Here we will have some examples of measurable goals for employees.

But first, we will have a look at what is the definition of measurable goals? 

Measurable Goals Definition: The exact definition of measurable goals is where you will stand when you will achieve your goals.

It means that if you have long-term goals you have to divide your goal into small measurable steps.

It will help you to achieve your long term goals.

Non-Measurable Goals: Some of the Goals in life are non-measurable.

The reason is that we could not estimate their loss and benefit but it doesn’t mean that these goals are not valuable or have less value as compared to the measurable goals. 

Example of non-Measurable Goals: Let’s take an example of a non-measurable goal. If we want to develop our product awareness in the market we cannot set a measurable goal about our product in its recent form.

Impact of Unrealistic Goals: The silliest mistakes made by managers or owners are setting goals that are unrealistic and unachievable.

By setting such goals you can only increase stress on your employees and on yourself.

A realistic goal is that in which your employees have to work hard but they will have no any kind of stress.

To make your employees stress-free it will be better to divide your goal into small measurable goals that are achievable and when employees will achieve these small goals they will get some sort of strength due to joy and happiness.

In this way, you can make your long-term goals achievable.

Each and every employee of any organization is an important part of that organization because every employee has some unique talent and ability to do something different. 

You just need to motivate your employees to get maximum and quality work from them. 


Employees Measurable Goals Setting Examples


A measurable goal setting always plays an important part in the performance of an employee.

If you want to build positive and best practices in your organization then it is necessary to set measurable goals.

You can get help from the internet to develop your employees’ goals.

You will get a lot of examples from the internet about measurable employee goals.

But you will see that every example is different from the others because every organization has different products and services and different goals.

Now we will have a look at some of the examples of measurable goals for employees.


  • Goals of Self-Management 

The things included in self-management are focus, decision making, accountability, time management, and finally productivity.

If you will develop these skills definitely you will be able to build measurable professional goals for your business organization.

But you have to practice these skills on a regular basis.


  • Goals of Soft-Skills Development 

There are basically two types of soft skills.

External Soft Skills: External soft skills include adaptability, interpersonal skills, and conflict management skills. 

Internal Soft Skill: On the other hand internal soft skills include self-awareness, mind growth, perceptiveness, and self-compassion.

For this, you can set a goal of improving your emotional strength in the next two or three months.

To transform yourself you can make an action plan for yourself.


  • Creativity Goals

If you will do something creative with the task given to you will give your mind relaxation in the sense that you have done your task in a creative way.

An organization or business firm always likes something creative because these things help a lot in the progress and development of an organization.


  • Emotional Intelligence Goals

In emotional intelligence goals, you have to set the goals which help you to make sound decisions regardless of your emotional feelings.

It is one of the most important skills for an employee for effective performance.

You can practice this skill by mediating yourself for half an hour and noting the emotions which impact most of your work.


  • Decision Making Goals

A strong leader is one who makes the right decisions.

This skill is very hard to get but you will get outstanding results if you will achieve this goal.

To achieve this goal you can set the time duration of the next 2 months for training yourself.

During this period of time trying to make it possible to take tough and important decisions.

These examples of measurable goal setting will help your employees to perform more efficiently and they will take your organization to the next level.

Such Goals will help you to set some other types of goals as well as productivity goals, fluency goals, and efficiency goals.

The goals are always set on the basis of the needs of an organization and definitely, every organization has different goals due to different needs. 




  • People Management Goals

Your management skills show that you are a team player whether you are an employee or a manager of an organization.

This also shows that you have the ability to communicate with people confidently, motivating, and engaging people.

By having management skills you can also communicate with other departments of your organization.

So, it is necessary to have management goals.

You can practice this skill by communicating with other department people at least once a week.

You can discuss their department responsibilities and you can also ask for help.


  • Goals of Professional Development 

In the professional development goals, you have to stay updated with the latest updates and trends of the market.

Let’s take an example if you have completed the basic course of digital marketing in the last month of the year and start practical training in digital marketing from the start of the next year.


  • Negotiating Skills

Every business personality needs negotiation skills because in case if you indulge in any kind of conflict you need strong communication skills to prove your point.

For this, you can get training to achieve your negotiating skills goal to stay on the top. 




  • Virtual Communication Goals

Due to the modern age of technology now we can use different types of apps and software for communication.

And these online communication channels are growing day by day.

You can select a day from every month to understand and learn all about these virtual communication modes.


  • Goals of Collaboration

First, we will discuss collaboration goals.

The purpose of this goal is to support a colleague during his journey to achieving the goal.

This thing will encourage collaboration.

It is a great way to get positive results because it will motivate employees which will directly impact their performance and productivity.



Importance of Setting Measurable Goals


The company or organization which will set measurable goals for their employees will definitely grow in the future.

These measurable goals of employees impact the performance of the organization.

By setting measurable goals for employees the organization and employees both will get a number of benefits.

Which means it affects the overall productivity and performance of the organization.

All the task and goals offered by an organization to its employees directly affect their development, efficiency, and productivity.

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Bottom Lines


We have discussed the examples of measurable goals for employees in the following article because goal setting for an employee is one of the most important things which is necessary for the development of an organization and its employees.