When it comes to buying or selling items online, Depop stands out as a lively platform where your style can transform into a successful business.

Do you need help to get more followers on Depop? Whether you’re a pro seller or just starting, having many followers is the key to success.

This guide is your secret weapon to growing your Depop following and turning heads towards your unique style.

Some Powerful Strategies to Grow Your Depop Following:

Here are the effective strategies to get more followers on Depop and build a successful shop:


Make Your Depop Posts More Appealing

Make your Depop posts stand out and unique then others! Ensure your photos are clear and brightly lit, showing your items from multiple viewpoints.

Include close-ups to show details and any unique features. Write catchy titles that include keywords people might search for.

Describe your items accurately, mentioning the brand, size, and condition. Be honest and upfront about any flaws. Remember, a good presentation creates a good first impression and makes people want to learn more!


Post high-quality photos:

It’s essential to grab attention and present your items on depop in the best possible way.

Ensure good lighting to capture high-quality photos, choose a clean background, and capture your products from multiple angles.

This not only makes your feed visually appealing but also provides potential buyers with a clear and detailed view of which items on depop you’re offering.

Quality photos are the key to standing out and increasing your reach on depop, making your profile more engaging and attractive to a broader audience.

Post high-quality photos:


Write detailed and engaging descriptions:

Get more Depop followers by writing detailed and interesting descriptions for your items.

Instead of just saying the size and brand, share cool facts about the item’s history, condition, and special features.

Use words that people might search for to help them find your depop items easily. Giving potential buyers a lot of information not only makes them trust you more.

Simple and engaging descriptions not only tell people about your items but also make them want to follow you for more.


Be consistent with your posting:

Grow your Depop followers by staying consistent with your posts. Add new items often to keep your shop active and interesting.

This shows people that you’re serious about your business. When you post regularly on depop, it makes your shop look reliable, and more people will want to follow you.

So, keep putting up new items, and you’ll see more followers coming your way on Depop!


Utilize relevant hashtags:

Always use those hashtags that make sense related to your items on depop. Find popular ones that target the audience.

Don’t use too many, but a mix of well-known and specific hashtags will help people discover your depop items. Hashtags act like labels, making your items easier to find.

When you pick the right hashtags, more people see your items, increasing your chances of gaining followers.

Utilize relevant hashtags:


Run Depop sales and promotions:

Running sales and promotions is another factor that might contribute to the growth of your Depop followers. Give discounts, create bundles, or offer free shipping to draw in new customers and make existing ones want to shop with you again.

Sales and promotions grab people’s attention and make your shop more appealing. When you offer deals, it’s like inviting everyone to a special event in your store.

This not only helps you sell more but also attracts followers who want to stay updated on your offers.


Engage with the Depop community:

You can get involved in your Depop community so that more users can get to know you. Like and comment on other users’ posts, explore Depop’s “Explore” page, and join relevant groups and discussions.

Engaging with the community shows that you’re not just selling your items on Depop but also interested in what others are doing.

When you interact with users, they’re more likely to notice your profile and follow you back. Think of it like making friends, the more you connect, the more followers you’ll gain.


Engage with other people posts:

Getting noticed on Depop is all about interacting with other users. Liking items you genuinely love is a great start, especially from sellers with styles similar to yours.

This shows you’re interested in the Depop community and might spark them to check out your shop. Don’t be afraid to leave friendly comments too! If you see something you like, compliment it or ask a question politely.

Building connections can lead to new followers and potential customers. Remember, kindness and genuine interest go a long way!

Engage with other people posts:


Follow other users on Depop:

Following other users is a great way to get more exposure on depop. Start by following people who sell things you like or have styles similar to yours.

This way, you’ll be seen by people who might be interested in what you have to offer. When you follow someone, they might check out your shop and follow you back.

It’s like making new friends on Depop! Just remember to be genuine and follow people you’re truly interested in, not just hoping for a follow back.


Upgrade Your Shop with Depop Contests:

Increase your Depop followers by hosting exciting contests. It’s a cool way to create excitement and attract new people.

Give away prizes related to your shop’s theme to get others involved. Contests make your shop more interesting and might catch the eye of potential followers.

People love winning stuff, so this can bring attention to your profile and get more followers. Try adding contests to your Depop shop, and you will not only entertain your current followers but also get new ones who want to join the fun.


Promote your Depop shop on other platforms:

Get more followers on Depop by telling people about your shop on other websites. Share your Depop items on social media, your website, or fashion forums. When you show your items in more places, you can reach more people and get new followers.

It’s like letting everyone know about your awesome shop in different places. So, go ahead and promote your Depop shop on other platforms, and you’ll see more people following you.

Promote your Depop shop on other platforms:


Collaborate with other Depop sellers:

Collaborate with brands or shops that match your style, and help each other promote products to reach new people.

It’s like making friends to grow your audience and attract followers who might not know about your shop. Working together is good for everyone, and more people get to see your depop items.

So, think about teaming up with other Depop sellers to make your audience bigger and build a friendly community.


Provide excellent customer service on Depop

Deliver an exceptional customer experience by prioritizing your customers’ needs and well-being, mirroring how you would appreciate being treated.

Respond to messages quickly and politely, answer questions clearly, and be helpful throughout the buying process. This shows you care and builds trust.

When customers have positive experiences, they are more likely to leave favorable reviews and recommend you to others on Depop. This can attract lots of depop followers and build a loyal customer base. Remember, happy buyers are your best advertisement!

Provide excellent customer service on Depop


Personalize your shop:

Choose a catchy shop name, craft a creative bio, and pick a unique cover photo that reflects your brand identity. When your shop is personal and different, it stands out, and more people will notice and follow you.

Think of it like making your store look interesting. when it’s unique, more people will want to see what you have. So, make your Depop shop your own by adding your personal touch.


Stay up-to-date with Depop trends:

Stay updated with what’s popular on the platform. Keep an eye on the trends and adjust what you offer accordingly.

It’s like staying in the loop with what people like. When you offer what’s popular, more people will notice, and you can get followers who like what’s in style.

So, watch what’s trending on Depop and make sure your items are up-to-date to attract more followers!

Stay up-to-date with Depop trends:



With these powerful strategies, you will be well on your way to gain more Depop followers and attract a community of enthusiastic customers who love your unique style.

Remember, consistency, engagement, and a touch of creativity are key to standing out on Depop and turning your passion into a thriving business.


Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I make my Depop popular?

You can become popular by following these tips:

  • Eye-catching photos & a unique shop vibe
  • Active community engagement
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Fresh listings & consistent posting
  • Promotion across platforms & collaborations


How do you get noticed on Depop?

To get noticed on Depop:

  • Stand out by captivating photos, unique shop identity, & relevant hashtags.
  • Like, comment, & join discussions in the Depop community.
  • Share your shop on other platforms & collaborate with other sellers.
  • Keep your shop fresh with new, exciting listings.
  • Building a following takes time & consistent effort.


How do I get more buyers on Depop?

To attract Depop buyers, follow master the 3 Ps:

  • Products: Showcase with stunning photos and detailed descriptions.
  • Promotion: Utilize relevant hashtags and run promotions.
  • Presence: Engage with the community and offer excellent service.

How do I increase my Depop algorithm?

Depop doesn’t publicly disclose its exact algorithm, but here are some tactics that might help your listings appear higher:

  • List frequently and refresh existing listings.
  • Include relevant search terms in your descriptions & first 3 words.
  • Use high-quality photos and detailed descriptions.
  • Maintain a good seller reputation.


What time is best to post on Depop?

While Depop doesn’t reveal its exact algorithm, evenings (7-10 pm) and weekends are generally considered peak times for Depop user activity.

Additionally, post around payday or student loan drops to potentially reach buyers with more spending power. Remember, consistency is key, so aim for regular posting regardless of specific times.


What sells well on Depop?

Some general categories consistently perform well:

  • Vintage clothing and accessories
  • Y2K and 90s fashion
  • Handmade and upcycled items
  • Streetwear and sneakers
  • Homeware and decor


Do Hashtags help on Depop?

Yes, hashtags can help on Depop, but using them strategically is key.

Here’s why they matter:

  • Relevant hashtags help users find your listings when searching.
  • Target hashtags related to your item’s style and brand.
  • Use popular Depop hashtags to connect with other sellers and buyers.


Does Zara sell well on Depop?

Yes, Zara actually sells well on Depop, making it one of the most popular brands on the platform. This is due to several factors:

  • Zara is a widely recognized brand, attracting buyers familiar with its style and quality.
  • Zara often offers trendy and current clothing, appealing to Depop’s focus on unique and fashionable finds.
  • While Zara isn’t considered a luxury, its items can still be desirable at a slightly lower price when purchased secondhand on Depop.