Getting 10k likes on TikTok might seem tough, but don’t worry! This article is here to guide you and turn that goal of yours into a reality.

We’ll explore simple and proven methods, showing you that reaching 10k likes on TikTok is easier than it seems.


How to get 10k likes on TikTok?

Here are some techniques that you can implement to get 10k likes on TikTok fast.

How to get 10k likes on TikTok?


Hook the audience in first 3 seconds:

Nowadays, TikTok users have a very short attention span. They scroll to the next video if they don’t find it useful in the first 3 seconds. That’s why to score 10k likes on TikTok, nail the first 3 seconds.

Grab attention fast using a powerful start, catchy tunes, or something relatable. The quicker you engage viewers, the better chance they’ll stick around, watch the whole video, and hit that like button.


Storytelling matters:

Good storytelling can turn a boring piece of content into something interesting, while bad storytelling can make even interesting content feel dull.

That’s why if you want to hit 10k likes on TikTok, focus on storytelling.

Tell a story in your videos that makes people laugh, learn, or connect with your experiences. Content that stirs emotions is more likely to be shared and get valued likes.


Post at the right time:

Find out when your audience is most active and publish your posts accordingly on TikTok. Early mornings, midday breaks, and evenings are usually good times to catch their attention.

Publishing your video when most users are active makes it easier for them to find and like your video if it’s worthwhile.

So, post when lots of people are using TikTok to boost engagement on your video and work towards your goal of 10000 likes on TikTok.

Post at the right time:


Hashtags are your keywords:

Using hashtags as your keywords is the most organic way to get 10k TikTok likes for free.

Choose hashtags that match your content and are popular, so your video can reach a more relevant and larger audience.

Another hashtag strategy is to use a mix of popular and specific hashtags to make your videos easy to find while still targeting your audience.


Captions matter:

Boost your TikTok likes by paying attention to captions. Write captions that complement your video, ask questions, spark interaction, and add relevant hashtags.

Engaging captions draw people’s attention and make them more likely to like and interact with your TikTok video.


Promote on other social media:

Get closer to 10k likes on TikTok by sharing your videos on other social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. When you bring in more traffic, you attract a bigger audience, leading to more likes. 

You can upload the same TikTok video to Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, and drop your original TikTok video link in the caption.

The screen size ratio of the three platforms (TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels) is the same, so you don’t have to edit the video again and add more effort.

The advantage of Instagram Reels is that they also appear on the home feed of Facebook, so your reel will reach audiences on both Instagram and Facebook.

This is an effective strategy to reach your goal of 10k likes on TikTok by uploading your TikTok content on different popular platforms and attracting audiences from those platforms.

Promote on other social media:


Consider paid ads:

While growing naturally is great, using TikTok ads can help you reach a larger audience quickly, especially if you know exactly who your target audience is.

These ads allow you to target users based on demographics, interests, and behavior, to ensure your content is seen by those most likely to engage with it.

Yes, it costs money, but it’s worth it!

Time is money, and you will save your valued time by spending money on ads and getting 10k likes on TikTok fast. So if you have a budget, using Twitter ads is a recommended strategy for you to grow your likes on TikTok.


Experiment and iterate:

Try new things on TikTok to get 10k likes on TikTok fast. Don’t worry about it being a perfect experiment! Look at what works and what doesn’t.

Pay attention to what people like and don’t like. Then, change your content based on what you learn. Being flexible and learning from your audience helps you improve and get more likes!


Text Overlays & Stickers:

Make your TikTok videos stand out by using text overlays and stickers.

Get creative with text overlays to add humor, emphasize important points, or pose questions, prompting viewers to read and engage.

These visual elements not only make your videos better but also make it more interactive and enjoyable for your audience.

So, don’t forget to play with text and stickers to spice up your TikTok videos and increase your chances of hitting that 10000 likes on TikTok milestone!

Text Overlays & Stickers:


Challenges with a Twist:

Stand out on TikTok by crafting your own challenge with a unique twist. Introduce special rules or a specific theme to make it different and exciting.

Encourage viewers to join in by creating their versions and tagging you. This will expand the reach of your TikTok video as participants share their takes on your challenge.

With a creative and unique challenge, you will probably attract more views and have a better chance of achieving your goal of 10k likes on TikTok.


Respond to every Comment:

Responding to the audience’s comments increases the chances of getting 10k likes on TikTok. Take the time to reply personally, creating connections with your viewers and thanking them for engaging with your content.

Building these relationships not only shows your appreciation but also encourages more people to like and interact with your videos. So, make an effort to connect with your audience through comments and watch your likes grow!

Respond to every Comment:


Challenge viewers for multiple reactions:

Get more likes on TikTok by creating challenges for your viewers.

Instead of just doing what everyone else is doing, make your own mini-challenges or ask viewers to do something related.

This makes them react, comment, and share what they do.

When your video gets multiple interactions like comments, shares, and likes, the TikTok algorithm sees it as useful.

As a result, your video is suggested to more users on the For You page and you get even more likes.

So, try out different challenges and see your likes go up! 


Bring cuteness to your video:

Add a touch of cuteness to your TikTok videos by collaborating with pets or kids. Their natural charm and playful actions bring joy, getting you more likes and comments.

The adorableness creates a sweet connection, making viewers hit the like button and watch your video over and over.

So, grab a cute pet or a friendly kid to add extra sweetness to your content and up your chances of hitting that awesome 10k likes on tiktok! 


Follow TikTok influencers

Reach the target of 10k likes on TikTok by following popular influencers in your niche and attracting their audience.

Engage with their content, collaborate if possible, and create content that aligns with the interests of their followers.

This way, you get noticed by their audience, and it can bring you more likes and followers. So, be friends with influencers in your area, and let their followers find and enjoy your videos! 

Follow TikTok influencers


Stay up to date with TikTok trends

Stay in the loop with TikTok trends to boost your likes to 10k on TikTok. Regularly check out what’s popular and incorporate those trends into your videos.

Being current and joining the latest challenges or using trending sounds keeps your content fresh and appealing to a wider audience. 

Staying up to date aligns you with TikTok’s culture. This increases your chances of catching viewers’ attention, making them more likely to hit the like button. 


Just ask for them

Don’t be shy to ask for those likes in your TikTok videos. Simply encourage your viewers to hit the like button if they enjoyed what they saw.  Remind them that their likes matter, and it’s a fantastic way for them to express their enjoyment.

It’s a simple request that can make a big difference on your TikTok likes.

So, remind your audience to show some love by tapping that like button, and you might reach your target of 10k likes on TikTok!


Benefits of getting 10k likes on TikTok videos:


Trending Potential:

Videos with high like counts are more likely to be picked up by trends and challenges, further boosting your visibility and reach.

TikTok often pushes well-appreciated videos to a larger audience, and it shows your content to users who don’t follow you.

As a result, your followers will increase, and the chance of your new videos going viral on TikTok will also increase


TikTok Creator Fund:

Once you reach 10k followers and 100k video views in the past 30 days, you become eligible for the TikTok Creator Fund, which allows you to earn money directly from your videos based on views and engagement.

Every like counts towards that!


Brand Deals and Sponsorships:

As your popularity grows, more brands might reach out to you for collaborations or sponsored content.

This can be a lucrative way to monetize your TikTok presence and turn your hobby into a source of side earnings (or even a full-time career!).


Stronger Fan Base:

A 10k like video fosters a sense of community around your content.

You will attract more dedicated fans who regularly engage with your posts, share your work, and leave encouraging comments.

This positive feedback loop can be incredibly rewarding and motivating.


Final Words

Reaching 10k likes, 20k likes, or even 50k likes on TikTok is not much hard if you create your content with the right methods.

Use the tips that we have explained in this article, from grabbing attention quickly to using hashtags smartly.

Following these ways you are not just aiming for 10k likes but can also gain more than 10k, which can turn into hundreds of thousands or even millions as time progresses.


FAQs on getting 10k likes on TikTok


Can you get 10k likes on TikTok in 5 minutes?

While technically possible through viral trends or collaborations, it’s incredibly unlikely.

Consistent effort, quality content, and audience engagement are the most reliable paths to building a successful TikTok presence and accumulating likes over time.


How to get 1K likes on TikTok in 5 minutes?

While getting 1000 likes in 5 minutes is extremely rare, here are some quick tips:

  • Jump on a trending sound, challenge, or hashtag
  • Post at a peak time
  • Collaborate with someone who has a bigger following
  • Use popular hashtags


How to get 20k or 50k likes on TikTok?

Here are a few tips you can use to get 20k or 50k likes on TikTok:

  • Understand Your Audience
  • Publish your best Content
  • Post Consistently
  • Follow Trends and Challenges
  • Engage with Your Audience on TikTok
  • Collaborate with Other Tiktokers
  • Create Shareable Videos


What happens when you get 10k likes on TikTok?

Reaching 10k on TikTok can open doors to the following things:

  • It boosts your profile’s visibility
  • You gain credibility and social proof
  • Unlocks potential for brand deals and collaborations
  • Gives you a confidence boost


How do I increase my likes on TikTok?

The tips above will definitely help! Additionally:

  • Collaborate with creators in your niche
  • Post at the right time of day
  • Use trending sounds and effects
  • Share your videos on other platforms
  • Run TikTok ads


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