Are you wondering why your TikTok ads are not reaching their audience? If you’re facing the issue of TikTok ads not delivering, you are not alone.

 In this article, we’ll explore common reasons behind this problem and provide simple solutions to help you get your TikTok ad campaigns back on track.


Why are my TikTok ads Not Delivering? (Problems with Solutions)

Below are some reasons with solutions for why your TikTok ads are not delivering.


1. Account issues:


Under review:

If your TikTok ads aren’t delivering, it could be because your new or recently modified account is under review. This process typically takes 24 hours.

Stay patient and await approval before expecting your ads to start delivering successfully.

Under review:


Rejected account:

Check your email and the TikTok Ads Manager for notifications about any policy violations that might have caused your account to be rejected.

Resolve the issue and appeal the decision if necessary.

Disabled account:

If your TikTok ads are not delivering, check if your account is disabled or not. If your account violated advertising policies, it might be disabled.

Reach out to TikTok support promptly to understand the reasons behind the suspension and explore potential solutions to reactivate your account and resume advertising.


2. Budget and scheduling:


Insufficient budget:

Ensure your campaign and ad group budgets haven’t been depleted.

TikTok requires a minimum campaign budget of $50 and an ad group minimum of $20. Top up your budget if needed.

Insufficient budget:


Campaign out of schedule:

If your TikTok ads are not delivering, check your campaign start and end dates. If it’s not yet within the scheduled timeframe, the ads won’t run.

Ensure that the start and end dates align with your intended timeline. If the campaign is out of schedule, adjust the dates accordingly in the ad manager to optimize delivery and reach your target audience effectively.


Budget optimization:

To solve the issue of TikTok ads not delivering, prioritize “Spend the Daily Budget” over “Standard Delivery” in budget optimization.

This ensures a consistent delivery pace within your allocated budget, maximizing the impact of your campaign without exceeding the set limit.

Budget optimization:


3. Targeting and ad quality:


Too narrow targeting:

If your target audience is extremely small, TikTok might struggle to find enough users who match your criteria.

To reach a wider audience with your TikTok ads, broaden your target audience and connect with a broader group that fits your campaign goals.


Low-quality ad:

To address TikTok ad delivery issues, inspect your ad for potential low quality.

TikTok prioritizes engaging content, so check your ad for poor video quality, misleading claims, or lack of relevance to your target audience.

This improves your ads to meet TikTok’s standards, making them perform better and get delivered effectively.


4. Technical issues:


Payment problems:

If your TikTok ads are facing delivery issues, address payment problems by and confirm that your payment method is valid.

Verify that there are no outstanding charges or issues that might be preventing the delivery of TikTok ads.

Payment problems:


Technical bugs:

In uncommon instances, technical bugs on TikTok’s end may impact ad delivery. If you suspect a technical issue, contact TikTok support for assistance.

They can help diagnose and resolve any platform-related problems that can cause TikTok ads not to deliver.


5. Campaign & Bid Strategy:


Unrealistic bid strategy:

If your TikTok ads are not delivering, check your bid strategy.

A very low bid might prevent your ad from entering auctions and competing for impressions.

To improve reach, optimize your bid strategy by setting a competitive bid that aligns with your campaign goals and target audience.

Unrealistic bid strategy:


Campaign structure inconsistencies:

Verify that your campaign and ad group structures are logically organized and aligned with your goals.

A well-structured campaign enhances the effectiveness of your ads, ensuring they reach the intended audience and meet campaign objectives.


Duplicate ads:

Avoid running duplicate ads in the same ad group. Running identical ads can impact performance and delivery.

Ensure a diverse and unique ad lineup to optimize campaign effectiveness and reach your target audience more effectively.


6. Optimization and Tracking:


Limited conversion tracking data:

To address TikTok ad delivery issues, check your conversion tracking setup. Insufficient conversion data can hinder TikTok’s optimization algorithms.

Ensure that your conversion tracking is correctly configured to provide the necessary data. It  enables TikTok to optimize your ad delivery effectively and enhance overall campaign performance.


Insufficient campaign data:

Be patient with your campaign. Allow 2-3 days for it to collect sufficient data before checking ads performance and making any changes.

This waiting period ensures a more accurate evaluation and effective optimization for better results.


Incorrect campaign objective:

If your TikTok ads aren’t delivering, check your campaign objective. Choose the campaign objective that best matches with your primary goal, such as traffic or conversions, for optimal delivery.

This will ensure that your campaign aligns with your objectives, maximizing its effectiveness and reaching the correct audience.


7. External Factors:



If your TikTok ads face delivery issues due to high competition in your target audience, it might be harder for your ads to stand out.

Consider creative adjustments or expanding your target audience.

Getting creative or expanding your target audience can help you make your ads stand out and beat the competition.



Additional tips to Solve Ads not delivering:


Seek help from TikTok support:

If you’re unable to identify the cause of your TikTok ads not delivering, seek assistance from TikTok’s support team.

Reach out to them for expert guidance and troubleshooting to resolve any issues hindering the successful delivery of your ads on the platform.


Monitor your campaigns closely:

Monitoring campaigns regularly helps you track performance metrics and catch any potential issues early, ensuring effective and timely optimization for better results.


Consider consulting an expert:

If your ad campaign is complex or you are still new to TikTok Ads, consider seeking help from a qualified TikTok Ads specialist.

Their expertise can guide you in optimizing your campaigns, addressing issues, and ensuring successful ad delivery on TikTok.

Consider consulting an expert:


How to test if your TikTok ads are delivering or not?

Here are several ways to test if your TikTok ads are delivering:


1. Check Ad Status Icons:

In TikTok Ads Manager, Look for icons on the Campaign tab:

  • Red icon: All the ads within the ad group are not being delivered.
  • Orange icon: Some ads are disapproved or have stopped delivering.


2. View Data in Ads Manager:

Click “View Data” under the ad group or campaign name to see detailed performance metrics, including:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Conversions
  • Cost

View Data in Ads Manager


3. Use Tracking Pixels:

Implement third-party tracking pixels (e.g., from Google Analytics) to independently verify ad delivery and track user behavior post-click.


4. Manually Search for Your Ads:

Use a test account within your target audience to search for your ads in the TikTok feed.


5. Monitor Comments and Engagement:

If your ads are delivering, you might see comments, likes, or shares on them.


Final words:

In conclusion, if you find your TikTok ads not delivering, don’t panic. Identify issues such as targeting, bid strategies, and ad quality, and then solve them to make your ad deliver and perform better.

Keep an eye on your analytics, be patient during reviews, and seek assistance from TikTok support if needed. Follow these tips, and your TikTok ads will probably be delivered in a short time and perform well.

If the problem is still not solved, don’t hesitate to contact TikTok support or consult an expert for further assistance.


FAQs about TikTok Ads Not Delivering


Why is my TikTok ad active but not delivering?

Several reasons could explain this:

  • New accounts and ads go through a review process, which can take up to 24 hours. They won’t deliver till approved.
  • Insufficient campaign/ad group budget can stop delivery
  • If your targeting is too narrow, TikTok might struggle to find users within those parameters
  • Ads violating TikTok’s policies or deemed low-quality might be rejected or limited in delivery.
  • Technical issues like temporary bugs within the platform can affect ad delivery.


Why are my TikTok ads not performing?

  • Users might be exposed to your ad too often, causing ad fatigue and decreased engagement. Try refreshing your creatives.
  • Ads shown to the wrong audience won’t resonate. Refine your targeting parameters to reach the right users.
  • Your bidding strategy might not be competitive enough for optimal exposure. Experiment with different bid options.
  • A poorly designed landing page can deter users from taking action. Ensure your landing page is relevant and user-friendly.


How long do TikTok ads take to deliver?

Once approved, delivery depends on your budget and campaign settings. It can take several hours to days to reach your target audience.


What does “not delivering” on TikTok mean?

“Not Delivering” on TikTok simply means your ads are not being shown to users for various reasons.

This could be due to factors like the ones mentioned above or other platform restrictions.

To diagnose the issue, check your ads manager for specific reasons and try the solutions provided.


Why are TikTok Ads not Delivering Outside of Schedule?


  • Still under review
  • Ads might need some time to start accumulating impressions.
  • Wrong time zone
  • Campaign period mismatch


  • Wait for review or allow some time for impressions to accumulate.
  • Double-check and adjust your account time zone if needed.
  • Verify and update the campaign period if necessary.


Why are TikTok Ads not Delivering at Scheduled Time?


  • Your campaign might have spent its entire budget before the scheduled end time.
  • Your audience might be too niche, leading to insufficient delivery.
  • Your account might be under review or have insufficient funds.


  • Monitor your budget and consider increasing it if needed.
  • Broaden your targeting parameters or create separate campaigns for smaller audiences.
  • Check your account status and resolve any outstanding issues.


TikTok Ads Active but not Spending: Why?


  • Low bid: Your bids might be too low to win auctions and show your ads.
  • Optimization issue: Your campaign might be optimized for the wrong metric, like clicks instead of conversions.
  • Targeting limitations: Your target audience might be small or unavailable on TikTok.


  • Adjust your bids based on auction insights and competitor analysis.
  • Choose the correct optimization metric for your campaign goals.
  • Re-evaluate your target audience and consider expanding it or finding alternative targeting options.


How long does it take for TikTok ads to get approved?

Reviews typically take up to 24 hours, though it can sometimes be longer in case of complex ads or high review volume. You can check the review status within your TikTok Ads Manager


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