Ever completed a project on Fiverr and wondered, “do I have to tip on Fiverr?”

You’re not alone. Most buyers experience this confusion.

This article clears this confusion.

We’ll explain when to tip, when to not, other ways to say thanks, and how tipping affects both you and the seller.


Do you have to tip on Fiverr?

No, tipping on Fiverr is not mandatory. The price you pay the seller should reflect the value of the service they provide.

Fiverr does prompt you to leave a tip when finalizing an order, but it’s completely up to you.


When to Tip on Fiverr:


Exceptional Service:

Did the seller deliver work exceeding your expectations? Maybe they included bonus revisions, completed the project early, or provided insightful communication. A tip shows your gratitude for going the extra mile.



Value Exceeds Price:

Did you feel the seller’s work was worth more than the initial cost? Perhaps they possess hidden expertise or tackled unexpected complexities during the project. A tip acknowledges this additional value.


Building a Long-Term Relationship:

Are you planning to use this seller again in the future? Tipping can incentivize them to prioritize your future projects and deliver exceptional service again.


When Tipping Might Not Be Necessary on Fiverr


Met Expectations:

The seller delivered exactly what was agreed upon, on time, and with good communication. While a positive review is appreciated, a tip may not be necessary in this case.

Met Expectations:


Dissatisfied with Work:

If the seller missed deadlines, delivered subpar work, or lacked communication, tipping wouldn’t be appropriate. You might even consider requesting revisions or a refund through Fiverr’s system.


Best Alternatives to Tipping on Fiverr:


Positive Reviews:

A glowing review on the seller’s profile carries significant weight. It helps attract future clients and boosts the seller’s reputation on the platform.


Repeat Business:

Returning to the same seller for future projects speaks volumes about your satisfaction. This ongoing business relationship benefits both parties.


How tipping affects both you and the seller on Fiverr?


For Buyers:

Did the seller deliver amazing work that surpassed your expectations?  If so, leaving a tip on Fiverr is a great way to show your appreciation and might incentivize them to go the extra mile on future projects. 

It’s a chance to reward the seller for truly impressive work.  However, don’t forget that a positive review holds significant weight and can be just as valuable to the seller.

Met Expectations:

For Sellers:

Receiving a tip is a welcome surprise and a financial reward for exceeding expectations.  It shows that their hard work is valued, which can be very motivating.

  While tips are great, positive reviews are crucial for attracting future clients.  Sellers who consistently deliver high-quality work and build positive reputations will see success on Fiverr, regardless of tips.


How to tip on Fiverr?

While this article focused on whether or not tipping is mandatory on Fiverr, here’s how to leave a tip if you decide to:

  • Once the seller marks the order as “Completed”, you’ll be prompted to leave a review and rating.
  • Below the rating options, you’ll see a section titled “Tip the Seller.”
  • Choose one of the pre-set tip amounts or enter a custom amount in the designated field.
  • Click “Submit Review & Tip” to finalize the process.



Tipping on Fiverr is optional but can be a great way to show appreciation for outstanding service. While tips are appreciated, positive reviews and repeat business are equally valuable in supporting and encouraging sellers.


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