Do you Need help getting your Rumble videos views by a crowd of audience? You’re not alone. But fear not.

In this guide, we’ll share powerful strategies to get more views on Rumble and make your Rumble channel popular.

We will cover everything from creating great content to optimizing your channel and understanding Rumble’s algorithm. So get ready to watch your view count getting higher.


Powerful methods to get more views on Rumble:

Here are some methods that might be helpful to get more views on your Rumble videos:


Pick trending topics

One way to grab viewers on Rumble is to jump on trending topics. Trending topics are the subjects that people are talking about online right now.

Here’s how to find trending topics:

  • Search online: Look at what’s trending on Twitter or YouTube. News sites also cover trending stories.
  • Look at Rumble itself: Rumble has a trending videos section, so you can see what’s popular there.

Once you find a trending topic, make a Rumble video about it.  But don’t just copy what everyone else is doing. Put your own creativity on it!  This will set you apart from the competition and show your unique value.

Pick trending topics


Deliver High-Impact Content:

To get more views on Rumble, focus on creating top-notch content. Make videos that people want to watch from the first second.

Aim for uniqueness and excitement to grab viewers’ interest. If your content stands out and is captivating, it’s more probable that viewers will share it with others, leading to more views.

Quality matters a lot here, so invest time and effort into making your videos engaging and enjoyable.

Whether it’s a fascinating story, a useful tutorial, or an entertaining skit, ensure that your content is worth watching and sharing.

By consistently delivering high-quality videos, you increase your chances of attracting more viewers on Rumble.


Optimize Titles and Descriptions:

Make sure your video titles and descriptions are great. Use titles that catch attention and describe what your video is about on remble.

In your descriptions, explain your video a bit and use words that people might search for, like “funny cat video” or “DIY crafts.”

These Rumble words are called keywords and they help people find your videos when they search.

So, if you’re sharing a video about baking cookies, include keywords like “cookie recipe” or “baking tips” in your title and description.

This way, when someone looks up those words, your video has a better chance of showing up.

If your titles and descriptions are awesome and include keywords, more people can discover and watch your videos on Rumble.

Optimize Titles and Descriptions:


Use Click-Worthy Thumbnails: 

To attract more views on Rumble, focus on creating eye-catching thumbnails. These are the small images that represent your video.

Make sure they’re colorful and interesting, showing a bit of what your video is about. When people scroll through videos, a good thumbnail can make them stop and click on yours.

It’s like the cover of a book – if it looks exciting, people are more likely to want to see what’s inside. So, if your video is about painting, maybe your thumbnail could show a colorful painting or someone holding a paintbrush.

Whatever your video is about, your thumbnail should give viewers a sneak peek and make them curious to watch. With attention-grabbing thumbnails, you can get more clicks and views on Rumble.


Consistent Upload Schedule: 

To boost your views on Rumble, stick to a regular upload schedule. This means posting new videos consistently.

When you stick to a regular upload schedule, whether it’s once a week or every few days, your audience knows when to expect fresh content from you.

And when they know they can rely on you for new videos, they’re more likely to keep coming back for more. Plus, uploading regularly can help your videos get noticed more on Rumble.

The more you post, the more chances you have to appear in people’s feeds and recommendations.

Therefore, create a strategy and adhere to it. Whether it’s Mondays at noon or Fridays at five, find a schedule that works for you and your audience. 

Consistent Upload Schedule: 


Cross-Promote Your Content: 

Don’t limit your awesome Rumble videos to just Rumble. Share them on your other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

When you share, be sure to include a catchy message that makes people curious about your video. This way, more people get to see them.

Ask your followers to check out your videos and share them with their friends too. When you share on social media, you also tap into different groups of people who might not be on Rumble.

Plus, when your friends and followers share your videos, they reach even more people. So, don’t just keep your videos on Rumble – let them shine on other platforms too.

With this, you can reel in more views and grow your audience on Rumble.


Embed Your Videos on Blogs & Websites

Embedding your videos on other websites and blogs can help you attract more viewers to your Rumble videos. With Rumble’s embed option, you can easily share your videos on websites and blogs.

Imagine your video on a sports blog about a great play, or on a recipe website if it’s a delicious new dish. This expands your audience beyond just Rumble users. 

When you embed your videos, become a part of other websites and blogs, reaching audiences who might not have found them otherwise.

This can lead to more views and more people discovering your content. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to broaden your reach. Use Rumble’s embed option to share your videos far and wide, and watch your views grow.

Embed Your Videos on Blogs & Websites


Optimize Video Length to Maximize Impact: 

How long should your Rumble videos be? It depends! Shorter videos, like quick tips or funny moments, and easy for people to watch quickly, so they might get more views.

But if your topic needs more time to explain, longer videos can be better. They give viewers more details and information. So, consider your content and what your audience likes.

If you can say everything in a short time, go for it. But if your topic needs more explanation, don’t be afraid to make a longer video.

By optimizing your video length to fit your content and audience, you can attract more views on Rumble.


Create Hook-Filled Intros: 

The initial moments of your video are essential. This is your chance to grab viewers and make them want to see more.  So, create a compelling introduction for your videos on Rumble.

Think of it like the first sentence of a story. It needs to hook the viewers in. Use exciting visuals, catchy sounds, or a captivating hook to draw viewers in and make them want to watch more. Maybe start with a question, a surprising fact, or a teaser of what’s to come.

The viewer’s interest keeps them watching your Rumble videos till the end. Plus, if they’re hooked from the start, they might share your video with others, bringing in even more views.

So, don’t underestimate the power of a compelling intro. It can make all the difference in getting more views on Rumble.


Create Series or Playlists:

Grouping your videos into series or playlists with similar themes is a smart move to increase your views on Rumble.

When viewers watch one video they like, they’re likely to watch more from the same series or playlist. This way, viewers can easily discover and watch more of your content at once, which increases your overall view count.

So, get creative with how you organize your videos and give viewers a reason to stick around for more. With series or playlists, you can attract more views and keep viewers engaged on Rumble.

Create Series or Playlists:


Don’t Miss Out Rumble’s New Features:

Rumble is constantly adding new features to assist creators. Make sure you are familiar with all the features that Rumble offers for creators.

Stay updated on their latest features, such as live streaming or community posts. These tools allow you to connect with your audience in fresh ways and make your videos more exciting and engaging.

These features help you grab your audience’s attention and garner more views. For example, with live streaming, you can interact with your viewers in real time, making them feel more involved and interested in your content.

And with community posts, you can share updates or behind-the-scenes glimpses to keep your audience engaged.

So, don’t miss out on Rumble’s awesome features. They can help you get more views and grow your audience.


Encourage Engagement:  

To get more views on Rumble, make sure to engage your audience. Encourage them to like, comment, and share your videos.

You can do this by asking them directly in your video or in the description below. When your viewers engage with your content in these ways, it sends a signal to Rumble that your videos are engaging and worth watching.

Moreover, when they share your videos with their friends and followers, it expands your reach to a broader audience who might not have discovered your content otherwise.

So, don’t be shy to ask for likes, comments, and shares. By encouraging engagement, you can boost your visibility and get more views on Rumble.

Encourage Engagement:  


Promote Your Videos in Rumble Communities:

Rumble offers communities built around specific interests, just like forums or groups. Find communities that match the kind of videos you make.

When you share your videos on Rumble, you are showing them to audiences who are already interested.

Plus, being an active member of these communities allows you to connect with like-minded individuals, fostering relationships and potentially gaining support for your content.

When you share your videos within these circles, you’re not just sharing them; you’re inviting others to join in your journey and engage with your work. 

So, don’t keep your videos to yourself, share them where it matters. If you join and share in Rumble communities, you can get more views from people who truly appreciate what you’re doing.


Closing Statement:

Making your Rumble channel bigger might seem hard, but if you keep trying and use good plans, you can definitely do it.

In short, to get more views on Rumble, make awesome videos, use catchy titles/thumbnails, stick to a schedule, share on social media, and engage with Rumble communities.

Keep up with new features and connect with like-minded creators.


FAQs Corner:


How much does Rumble pay per 1,000 views(RPM)?

Rumble’s exact payout structure isn’t publicly available, but it generally pays creators based on ad revenue generated from their videos.

This means RPM can vary depending on factors like video niche, audience demographics, and ad engagement.

On average, you can expect to earn around $2 to $10 for every 1,000 views on Rumble.


How do I grow my Rumble channel?

Here are some strategies to expand your reach on the Rumble channel:

  • Post consistently
  • Optimize your videos for Rumble
  • Engage with the Rumble community
  • Utilize Rumble features


How to get more views on Rumble for free?

The methods mentioned above like creating great content, engaging with viewers, and optimizing your videos can all be done for free to increase your views organically.


What is the best time to post on Rumble?

There is no magic “best time” for Rumble posts.

Here’s what to do:

  • Try Weekdays & evenings might see higher traffic (general trend).
  • Consider your audience’s location & habits.
  • Track video performance & adjust based on your data.
  • Experiment with different times to find your sweet spot.


I’ve heard creators earn $2-$10 per 1,000 views. Is that true?

That’s a common range, but it can fluctuate based on multiple factors.


How many views are on Rumble to get paid?

Rumble requires creators to meet specific criteria, including content guidelines and minimum audience engagement, to be eligible for monetization.

The exact view threshold is not publicly available to get paid. You can start earning even with a low view count.


What is the rumble algorithm?

The specifics of Rumble’s algorithm are not revealed. Still, it likely considers factors like watch time, viewer engagement (likes, comments, shares), and video completion rate to recommend content and determine visibility.


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