According to PMLN Senator MR. Afnan Ullah, and Haseeb Arslan the technology company Google is prepared to launch operations in Pakistan by the end of this year’s December 2022.



In light of the previously mentioned situation, a Google delegation is expected to come to Pakistan on December 11th, 2022.

In addition, he said, “Google will offer 15,000 scholarships to Pakistani students, and the government will expand Google’s services there, which will increase job prospects there”.

Google has launched many programs, such as a professional diploma in an attempt to see Pakistan’s digital potential.


Initiatives by Google

To unlock Pakistani youngsters’ digital capability, Google has launched a variety of initiatives in the country. To provide creative and flexible learning pathways for all Pakistanis, Google introduced Career Certificates earlier in September. These certificates allow students to advance their knowledge and acquire digital skills for in-demand professions.


Suicidal hotline

Meanwhile, Google also initiated a suicidal hotline for Pakistan in June of this year. Google, in collaboration with “Umang Pakistan,” created the hotline, enabling users to seek immediate support at the top of the search result page as they search for anything linked to suicide. It is an effort to combat the rising number of suicidal instances and mental health difficulties.