Google has released its new dashboard called Google Search Status Dashboard. Which shows the status of google search services like:

  1. Crawling
  2. indexing
  3. serving

Just in case if in the future there’s something wrong with any of these Google Services, this dashboard would show it.

Google Search Status Dashboard

This dashboard will be a handy tool to identify if Google is just not crawling/indexing your site or if it’s an issue with all the sites AND Google itself is responsible for it.

Google wrote

“as we head into 2023, we want to introduce another tool for the public to understand the most current status of systems which impact Search—crawling, indexing, and serving.”

There are very few issues. Google said, “despite the fact that system disruptions are rare, we want to be transparent when they happen.” And yes, we’ve reported a lot of issues over the years with Google Search related to indexing, crawling, and serving. Google Status Dashboard now allows users to report it, just like Google Ads and many other products.


How Google Search Status Dashboard works?

Google further said that

The dashboard also provides details and the current status of widespread issues that occurred in the last 7 days, according to Google.

The term ‘widespread issue’ refers to a systemic issue affecting many sites or Search users at the same time. Externally, these problems are very obvious, but internal monitoring and alerting mechanisms flag them behind the scenes.”

The goal is to post an incident on the dashboard within an hour of confirming that there’s a widespread, ongoing issue in Search, and to post updates on the incident within 12 hours.

Our global staff reports these updates instead of an automated dashboard. The initial time of the incident is commonly when we managed to confirm the issue,” According to Google.