Digital marketing is one of the crucial parts of marketing strategy whether you are the owner of a successful business or you just have started your business.

Due to this it important for you to know how to learn digital marketing? Digital marketing can help you to increase your business leads and sales with brand awareness.

These days most companies depend on digital marketing successful campaigns to increase their visibility and generate sales for their business.

The traditional marketing strategy of one-way advertising will no longer work these days.

If you want your business to be successful then you need digital marketing for your business to engage your customers in a two-way conversation to make conversions.

At this point, digital marketing campaigns come into play.

Actually, digital marketing is a part of daily work and It must be surprising for you if you don’t think that digital marketing is an important part of everyday work.

As you are marketing your business every time you share, Tweet, or comment on different social media platforms.

How to Learn Digital Marketing?

You can get the desired results and individually or professionally you can show that you are an effective digital marketer by learning digital marketing skills.

If you have digital marketing skills you can monitor your online business work in a better way like you will be able to understand whether digital marketing campaigns for your business are optimized or not.

Moreover, you can also focus on the areas where you need improvements.

Now we will explain some methods about how to learn digital marketing?

How to Learn Digital Marketing

What skills do you need for digital marketing?

There are a number of different modules of digital marketing such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, and email marketing and it will be better for you to understand each of them generally because it will help you how these various digital marketing modules or disciplines work collectively to drive results.

If you want to hire a digital marketing professional to join you in your digital marketing team then you should prefer the person which possesses the skills of more than one digital marketing module.

According to the owner of the leading search engine marketing site like Moz an individual with the basic understanding of multiple digital marketing modules with specialization in one or disciplines is known as “T Shaped Web Marketer”.

Such types of persons are considered as one of the valuable assets for any company because they understand different areas of digital marketing and help or support your business in different areas where they need.

So, you should focus on being a T-Shape digital marketer if you want to be hired by one of the best digital marketing companies.


How to Learn Digital Marketing for Free?

The good thing about learning digital marketing is that you can also learn it from the comfort of your home in your free time as there are a great number of online and free resources available out there.

Now here we will discuss such resources and give suggestions on how you can get started.

How to Learn Digital Marketing for Free?


You can get important knowledge about digital marketing by reading online guides which are available for free.

You can go through everything related to digital marketing online such as eBooks, blog posts, and different free online digital marketing courses created by professional and experienced digital marketers, agencies, and universities.


Is digital marketing hard to learn?

The best way to get an education is to practice everything that you learned each day.

You can create test digital marketing campaigns, optimize these test campaigns and monitor results, and after that learn from these mistakes.

You only need to follow the instructions that you are getting from the study material of digital marketing.

There is not any kind of risk involved as you are just practicing and you are not dealing with the actual digital marketing campaign for a business.

Is digital marketing hard to learn?


Getting Digital Marketing Certification

After getting enough knowledge from the online study material of digital marketing it will be good to acquire associated certifications and qualifications to test your digital marketing knowledge.


Starting Your Own Digital Marketing Blog

The best way to practice your digital marketing knowledge and demonstrate yourself as a digital marketer is by starting a digital marketing blog.

Furthermore, it will help you build more relations in the digital marketing industry as you will find guest writers, invite others to give opinions on your blog posts, and offer to write for other blogs.


Get Training from Experienced Digital Marketers

Utilize your new contacts of digital marketing experts which you have made.

You will also need some guidance and support from a professional and experienced digital marketer if you want to grow as a digital marketer because he can guide you in the right direction at the right time.


Keep Learning and Improving Your Skills

Everybody knows that digital marketing is an ever-changing and evolving field that also requires its experts to be evolving consistently.

You should make sure to learn new things about digital marketing and not leave any opportunity to improve your digital marketing skills.

Keep Learning and Improving Your Skills


Best Certification for Digital Marketing

The certification of Google Ads is a professional authorization that is awarded to the digital marketers who show their skills in basic and advanced Google Ads aspects.

It could be crucial For anyone who is interested or looking to get started in digital marketing and interested to work in different digital marketing disciplines like mobile, video, display, or e-commerce marketing.

It is more important for the PPC( Pay Per Click) experts who use Google Ads consistently to monitor.

Implement and track PPC campaigns for their clients or for their own business.

You need to pass the two certification exams to get the certification of Google Ads.

It includes Google Ads fundamentals which cover all the basic concepts, best practices to manage PPC campaigns, and advantages of paid advertisement. 

Perhaps the digital marketing institutes offer the most definitive digital marketing certifications which have been provided only to those who pass the exams successfully and will complete the digital marketing course with the status of a certified digital marketing expert.

Basically, there are three tiers of digital marketing qualification which include Professional, Leader, and Master. 

From Google Digital Garage you can learn the digital marketing fundamentals and get a general certification which includes building an online presence, performance analysis, setting goals for your website and business, and many more like this.

It is one of the important steps into digital marketing strategy, display marketing, and analytics which offers the certification you want.

Best Certification for Digital Marketing


How can I learn digital marketing at home for free?

You can find a great number of digital marketing courses out there from general introduction courses to qualifications in a specific discipline of digital marketing.

Here we will discuss some digital marketing courses that we consider the best and value for you as a business owner who wants to optimize their digital marketing campaigns.


Affiliate Marketing Courses

The practice of selling others’ products for a commission is known as affiliate marketing.

If you are interested in marketing and selling your products through an affiliate network then it is necessary to increase your inbound marketing skills and should be familiar with the principles of effective digital marketing.

Here we have discussed some courses which can help you to enhance your skill-set and your understanding to learn digital marketing and its different modules.

There is a course with the name of Unbounce landing page conversion, it is free of cost and covers different topics which can help you understand how you can get more conversions from your website landing pages.

It is considered as one of the essential skills in the toolkit of digital marketing.

The Google Ads online training course is divided into parts which cover display, mobile, search, digital sales, video, and e-commerce advertisement.

This course will help you understand how affiliate marketing works on the Google search engine.

HubSpot is also one of the best platforms that offer a comprehensive and free inbound digital marketing course with more than 4 hours of information delivered through 38 lectures.

It is totally free of cost. From this course, you will learn about lead nurturing, and inbound marketing with a range of digital marketing disciplines from landing page optimization to SEO.

Google also offers a free course on the topic of how to promote a business through digital marketing and it consists of five modules along with video tutorials that can help you to create a successful digital marketing strategy consisting of video, email marketing, and display ads.

Google Ads free guide Google is created to speed up your learning process with modules on introduction, and mobile optimization with some best practices which can help you to create display ads that convert clicks into leads and sales.

Affiliate Marketing Courses

Free Google Analytics Courses

You will not be able to track the performance of your digital marketing campaigns if you don’t have an understanding of analytics.

There are different analytics tools and platforms used by digital marketers to track some key metrics for their digital marketing campaigns.

Without any doubt, Google Analytics is considered one of the best and most important platforms to track your digital marketing campaign and performance.

Here are some courses which can help you to learn Google Analytics completely.

Google Analytics for Beginners is a basic video course created by Google which covers 4 units and 17 lessons.

You can get this course free of cost and you can learn how Google Analytics works and how you can use navigation and move to the menus, reporting and also dashboard, and some shortcuts between some other important areas.

After learning about the Google Analytics basics you can take the individual qualification course of Google Analytics as it covers both basic and advanced concepts of Google Analytics.

The learning areas include data collection, implementation, principles, planning, administration, conversion, reports, metrics, configuration, and dimensions.

You have the option to select among the intermediate and beginner modules and prepare for exams using the study guides.

From Google Data Studio you can learn to visualize data in tables and charts which are connected to different data sources and allow you to share data insights and collaborate with your digital marketing team it will also help your report creation process with built-in sample reports.

By using the Data Studio you can sonnet Google Analytics, and Google Ads with other Google marketing products including YouTube Google Sheets, Google Search Console, and a number of databases and social media platforms.

Free Google Analytics Courses

Free SEO Courses

The process of optimizing your website content and website technical structure to rank higher in search engine rankings is called search engine optimization or SEO.

Search engine optimization is the free method to increase a large audience and increase your online business sales but you need to make sure that you are marketing and optimizing the content accurately to get results.

These free SEO courses can help you to enhance your basic SEO skills and start creating effective digital marketing campaigns.

For digital marketing professionals, SEMrush Academy is a great source of knowledge.

You can get free resources from this academy to learn digital marketing for free. You can get SEMrush certification by taking the SEMrush SEO toolkit exam.

Moreover, the definitive guide of Backlink is an excellent way to learn the technical SEO and how you can get the most out of the Google search console.

You will also get the insights to get more organic traffic and some advanced strategies and tips which can help you to become a digital marketing expert.

Free SEO Courses

Content Marketing Courses For Free

Increasing your brand authority and online visibility by creating some high-quality and attractive content that other websites also like to link to your website is known as content marketing. 

Effective partnerships are considered the best content marketing campaigns from which both you and your partner’s websites, businesses, or social media influencers get benefits.

These content marketing free courses can help you to learn content marketing and run your own content marketing campaigns effectively.

The free Content marketing certifications course by Hubspot is an excellent introduction to content creation, marketing, and repurposing.

It contains 11 lessons with more than 32 videos in a time of just 4 hours to learn digital marketing.

After the completion of the course, you will be able to design a framework for content creation, repurposing optimized content that Google search engines love and like.

In this way, it can help you to be a strategic content marketer.

The topics covered in this course are storytelling power, content ideas generation, building a content creation framework, and understanding content marketing.

One of the best-selling authors and top digital marketing influencers Neil Patel has also created a free-of-cost and step-by-step content marketing guide which has been created to explain the concept of storytelling to beginners in digital marketing.

This guide contains some useful tips, and hints and they are written and explained in easy wording.

Optimoster also offers a free guide to content marketing for beginners and how you can use content marketing to increase your brand awareness.

This guide contains some very useful topics like content marketing tools, and measuring ROI and gives content marketing examples.

Content Marketing Courses For Free


How long it will take to learn digital marketing?


  • Copywriting Free Courses

For any website structure, optimized, user-friendly, and enough attractive content to sell your online business products and services are essential parts.

Your website can rank well on search engine result pages and you can’t sell your products without a good copy.

If you don’t have enough budget to hire a professional and experienced copywriter for your website content creation then these courses can definitely help you to create quality content for your website.

From Copyblogger you can get a free course of copywriting which offers access to a 20-part email series of content marketing lessons and 16 eBooks, email marketing, keyword research, internet marketing, landing pages, and SEO copywriting to its members.

The definitive guide to copywriting of Quick Sprouts is a complete copywriting guide that covers creating product descriptions, understanding your business customers, and customers’ research, and understanding the product you want to sell.

Eduonix offers a free online copywriting course to become a professional copywriter which contains some useful tips provided by copywriting masters.

This course has been divided into five parts or sections and after completing the course you will also get a certificate as well.


Email Marketing Free Courses

Some businesses still depend on email marketing campaigns to generate revenue for their business and consider email marketing as one of the important parts of their digital marketing strategy.

You can learn on your own to optimize your email marketing campaigns, get clicks, and generate revenue.

Mailchimp offers a free email marketing strategy guide that includes the basics of email marketing, how to create an email marketing list, increasing ROI testing, and designing email marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, Constant Contact also provides a free guide to get started with email marketing, which also covers how you can select an email service provider, how to gather contacts for email marketing lists, write effective messages, and create reusable email marketing templates.  

The free email marketing course of HubSpot can also help you to learn how to create an email marketing strategy for your business growth.

This course covers the topics of segmentation, email delivery, email sending analysis, and contact management.

Email Marketing Free Courses

Free Courses on Influencer Marketing

It’s one of the newest strategies of digital marketing and this marketing strategy has been proven much success for a number of popular brands and business startups.

Influencer marketing usually takes place on different social media platforms and influencer marketing campaigns are a partnership between an Instagram celebrity, a famous blogger, or a Twitter user with a good following on social media and able to create value for your brand.

The brand provides its products or services to the influencer for free to use and asks him to review.

Influencer marketing could be the main part of your digital marketing strategy if most of your target audience spends time on Instagram and reading blogs.

There is a comprehensive influencer marketing strategy course offered by Coursera.

Its topics include how to make an influencer strategy for different business organizations using the two-step flow communication model.

Introduction to Influencer marketing course by Webfluential is free of cost and covers the topics of how to spot influencers, which methods or metrics you should use to measure influencer marketing campaigns, and how to set the budget for influencer marketing campaigns when you should use influencer marketing campaigns for your business.


Free Courses For PPC Ads

The practice of placing your website ad on search engine result pages where they appear on the top above the organic search results opposite to a specific keyword or search query is known as Pay Per Click advertising.

PPC is considered one of the major digital marketing strategies as it is the best way to make your newly created business website visible on search engines quickly when your website is not starting ranking in the organic search results of different search engines.

Google’s ads are used by the Pay Per Click professionals to implement, monitor, and track PPC campaigns.

Free PPC University of WordStream offers some online resources which can help you to build PPC campaigns for your business and improve your digital marketing skills.

The free PPC advertising course by Bing Ads also teaches you almost everything you need to know about Bing Ads.

Moreover, it also helps you to learn digital marketing fundamentals on the network of Microsoft advertising.

Free Courses For PPC Ads

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