Started a business company? Or already have an established company?

The visibility of your business on the Google search engine can help you to achieve more leads and revenue for your business.

It will also help you during your digital marketing campaign but the issue is how to get your company on Google Search Results.

Here are some simple steps to get your company on Google search results:

  • First of all, simply you have to register your website with Google search console
  • Then you have to verify your Google My Business Listing
  • Social Media Marketing to increase the visibility of your online business


How to Get your Company on Google Search Results?

  1. Register your site with the Google Search Console
  2. Verify your listing with Business Profile on Google

Register your site with the Google Search Console:

In recent times the Google search engine is the most popular search engine around the globe and you can also get some sort of help from the Google search engine while creating a website.

Google search engine has a free tool known as Google search console which helps different businesses list on the Google search engine and it also tells search engine of Google that these online businesses are now fully functional to display in search results.

Even if your website is not registered with the Google search console, your website will be indexed fast if you have a Google search console account.

Let’s take an example of how any website can benefit from the Google search console and how to get your company on Google Search Results with this free tool provided by the Google search engine.

For example, if there is a shop at any location of the USA also having a business website if this particular website will be added on the Google search console after verification of owner they will get very useful information and data about their website.

Like which keywords of your website are ranking in Google search engine and how many people are clicking on your website. This information can help you to increase your online business visibility.

search console to get your company on google search results

Verify your listing with Business Profile on Google:

The business profile of Google My business is a free tool provided by the Google search engine which collects some useful data related to your business so you can analyze your business easily.

You will have all kinds of details related to your business such as your website address, business location, and your business logo.

As your Google Business account is integrated with some other Google services as well such as Google maps through which your business website will also display on different places when anyone searches about your business.

Through Google, My Business listing people can also follow your business. 

If any business owner wants to list his business he just needs to create its Google My Business listing and after that, there will be some easy and simple steps to list your business on the Google search engine.

You can also set your business location on your Google My Business account and it will also appear on Google maps when people will search for your business online and they will get proper directions to reach your business location.

Moreover, you can reply to the customers’ reviews and also upload your business-related images to get your company on Google Search Results.

Moreover, such types of things will help your customers to understand your business in a better way.


How do you come up in Google Search Results?

  1. Use social media to boost your visibility
  2. Choose the right keywords
  3. Devise a Local Search Strategy

Use social media to boost your visibility:

In search results, Google only displays at least one or two results from the same URL.

The users will not be directed to your website who click on other than your website which contains information related to your website and you are not able to control this website.

This can cause some kind of problem for you if this website does not have correct information about you and your website.

So, it will be better to make your social media profiles with your company and brand name which will help your website users to find the exact information about your business website.

As an example, if an online shop also creates its social media profiles with its brand name and when anybody will search about your business your social media profiles will also be displayed by the Google search engine with your business website.

In the end, the customer wants to connect with your business whether it is your business website or social media profile.

When we talk about ranking your business at the top of Google’s search results most businesses don’t know exactly where they should start.

Mostly they think only a website is needed which itself will rank on Google search results to generate traffic or only big brands can rank at the top of Google search engine rankings.

But in reality, it is possible for any kind of business to rank at the top of Google search engine rankings.

If you will think about where you are and how much competition there is in online marketing you might be afraid of tough competition but in reality, it is not as difficult as you think.

Social Media Advertising to grow website traffic

Choose the right keywords:

If you want to rank at the top of Google search engine results then you should focus to rank on the top of search results. To do this first you have to choose the right keywords for your online business website.

The process of keyword research is completely manual. 

If your business is related to the mortar and brick components, you will definitely like to pick geographic keywords.

It is not quite easy to find the right keyword for your online business.

Because you have to find the keywords which are the best fit to your online business and don’t have enough competition so that you rank your website opposite to these websites easily.

Keyword Research

Devise a Local Search Strategy:

As we have explained earlier that it is quite easy to achieve desired results from your business locally as compared to globally.

At this point, local businesses have a big advantage as compared to the businesses competing in the global market.

There are different and a lot of ways to list your business in local search results so that your business appears in the search results when someone searches about your business locally.

  • Try to use geographic keywords in your content strategy and include them in your website page titles and links.
  • Create a Google My Business listing of your website. This will help your business to appear in the search results when anyone will search for your business.
  • List your business in local business directories. These directories are not much simpler than the Commerce chamber website, business newspaper listing, and a visitor bureau page.
  • It has been researched that almost 50% of the people looking for a local service or product search from Google. So, this will definitely help your business’s rapid growth.


How do I get my business to come up on a Google search?

  1. Focus on Quality Content
  2. Generate Backlinks
  3. Utilize Social Media

Focus on Quality Content:

Google has explained this fact pretty well that it focuses on providing the most useful and relevant information to its users.

With the passage of time, Google is getting better and improving its search results.

According to different people, there are many factors that are included in quality content but there are some common factors necessary to create some quality content.

These factors are given below:

  • First, your content must have some value for your website users. Because this technique will also help you to create some inbound links and increase your search visibility and rankings.
  • Avoid any kind of grammar and spelling mistakes to increase your content readability. Moreover, you need to learn how to produce website content that includes short sentences, small paragraphs, and a number of white spaces on your webpage.
  • Try not to place any type of ads above the fold. Now Google has taken strict action against it and that’s why it is decreasing the rankings of the websites which have ads above the fold. But if you are earning a good amount of money from these ads then you should not care about this factor.

You also need to update yourself with Google’s latest updates to create some quality content for your website.

writing quality content to show website on google search result

Generate Backlinks:

Creating backlinks for your website is a bit tricky.

It is not easy to get backlinks from other sites but if you want to get higher rankings then it is crucial.

Networking plays a big role to create quality content for your website. You should not use paid backlinks to rank higher in Google search engine rankings.

Because now Google is able to detect paid backlinks and your website rankings will be dropped by the search engine as paid backlinks are also included in black hat SEO.

Creating Backlinks

Utilize Social Media:

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are some of the best sources to get your company on Google Search Results as you can get quality backlinks from social media.

Google also prefers these backlinking sources for search engine rankings.

You can also make a social media strategy for your business website to increase its visibility in search engines.

It is not impossible to rank on the first page of the Google search engine and not quite easy.

By following these techniques and tactics you will definitely observe and increase your search engine visibility.

social media

Why is My Business not Showing on Google Search?

The location authority of your business could be a factor due to which your business is not showing in the Google search engine.

If the Google My Business listing of your website lacks location authority then you need to be sent exactly at your business location that appears in Google map.

  1. Your Google My Business Listing Is Not Verified
  2. Lack of location authority in your Google My Business Listing
  3. Foundation of the Location Authority
  4. Google My Business Listing is Suspended


Your Google My Business Listing Is Not Verified:

Initially, we will explain to you an easy way to check whether your business is verified or not in Google maps.

So, navigate to the Google search engine and search about your business. You just have to enter the name and location of your business in the Google search engine.

Then on the right side, you will see your business listings.

Now on the right side will see a link of  “Suggest an edit “and your Google My Business listing will be verified if you will see a second link “Own this Business”.

But if you will see a second link “Own this business” it means that your Google My Business listing is not verified.


Lack of location authority in your Google My Business Listing:

The first step to making your business visible on Google is verifying your Google My Business listing account.

But there is not any surety that after verification of your Google My Business listing you will rank on the top of Google search engine rankings.

You will only find one or two businesses that rank on top just after verifying Google My Business account.

But when you will dive into more competition, you will only find your business on the 2nd, third or fourth page of Google search results opposite to the highly competitive keywords.

Google My Business Listing to show website on google search

Foundation of the Location Authority:

If you want to compete in the local search result of the Google search engine then your business must have more location authority as compared to other competitors of your industry.

The consistency and accuracy of the business information that is published on your website is the foundation of your location authority.

Here your business information is referred to as a citation of your business that contains such type of information:

  • Name of your Business
  • Your City Zip Code and State in which your business is located.
  • Official Phone Number of Your Business for contact
  • Your website link or URL
  • The accurate and exact address of your Business Street

Your business citation should match the Google My Business listing of your business website.


Google My Business Listing is Suspended:

There is not a bad, even worst experience for any business owner who wakes up in the morning and sees that his business is removed from the Google My Business listing.

If your business was in the top three positions of Google My Business listing and suddenly you it nowhere that is quite shocking for anyone.

We get calls frequently from business owners who are in a panic because their GMB listing is no longer showing up in Google search.

There could be various reasons due to which your Google My Business account has been suspended.

Google search engine will inform you why your Google My Business account has been suspended and that is not quite good as you have to set up all the things again.


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