Building a robust professional network is vital for career growth. With nearly 1 billion members globally, LinkedIn provides immense opportunities to connect with professionals worldwide.

However, it’s not about amassing contacts; it’s about cultivating meaningful relationships that align with your goals. This article explores unique strategies to effectively expand your LinkedIn network.

Simply connecting with everyone is counterproductive. The quality of your connections matters more than the quantity. Here, I’m going to try to provide helpful tips on how to grow connections on LinkedIn based on my years of experience.


Strategies to Grow Connections on LinkedIn

Strategies to Grow Connections on LinkedIn


1. Content Sharing

Sharing high-quality content boosts your visibility and attracts followers. Consider publishing articles, questions, newsletters or videos that provide value for your target audience. 

Always respond to comments and engage with those who interact with your posts. This strengthens relationships and exposes you to their networks, allowing you to grow connections on LinkedIn.

When inviting new connections found through content, reference the specific material they engaged with. Generic outreach is ineffective for growing connections on LinkedIn.


2. Purchase Connections Judiciously

While growing connections organically is ideal, buying high-quality connections from reputable providers like Social Plug can give your profile a boost. Even adding 500-1,000 purchased followers sparks the algorithm to make you more discoverable.

Combine purchased connections judiciously with authentic relationship building for maximum impact when looking to grow connections on LinkedIn. Just ensure the provider delivers high-quality, active profiles to avoid fakes.


3. Personalized Outreach

When inviting someone to connect, avoid mass templates. Craft a personalised message explaining why you want to connect and how you found them. Make it about them, not you.

I only accept 25% of inbound invites because many are impersonal and irrelevant. However, 85% of my outbound requests get accepted because I personalize and tailor them.

Making connection requests more personalize significantly improves acceptance rates when you want to grow connections on LinkedIn. Here are some tips:

  1. Review profiles before connecting to find common ground like shared connections, companies, schools, interests etc. Reference these specifics in your outreach message.
  2. Avoid generic templates. Tailor each request to the individual by mentioning their background, experience or content they have posted.
  3. Make it about how connecting would benefit them, not just you. Focus on the value you can provide through your network and expertise.
  4. Shorter, casual messages work best. Long pitches come off as spammy. Bring up shared details to establish familiarity.
  5. Follow up after connecting with a warm note reinforcing your shared interests or offering your help.


4. In-Person Meetings

Following in-person networking events and meetings, connect with new contacts on LinkedIn. Mention meeting them when sending your invite. This solidifies the relationship and broadens your network, allowing you to grow connections on LinkedIn.

In-Person Meetings


5. Showing Appreciation

Actively engaging with your connections’ posts using reactions, comments and shares strengthens those relationships. It also exposes you to their networks, increasing your reach and opportunities to grow connections on LinkedIn.

When requesting to connect with someone who posted insightful material, reference their specific content.


6. Advanced Search

Leverage LinkedIn’s robust search tools to find targeted connections to grow your LinkedIn network. You can filter by location, industry, company, school and more. Sales Navigator offers additional filters to pinpoint relevant professionals. Mention common ground when reaching out.

LinkedIn’s advanced search filters allow finding targeted connections. Here are some top filters to use when looking to grow connections on LinkedIn:

  1. Title and Company filters let you identify connections at organizations of interest or in roles you aspire towards. Location filters connections by city, state or country.
  2. Industry filters help find professionals in your niche. Use this to connect with key voices in your field and grow connections on LinkedIn.
  3. School filters by university attended. Reach out to alumni from your alma mater or industry-feeder schools.
  4. Groups and Interests filters connections by their listed skills, groups joined, volunteering efforts and causes supported.
  5. Use connections filters by shared contacts to identify “warm” introductions.


7. LinkedIn Live Events

Participating in LinkedIn’s live events allows you to network with like-minded professionals.

Engage actively in the chat and discussions. Connect with interesting people afterwards referencing the specific event. But avoid hijacking competitors’ events just to grow connections on LinkedIn.


8. Shared Interests

LinkedIn Learning profiles let you identify people interested in relevant topics to help grow your connections on LinkedIn. Connect with fellow learners in your field. Comment thoughtfully on their posts to stand out.

Shared Interests


9. Industry Influencers

Conferences and associations often publish lists of top influencers and thought leaders.

Recognize these individuals when requesting to connect to grow your LinkedIn network. Compliment their work, but avoid flattery. Connecting with respected voices can expand your visibility.


10. Expert Authors

Search for books relevant to your industry on Amazon. If you find the work valuable, contact the author on LinkedIn. Share your appreciation and insights.

Writing a post summarizing their ideas can yield even better results when following up to grow connections on LinkedIn.


11. Optimizing Your Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is like an online resume and first impression. An eye-catching, professional profile makes people more inclined to connect with you and help you grow connections on LinkedIn. Here are some tips:

  1. Have a polished photo that projects confidence and approachability. It will be one of the first things people notice.
  2. Craft an engaging headline that summarizes who you are professionally. Stand out from generic titles like “Marketing Specialist.”
  3. The summary section is prime real estate for showcasing your background. Tailor it specifically to your goals and industry.
  4. Visuals also help profiles pop. Upload relevant background images and examples of your best work in the featured media section.
  5. Keep your profile updated. Adding new positions, projects, skills and interests shows activity. An outdated profile raises red flags.


12. Alumni Outreach

LinkedIn’s alumni networking tools provide a goldmine of potential connections tailored to you to help grow your LinkedIn network. Here’s how to tap into it:

  1. Search for your university on LinkedIn and join your school’s alumni page. This makes fellow graduates easier to find.
  2. The alumni homepage shows where graduates work. Focus on companies relevant to your industry or roles you aspire towards.
  3. Use filters like graduation year and degree to narrow your search. Recent grads can provide a pulse on entry-level roles.
  4. Message alumni working at companies that interest you to request informational interviews. Ask for career advice and insider perspectives.
  5. When reaching out to fellow alumni, mention your shared school pride. This establishes a connection beyond just networking to grow connections on LinkedIn.


13. Warm Introductions

Warm introductions leverage your existing network to foster new connections and help you grow connections on LinkedIn. Here are some best practices:

  1. Identify contacts who could introduce you to your desired targets using LinkedIn filters.
  2. Ask your mutual connection about their relationship with the person and if they’d be willing to connect you.
  3. When reaching out directly, mention your shared contact in the first sentence. This builds immediate rapport.
  4. Thank the introducer by name when accepting the new connection request. This closes the loop with your existing contact.
  5. Only ask for warm introductions when there is a strong relevance. Don’t abuse your network’s trust and time just to grow connections on LinkedIn.



Expanding your LinkedIn network requires a strategic, targeted approach focused on quality over quantity. Nurture meaningful relationships over time by adding value, not just gaining contacts. 

Leverage LinkedIn’s tools like advanced search, alumni lookups, and learning profiles to identify relevant connections. Make your outreach personal and thoughtful.

Establish familiarity by referencing shared experiences and interests. With focus and effort, you can build an impactful LinkedIn network that fosters professional growth.