Running Google Ads campaigns is great, but how do you know they’re working? That’s where conversion tracking comes in.

The problem? Finding that Conversion ID! But fear not.

This quick guide will show you exactly where to find conversion ID in Google Ads, no matter which interface you’re using.


How to Find Conversion ID in Google Ads?

There are two ways to find your Conversion ID in Google Ads, depending on whether you’re using the new or old interface.

This same method can be used to find the conversion label in Google Ads as well.


New Google Ads experience:

Log in to your Google Ads account.

Click on Goals on the left menu.

goals in google ads


In the expanded menu, click on Conversions and then Summary.

conversion and summary in google ads


Under “Conversion Goals,” tab click on the “conversion action” for which you want to find the conversion ID.

conversion goals and conversion action option in google ads screenshot


Under “Details,” tab click on “Tag Setup.”

Details tab tag setup in google ads screenshot


Under “Tag setup” Click On “Use Google Tag Manager”

Use Google Tag Manager in google ads screenshot


There, you will find the conversion ID.

conversion ID in google ads screenshot


There, you will also find the Conversion label.

conversion label in google ads screenshot


Old Google Ads experience:

  1. Log in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Click on the Tools & settings icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Under Measurement, click on Conversions.
  4. Click on the specific conversion you want the ID for.
  5. Look for the Tag setup section. Click the arrow icon to expand it.
  6. Choose GTM and then select Use Google Tag Manager. You should see your Conversion ID and Label displayed here.


If you’re not using Google Tag Manager:

The instructions above assume you’re using Google Tag Manager to implement your conversion tracking.

If you’re not using GTM, the Tag setup section might be blank or show different instructions.

In that case, you might need to install Google Tag Manager to find your Conversion ID.




What is the Difference between Google ads conversion ID and label?

  • Conversion ID: A unique identifier for your entire Google Ads account. It’s like a single account number for all your conversion tracking within that account.
  • Conversion Label: A human-readable name you assign to a specific type of conversion action you track (e.g., “Purchase,” “Sign-up”). You can have multiple labels within a single account.


Where to find conversion in Google Ads?

You can find your conversions in the Measurement section of your Google Ads account.

The steps differ slightly depending on whether you’re using the new or old interface:

  • New Google Ads: Tools > Measurement > Conversions
  • Old Google Ads: Tools & settings > Measurement > Conversions


Where can I find my Google Ads ID?

Google Ads doesn’t have an account-specific ID like a Conversion ID. Your Google Ads account is linked to your Google account, so you don’t need a separate identifier.


Where to find Google Ads pixel ID?

There isn’t a separate pixel ID in Google Ads. Conversion tracking in Google Ads typically uses Google Tag Manager (GTM).

If you’re using GTM, you’ll find the Conversion ID within the tag setup details for your conversion action.


What is Google Ads conversion?

A Google Ads conversion is a specific action you define as valuable for your business,  like a website purchase, signup, or phone call generated through your Google Ads campaigns.

Tracking conversions helps you measure the effectiveness of your ads.


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