All of us want to be popular on different social media platforms.

Especially if you are a digital marketer then you must need to be famous on social media.

It is also a type of job for digital marketers.

But how to get popular on Instagram?

To do this we have followed some best practices, read different articles, and given our best possible whatever we can do.

There are some techniques and tactics which are don’t utilized by most people on Instagram and social media.

So, if you want to get popular on Instagram then you need to follow and focus on these techniques overlooked by most people. 

How to Get Popular on Instagram?

Follow these three things to get famous on Instagram fast:

  1. Posting lifestyle Pictures
  2. Inspiring Your Audience
  3. Keyword Research of Hashtags

Keyword Research of Hashtags:

Using hashtags for your Instagram post is not enough.

You should try to use the high-traffic and most relevant hashtags in your Instagram posts.

This seems like a kind of SEO. Definitely, there is a good similarity between them.

According to this, you can say that Instagram hashtags are equal to keywords.

So, for this, you have to search the keywords which are mostly searched by the audience.

By only using more than 10 hashtags you can engage a good amount of audience.

Make sure to add the relevant and best hashtags which can drive good traffic.

By selecting the wrong hashtags you are not going to get the good amount of traffic that you are expecting actually.

Let’s take an example: there is a fitness tracker with the name Jawbone that tried to use hashtags to engage the audience.

They select a hashtag #knowyourself according to their marketing theme.

But this hashtag was very common and a number of people were already using it.

Due to this people interested in #knowyourself did not engage with the theme that Jawbone was looking for.

By picking the right and relevant keywords or hashtags you can get a lot of traffic to your Instagram posts.

Keyword Research of Hashtags

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Inspiring Your Audience:

When people are inspired they usually feel good. They like the personality that inspired them.

There is an example of a social media marketer #nitishdhiman that inspired people through his social media accounts.

He keeps posting motivational quotes on his Instagram account for digital marketers.

Inspiring Your Audience

Posting lifestyle Pictures:

The Instagram account of Dan Bilzerian is very popular on Instagram because he knows well about how to post lifestyle pictures on Instagram.

Some People like Blizerian are a free-spending types when it comes to lifestyle.

It is also considered part of the secret of his success.

Due to his king-type lifestyle, he has a huge number of followers on Instagram.

It is also one of the reasons that he has the “King of Instagram” title.

The new lifestyle marketing wave is very attractive and engaging.

Most of us are curious about how other people are living and we want to know about their lifestyle as we also want to live in a similar way.

There is no doubt that we can’t live in a similar way but we can try to do so.

Entrepreneurs, fashion consultants or designers, rich people, celebrities, and athletes can post their lifestyle pictures on their Instagram accounts to inspire people and increase their followers.

But the point here is what about our normal people’s lifestyle? Because we don’t do something extra outstanding each day or visit a famous place.

The fact is that your lifestyle posts don’t need to be extreme to be attractive.

They just need to be simple and basic lifestyle pictures.

Some people already post their normal lifestyle pictures with special events as well like Birthday parties or weddings.

You don’t need to photoshop these pictures, rather you can post normal pictures of people having fun and spending a good time.

lifestyle Picture

How do you make your Instagram popular?

  1. Uploading Your Pictures on Instagram
  2. Comment on Other People’s Posts
  3. Targeting the Popular hashtags

Uploading Your Pictures on Instagram:

One of the things which makes Instagram a popular social media platform is that you have a look at the everyday life of many people such as what they are doing, how they act, and how they look.

Some people have a lot of things to do rather than selfies.

But in real selfies are also considered as personal self-expression in the modern age.

People always expect a lot of pictures and selfies if you are a famous and good-looking celebrity.

Even if you are not so attractive or beautiful, you can engage a great number of people as you are a celebrity.

People will like to see your pictures and posts. So, move further and post selfies or pictures on your Instagram account.

Uploading Your Pictures on Instagram

Comment on Other People’s Posts:

Initially, some people think that you just have to like other people’s pictures to get likes and followers on your Instagram account.

But that’s not right When you will comment on other users’ posts they would like to engage with you as compared to just liking their posts.

There is also a reason behind this fact.

There are almost 570 likes received every second by Instagram but the count of comments is almost 81 less than likes.

Most people prefer to like photos than comment on Instagram posts.

There is also a reason that taping on a post is easier than taping for commenting and thinking something creative and new about the post to comment.

People like this thing when they make some extra work or effort for them.

If you will comment on someone’s post there are many chances that they will tap your file and also follow your account.

Emil Pakarkils with 50,000 followers is known as the Instagram guru.

The advice given by him to get more followers on Instagram is given here.

By leaving meaningful comments on other people’s photos or posts you can get a lot of exposure.

Because when you leave a positive and thoughtful comment on someone’s post the author of that post will also like to see your Instagram profile.

You will get a follower if your profile is good enough.

Most people use the same technique to increase their following on Instagram.

A few times ago research was made by Richard Lazzara to know which type of engagement can give you more followers on Instagram.

The results show that when following other users of Instagram almost 14% of users followed him in return.

When he also likes other users by following them in return he gets 22% of followers.

When he also likes and comments on other users’ posts with following them in return he gets almost 34% of followers. This ratio is quite good.

Instagram comments and likes on post

Targeting the Popular hashtags:

Almost everyone knows one of the best and easiest ways to get exposure on Instagram is using hashtags but which hashtags you should use?

Most people stuff a number of hashtags in every post and expect to get more likes and followers.

Sometimes this method can also work. But the most powerful method to get a lot of likes is using the top 100 hashtags in your Instagram post.

From the Website, you can get the list of the top 100 hashtags of Instagram.

From this list, you can get the most popular Instagram hashtags on a daily basis.

Targeting the Popular hashtags

How do you get noticed on Instagram?

  1. Post More Pictures
  2. Buying an Instagram Account Which Already has a Big Audience

Post More Pictures:

People will not be so interested to follow an Instagram account with only a few posts.

Whenever someone clicks on any other user profile there are three metrics that help them to know whether they should follow that particular account or not.

These metrics are Posts, followers, and following.

These numbers matter most importantly the followers and posts.

The number of followers is not in your control but you can easily increase your number of posts.

So, if you want to become popular on Instagram that is the first thing you need to focus on.

To build a healthy portfolio initially you have to work hard.

After this, you can make a routine to post 3 to 4 pictures every day.

posting picture on Instagram

Buying an Instagram Account Which Already has a Big Audience:

To become popular on Instagram the most difficult part is starting up on Instagram.

How you can get a lot of followers from zero?

So, the best way to increase your popularity on Instagram is to start with an account that already has a good number of followers.

For example, if an account has more than 1 lac followers you just have to buy and then change the name on the profile to take it over.

Initially, maybe you lose some followers but you will get more followers than you lose.

If you will keep posting regularly you will get new followers as well.

But the important thing is finding an Instagram account according to your needs and preferences.

As an example, if you have an online store of shoes.

There are a lot of sneakerheads that operate Instagram accounts as well.

Either you can make a partnership with them or make an offer to them.

You need to think carefully about it as it is one of the best and easiest ways to increase your Instagram followers quickly.

How to go viral on Instagram in 2024 and 2025?

  1. Analyze Your Audience
  2. Review Your Competitor’s Posts
  3. Use Analytics to Learn What Works Best
  4. Creating a Branded Hashtag
  5. Don’t be Bored on Instagram
  6. Using Event-Related Hashtags
  7. Participate in the Most Popular Conversations
  8. Using Descriptive Captions in Your Post
  9. Optimizing Your Instagram Account
  10. Get Partners and Brand Advocates to Post Content
  11. Increase your Instagram Account Visibility

Analyze Your Audience:

Getting to know your audience is also important to get popular on Instagram like other content marketing strategies.

You must have information about your audience and followers like which things they have more interest in and what type of content they would like to interact with them.  

Creating a buyer persona is one of the easiest ways to understand your audience.

Because a buyer persona will help you to know the interest of your ideal audience.

The buyer persona should contain the details like gender, age, location, annual income, education, and occupation.

By using this information and data you can better understand your audience and interest and it makes it quite easy for you to create content according to the interest of the audience.

find out instagram Audience

Review Your Competitors’ Posts:

The best way to get more followers and likes on Instagram is to analyze some other successful Instagram accounts that already have a lot of followers.

There is not any kind of rule or regulation that you cannot copy others’ strategies to grow your Instagram.

But don’t copy other people’s content and post it on your Instagram account instead create unique content.

  • Here are some important points to focus on.
  • The captions of your post should be interesting.
  • Good use of Images.
  • Time of post.
  • Hashtags used by successful accounts
  • After how many times they post on their Instagram account.

For better results, you can also compare this list with your buyer persona. Make sure to add all the elements which overlap with their preferences and interests.


Use Analytics to Learn What Works Best:

To know what type of content is working for your followers or what they like to have you can use your Instagram analytics.

The insights of your Instagram provide more in-depth details about the demographics of your followers.

The most important information which you can get from analytics about your followers include

  • Gender 
  • Location
  • Age
  • Follower activation time
  • Likes Received on each post
  • Comments on each post
  • The Impression received by each post

Now the question is how you can use this data to get popular on Instagram.

Let’s take an example if you post at 8 pm but you don’t get any kind of user engagement with your post at that time.

Then analyze and see at which time most of your followers get active. By posting at that time you will get more engagement from your followers.


Creating a Branded Hashtag:

With the help of a branded hashtag, you can make a collection of the best content on your Instagram account.

So, when a follower will find you through a highly targeted hashtag there are more chances that he will follow your Instagram account after watching your top content.

You can also create a branded hashtag for your Instagram marketing campaigns.

It seems less promotional than some other promotional methods like your company name which is why it is a better option to increase your Instagram following and your business promotion on Instagram.

The hashtags of a campaign are used by Instagram followers which will also get attention to their connection as well.

If their connections also have an interest in your business they will also start following you.


Don’t be Boring on Instagram:

You need to try something beyond words for the caption of your Instagram post such as hashtags.

It is better to use hashtags but you should mix them up and also use them while explaining your Instagram post.

Don’t be boring instead be ironic and funny.


Using Event-Related Hashtags:

The hashtags related to your industry events like seminars, workshops, and conventions are known as event-related hashtags.

These events could be one of the popular events in your city or even country and most of the people know about it.

These hashtags are considered the best match for casual Instagram posts.

As an example, you take a picture of your team while watching a World Cup match.

Then you can post it on your Instagram account with the hashtag #worldcup.

You may don’t get a good number of Instagram followers by using these hashtags but it will definitely increase your brand awareness which in return will also help you to get some Instagram followers.


Participate in Most Popular Conversations:

You should use a mixture of relevant keywords in each Instagram post like if you have a carpenter company then you use the hashtags such as #woodworking.

Then you can also use some popular and trending hashtags as well.

Moreover, you can use some specific hashtags as they offer more intent and with the help of specific hashtags, you can reach the right audience.

The specific hashtags are considered the same as long-tail keywords.

But generally, you can use universally trending hashtags as they can help your business to reach more customers.

You must remember that you don’t focus much on the most popular hashtags while making your strategy.

These hashtags will engage general audiences but still, they can play an important role in the success of your social media marketing strategy because they can increase the engagement and exposure of your business and you will also get some new Instagram followers.

Both general and specific hashtags can help you to grow your business on one of the most social media platforms such as Instagram.


Using Descriptive Captions in Your Post:

A picture has more worth than thousands of words but it does not mean to ignore or skip words completely.

National Geographic uses storytelling with their Instagram photos to increase the engagement of their posts in an excellent way.

National Geographic with more than 50 million followers has become one of the top brands on Instagram. 


Optimizing Your Instagram Account:

If you want to get popular on Instagram then your Instagram account should be optimized completely.

You must consider Instagram bio as your account “homepage”. Your brand image and bio on your Instagram account will help you to set the foundation of your brand identity on Instagram.

One of the best places to get traffic from your Instagram account to your website is by linking your site in bio.

If you are not clear which of your website pages you should link then you can try to link product pages or marketing pages that are also related to a specific hashtag on your Instagram account.

Make sure to keep your username search friendly and it should be closer to your brand name.

If your brand name is too long then make it short to make it easy for your audience. Avoid using special characters or numbers in your Instagram username.

you can optimize your Instagram account by creating an Instagram strategy and following them.


Get Partners and Brand Advocates to Post Content:

It is very important for you to know the value of your audience and followers if you are learning about how to get popular on Instagram.

Your business will get more customers and buyers if your Instagram will have a good number of followers.

Presenting yourself in front of your followers is also one of the best ways to increase your followers and customers.

You can also get your brand on customer feeds by sponsoring user-generated content.

Working with a large Instagram account related to your industry like some popular and famous influencers on Instagram is another way to present your Instagram account in front of a large audience and share your content.

Make sure to provide some valuable content.


Increase your Instagram Account Visibility:

If you will not promote your content you are not going to find your Instagram account. So, list your Instagram account with your website and other social media accounts.

One of the best ways to find people for your Instagram account is to increase your brand awareness and visibility. 


You should let people know where they can find you to get real followers for your Instagram account.

For this purpose, you can add social media buttons to your blog or website. Cross-promotion across your other social media accounts is also a good idea.


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