Whenever we start a business we promote it so that our business spreads quickly.
In this process the most important advertisements are. Advertising gets more traffic and we get a lot of benefits.
Today we will talk to you about 2 platforms where you can make a profit by placing advertisements.
There are Facebook and Instagram where you can place ads. We will compare Instagram ads vs Facebook ads in all primary aspects with their pros and cons.
In this article, we will tell you which one is the best app for advertising and we will tell you about their advantages and disadvantages.
Facebook is also for you and Instagram is also for you. We will discuss this topic in a little more detail to make it easier to decide.
  • What do they have to offer?
  • Brand engagement
  • Mobile friendly and mobile users
  • Types of ads
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Facebook and Instagram
  • Advantage of Facebook
  • Disadvantage of Facebook
  • Advantage of Instagram
  • Disadvantage of Instagram

Comparison between Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

What Do They Have to Offer

There are many platforms on social media but two of them are very active.

As you know, Facebook is a very good app. In 2004, its value increased. It has grown so much since its inception that it has 147 billion users. But the real reason to create this app is to keep in touch with your friend and relatives, but time has advanced a lot.

Many companies reach their customers through advertising and also help customers reach good companies. On the other hand, Instagram is a very small platform.

Launched on Instagram in 2010, Instagram was created for everyone to share precious moments of their lives. Where there are celebrities, teenagers, brands, and others.

From the very beginning, it gained a lot of popularity in the world and by 2017, it made its name in the world. In 2017, it had 2 million users worldwide.

In fact, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg sewed the day to day success of Instagram and decided to buy it, and he bought it in 2012.

Now that’s clear that platforms are best for advertising. Now you have to decide if you want to run your social media campaign on one or both.

what do they have to offer

Brand Engagement

Do you know how many business pages there are on Facebook?

Let us tell you that there are about 60 million business pages on Facebook.

Although many users like and follow FB pages and only a few of them add content regularly.

The situation is a bit better on Instagram. About 70%7 of US companies use Instagram for marketing. Many people have created a profile on Instagram and it is advertised.

If the brand engagement on Facebook is very low, it gets 3 Arab videos a day While Instagram is very good.

Instagram looks successful with photos. so you can advertise through videos on Facebook and photos on Instagram.

This is a very good practice. Now we will tell you that you are busy branding on Instagram.

You can get a lot of views, shares, and comments by sharing your content on Instagram

Brand Engagement

Mobile-Friendly and Mobile Uses

Do you find Facebook very different when you use Facebook on a mobile phone instead of a computer?


The only difference between Instagram ads vs Facebook ads is the layout and design. Why is the screen of mobile much smaller?

So you can create posts from both mobile and desktop. You can easily access text messages as well as laptop and desktop as well as Facebook mobile.

On the other hand, Instagram imposes a lot of restrictions on users if they log-in through other browsers.

It is basically made for mobile users only. Similarly, if you place an AD on Facebook, It doesn’t matter if you place it on your mobile or desktop. Research has shown that 95% of people use Facebook on mobile.

This means if you run your social media campaign on Facebook, So use mobile to make your content better, And on Instagram, you have no choice but to make it mobile-friendly. 

Mobile Friendly and Mobile uses

Types of Ads

Is Facebook the best platform to get more ads than Instagram? When you look at Facebook also you will find different types of ads on Facebook.

Types of ads

Here are some of them

  1. Videos ads
  2. Image ads
  3. Slideshow ads
  4. Post engagement ads
  5. Lead generation ads
  6. And many more.

On the other hand, Instagram offers you only a limited number of ads, of which there are 4 types.

Now we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook and Instagram.

First of all, we talk about the advantages of Facebook advertisements.

Facebook Ads Advantage 

There are many advantages of Facebook advertising over other social media platforms.

It helps small businesses thrive. One of the great benefits of advertising on Facebook is its ability to reach users.

On it, you can give people ads according to people’s interests.

Many brands are taking advantage of advertising on Facebook.

Facebook Ads Advantage

People spend the most time on Facebook

Facebook is mostly used on social media. 80% of users use Facebook and most of them are adults.

The advantage of advertising on Facebook is that most users use Facebook.

People spend the most time on Facebook

Facebook advertising is fast

Advertising on Facebook is the fastest way to get results. You can reach thousands of people with your ads. That way Facebook is a fast source of advertising.

 Facebook advertising can help you break into new markets

Advertising on Facebook can help you enter a new market. If you are something new you can post ads on Facebook.

Facebook advertising is also for mobile

Most Facebook users use mobile phones. So we can say that if we advertised on Facebook, we would get our customers to our business very quickly. because Facebook is mostly used on mobile so our ads can reach everyone.

Disadvantages of Facebook Advertising

disadvantages of Facebook advertising

Can be difficult in catching people’s attention

People have their own engagements on Facebook.

People are busy with their own things like chatting with friends, checking and updating profiles, and sharing videos and photos, etc.

Sometimes it is because of the busy people that the advertisement starts touching.

So if you are thinking of advertising on Facebook you have to be very careful and use your creativity. 

Negative comments are everywhere

If a user buys something from you if they don’t like it, they can make bad comments on your page.

Other people read those comments on your page, it can have a bad effect on your page.

Advertising on Facebook requires time and resources 

 It takes a lot of hard work to maintain ads and pages on Facebook.

When advertising, it is important to keep in mind that there are many ads.

So we need to be very careful, one important thing is that it can cost you a lot to get your ads to people.


Brand engagement

Instagram is an important part of social media that can be used for advertising.

This will increase your brand identity. By advertising here, we can reach more people.


Targeting ads help you get ads to the right people. It is good for targeted companies to make the most of their good oriented campaigns.

Ads on Instagram are just as important as on other social media.


Disadvantages of advertising on Instagram

The most significant disadvantage of advertising on Instagram is that it is used on mobile phones so it reaches a few people.

That’s why we must work hard on Instagram to reach out to people. 

Disadvantages of advertising on Instagram


Ending lines

In short, both platforms are good for advertising. Both are widely used today.

So, you can hire an efficient digital marketing company like SEO Cares to advertise or you can do it yourself on both.

Both have their own importance. The above article will make it easier for you to compare.

Hopefully, this article will help you a lot to reach your target.