add some more information about your business through which you can also appear on the first position of Google search engine rankings.

You have to verify your business listing and after that, you can maintain, optimize and monitor your business listing.

Create a Google My Business account

Obtain customer reviews

Google search engines always prefer the websites and businesses that people like and love which means that Google will show any business at the top positions in search engine rankings with positive reviews.

So, it will be worth it to get customers’ reviews.

To get customers’ reviews you can create a link to make it easy for your customers to give reviews about your business products or services.

Basically, this reviews section is given under the Google My Business listing of your website.

Reviews have a useful impact on your online business website.


List your business on other directories

There is no doubt about the impact of Google My Business listings on your local business but you can also optimize your business listings on some other famous directories such as Yelp.

As we all know that Yelp is a very reputed site that is also trusted by the Google search engine which means that you can also rank higher on the Google search engine opposite to your business-related searches through the Yelp business page of your website.


The trust of Google will increase on your website when you will get links and reviews from some popular and reputed websites trusted by the Google search engine.

Improving your website ranking in the Google search engine and getting the top position has great value for any business even if you have a small business.

It will surely take a good amount of time and quality work but it is one of the most important things that you need to do for your online business.

Here are some strategies which you can plan:

  • To target a specific audience related to your business you can make a strategy to target specific keywords related to your business industry
  • Optimizing your website for these keywords that you have selected and also including these keywords in the HTML tags of your website.
  • Create Valuable Content for users, not for search engine
  • Make your website mobile responsive
  • Location Base Keyword Targeting
  • Improving user experience
  • Getting customers Reviews

List your business on other directories

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