In this easy-to-follow guide, we’re going to talk about how to do Naver SEO.

We’ll learn about the tricks and tips that can help your website show up at the front of Naver’s search results.

Whether you’re new to SEO or want to get better, this article will teach you what you need to know about how Naver’s search system and Naver SEO work.


What Is Naver?

Naver is a South Korean search engine and web portal developed by Naver Corporation. It is the most popular search engine in South Korea, with a market share of over 34.1%.

Naver was founded in 1999 and has since expanded to offer a variety of other services, including email, maps, and e-commerce.

Here are some of the key features of Naver:

  • Comprehensive search: Naver was one of the first search engines to introduce the “comprehensive search” feature, which collects information from various sources across the web and presents the results on a single page.
  • Personalization: Naver’s search results are personalized to each user, based on their search history and interests.
  • Community features: Naver offers a variety of community features, such as forums, blogs, and social media.
  • Mobile apps: Naver has a variety of mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

What Is Naver?


How does the Naver search engine work?

The Naver search algorithm is a proprietary algorithm that is designed to deliver relevant and high-quality search results to users.

The algorithm takes into account a variety of factors, including the keywords used in the search query, the user’s location, and the popularity and quality of the websites that are returned.

Here are some of the key factors that the Naver search algorithm considers:



The keywords used in the search query are the most important factor in determining the relevance of the search results.

The algorithm will try to match the keywords to the content of the websites that are returned.


User location:

The user’s location is also taken into account by the algorithm.

This is because the search results may be different for a user in South Korea than for a user in the United States.



The popularity of the websites that are returned is also considered by the algorithm.

This is because the algorithm assumes that popular websites are more likely to be relevant to the user’s search query.



The quality of the websites that are returned is also considered by the algorithm.

This is because the algorithm wants to return search results that are accurate and informative.

How does the Naver search engine work?


Naver On-page SEO

The following are the basic points of Naver search engine on-page SEO.


Use Korean keywords.

Naver is a Korean search engine, so it’s important to use Korean keywords in your content.

You can use a keyword research tool to find relevant keywords that people are searching for in Korea.


Optimize your title tags and meta descriptions.

When people see your website on Naver, they will look at the title and description of your webpage first.

Write them nicely and use your main keywords in them. That helps you get noticed.


Internal Linking:

Link similar pages inside your website using internal links.

This helps people explore your website and spreads the importance and meaning across your content.

Internal Linking:


External Links (Outbound links):

Putting links to other websites in your content makes Naver SEO better. It helps show that your content is trustworthy and helpful to users.

When you link to good sources, Naver thinks your content is more reliable and might show it higher in search results.



Add pictures and videos when they fit your topic.

These visuals make people more interested and involved with your stuff.


URL Structure: 

Make short and clear URLs that include your main keywords.

Don’t make them too long or hard to understand. It’s easier for everyone that way.


Create high-quality content.

Naver likes websites that have really well-researched and high-quality content.

It should be written well, teach something, and fit the people you want to talk to.


Local Language and Culture:

If you are not familiar with Korean culture and language, consider working with local experts to ensure your content is culturally appropriate and uses the correct language.


Content Updates:

Regularly updating your content is important to keep it fresh and relevant as time goes on.

This can help maintain or improve your website rankings over time.

Content Updates:


Naver Technical SEO

Below are the important aspects of technical SEO for the Naver search engine.


Submit your website to Naver Webmaster Tools.

This is the first step to getting your website indexed by Naver.

You can do this by creating a Naver account and submitting your website’s URL to the Naver Webmaster Tools.

Naver Webmaster Tools is similar to Google Search Console


Mobile Friendliness:

Make sure your website works well on different devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, with smooth and efficient functionality.

Naver cares about this, just like Google does. It’s important that people can use your site easily on their mobiles.


Page Speed:

Make your website load quickly.

Fast-loading pages contribute to better user experience and high Naver search engine rankings.

Page Speed:


User Experience:

Focus on providing a smooth and great user experience.

Make things simple to find, give clear instructions, and have a design that looks nice and is easy for people to use.


Use Naver’s suite of products.

Naver has tools like Naver Webmaster Tools, Naver Analytics, and Naver Smart Place that can help with SEO.

These tools show how well your website does on Naver and how to make it better for search.

Use all these tools by Naver to make your website better in every aspect of SEO.


Use the Naver C-Rank algorithm.

The Naver C-Rank algorithm is used to rank blogs on Naver.

It takes into account factors such as content quality, author authority, and social media engagement.

If you want to rank well in the Naver Blog section, you need to optimize your blog for the C-Rank algorithm.


Use Naver’s Smart Editor.

Naver’s Smart Editor is a tool that can help you optimize your content for Naver SEO.

It can suggest keywords, generate title tags and meta descriptions, and check your content for plagiarism.


Use Naver’s Knowledge iN.

Naver’s Knowledge iN is a knowledge base that contains information on a variety of topics.

You can use it to find relevant information to include in your content.


Naver off-page SEO

Here are the fundamental elements of off-page SEO for the Naver search engine.


Get backlinks from other websites.

Backlinks are links from other websites to yours.

Naver sees them as a sign that your site is important and reliable.

You can get these links by writing for other websites, joining discussions in forums, and adding your site to directories.


Social Signals:

Get involved on social media sites that people in South Korea like. This can help your website get noticed more by Naver.

Social signals, like likes and shares, show Naver that people like your site, which can help your ranking.

This can affect your site’s position on Naver, even though it’s not direct.

Social Signals:


Additional Naver SEO tips

Let’s explore some additional important tips to strengthen your Naver SEO practices.


Local SEO:

 If you have a physical location, optimize your website for local search. Include your business address, contact information, and relevant local keywords.


Be patient.

It takes time to build up a good SEO ranking on Naver. Don’t expect to see results overnight.

Just keep creating high-quality content, building backlinks, and using Naver’s SEO tools, and you will eventually see your website start to rank higher in the search results.


Naver vs Google: What is the difference

Naver and Google are two prominent search engines that serve different regions and user preferences.



Naver is a search engine and website in South Korea that many people use. It’s not just for searching but also has news, blogs, and a place where you can ask questions.

Naver likes it when users create content and talk with each other.

They even have ads for businesses that want to reach people in South Korea.

Naver’s way of showing search results and deciding what’s important might be different from Google’s because of cultural and language differences.




Google is a big search engine used all around the world. It’s really good at finding stuff you’re looking for.

It uses special rules to decide what to show you when you search, thinking about things like which websites are important and what you might like.

Google does more than just searching – it has things like email (Gmail), a place to store files (Google Drive), and maps (Google Maps).

And if a business wants to tell a lot of people about their stuff, they can use Google Ads to show their messages to people everywhere.



Wrapping Up

As we finish our trip through Naver SEO, remember that Naver does things its own way, which means Naver’s algorithms may have unique factors that differ from other search engines.

It’s super important to stay up to date with Naver’s guidelines and updates. If you’re not sure what to do next, don’t be afraid to ask experienced SEO experts who know all about Naver.

If you stay flexible, learn a lot, and accept expert help, you’ll be ready to do well with Naver SEO.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why do Koreans use Naver instead of Google?

There are a few reasons why Koreans use Naver instead of Google.

Naver is more localized: Naver is designed specifically for Korean users. It understands the Korean language and culture better than Google, and it returns more relevant search results for Korean queries.

Naver offers more features: Naver offers a wider range of features than Google, such as news, weather, maps, and shopping. This makes it a more comprehensive platform for Korean users.

Naver is more popular: Naver has been around for longer than Google in Korea, and it has a much larger market share. This means that there is a larger community of Naver users, which makes it easier to find information and get help.


Why is Naver better than Google?

Naver is not necessarily better than Google in all respects. However, it does have some advantages that make it a better choice for Korean users.

Localization: Naver is more localized for Korean users than Google. This means that it understands the Korean language and culture better, and it returns more relevant search results for Korean queries.

Features: Naver offers a wider range of features than Google, such as news, weather, maps, and shopping. This makes it a more comprehensive platform for Korean users.

Popularity: Naver has a much larger market share in Korea than Google. This means that there is a larger community of Naver users, which makes it easier to find information and get help.


What search engine do they use in Korea?

The most popular search engine in Korea is Naver. It has a market share of over 34.1%, while Google has a market share of around 61.12%.

There are also a few other smaller search engines in Korea, such as Daum and Bing.