If you want to increase your website rankings so that you can generate more leads and sales to earn more revenue then you have to learn everything about SEO and you have to learn how to become an SEO specialist.

It is not a God-gifted talent or skill. Everybody who wishes and wants to learn SEO can become a specialist in this particular field.

Before things get started you must know the difference between an SEO expert and an SEO professional.

SEO Expert or SEO Specialist: An SEO specialist is a person who knows about the techniques and tactics of SEO that how SEO works and how to increase the ranking of a particular website in the search engine rankings.

SEO Professional: On the other hand SEO professional is an SEO expert that performs SEO practices as a profession like working on different SEO projects, offering SEO services, and consulting different companies. Every SEO professional has their own pricing according to their skills and experiences.

The purpose of this comparison is to let you know that it is not necessary to do SEO as a profession to become an SEO specialist.

  • Learning The Basics of SEO
  • Selecting The Right Course
  • Always Aware of SEO Updates
  • SEO Tools
  • Get Practical Experience in SEO
  • Teaching Others
  • Keep Patience 
  • Follow The Experts

Complete Path of Becoming an SEO Specialist

  • Learning The Basics of SEO

The first step for becoming an SEO expert is to learn how search engines work. Most people know about this.

But it is the best way to learn the basics of learning about anything.

basics of SEO-seo-expert-course

  • Selecting The Right Course

when you will start learning about SEO you will come to know that there is a lot of information and stuff available on the internet about SEO but in the end, you will indulge in the things.

That is because you have decided to learn SEO without the help of anyone and learning on your own.

These days several SEO courses are available. you can get started by selecting valuable and right SEO courses like Google Digital Garage, Moz SEO course, and SEO guide by Google.

Other than these courses a lot more courses are available.

And you don’t need to waste your time by scraping the whole internet to learn SEO.

  • Always Aware of SEO Updates

SEO rules and algorithms keep changing along with time because SEO is not a static module.

Search Engines of Google make more than 200 changes in algorithms each year.

To become an SEO expert you need to keep yourself updated with the Google search engine algorithms to adjust your SEO campaigns according to each update.

For this, you can follow some blogs and websites like search engine roundtable, search engine land, Google Blog, and Google webmaster Blog to get SEO updates.

  • SEO Tools

For SEO you need some kind of tools because you cannot do SEO on your own self.

These tools help you to analyze different things and you will be able to analyze which things need to be focused on and what changes you have to make for a strong SEO strategy.

You also have to spend some amount of money on SEO tools but you will get more accurate results by getting paid tools and you will never mind this price when you will get the desired results.

Several free and paid tools are available in the market for SEO like Google Webmaster, Google Analytics, Semrush, and Ahref to analyze.

SEO Tools-best-seo-expert

  • Get Practical Experience in SEO

SEO is a practical thing. You can,t get any benefit by learning SEO theoretically.

Because after learning about SEO theoretically, you will get the information about things that you have to perform practically.

Because there are different types of websites in the online market.

A thing that works for one website may not work for another website.

That’s why you need practical experience to become an SEO expert.

Moreover, you can learn from other case studies because you will see how they are doing SEO to rank a website.

By doing this you will get new ideas and you will also get inspiration.

  • Teaching Others

One of the best methods to learn anything is to teach others and it is also the same with SEO.

For this, you can make a blog or website for SEO and start research about SEO to teach others.

When you will do this you will see that it is a great way to learn new techniques and tactics of SEO.

On the other hand, you are helping other people as well which is a great thing.

  • Keep Patience

When we talk about SEO the one thing that comes in our mind is patience.

You should be patient if you want to become an SEO specialist because it takes a lot of time to generate results.

You cannot boost your traffic in a few days using SEO. But if you want the quickest results then you should try PPC.

SEO is all about building a long-term business that has a strong foundation so that you will get traffic in the future years.

When you are going to make a change in your website related to SEO first note the rankings of your website and traffic and after passing some time again note the same things and compare them with the previous figures.

This will help you to make decisions about your website.

keep patience-seo-expert-definition

  • Follow The Experts

During your journey of becoming an SEO expert may you have to face a lot of sufferings and hardships.

Sometimes maybe you get frustrated or disappointed and decide to give up.

That is usual and you don’t need to be worried.

When you will study the journey of some other digital marketing experts you will know that they have done hard work and don’t give up at any difficult stage of their journey.

It does not depend upon luck rather it depends on your hard work. 

You can read about their stories and also their techniques and tactics on how they grow out and become market-leading experts.

For this, you can follow Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin, and Brian Dean.

Bottom Lines

Every person who owns a website or a person having an online business wants to know how to become an SEO specialist.

For this, you have to learn it from different platforms and after that, you have to practically perform SEO to get experience.